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GIVEAWAY CLOSED // $100 GIVEAWAY // ittikid for colorful kiddos

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Hi hi helllllo! Happy Friday friends! Today we have a totally rad giveaway coming to you from our super sweet pal Melanie of ittikid. By now you’ve read our interview with this fun and fabulous girlie and her cool Scandinavian styles. Melanie wanted to do something special for our Modern Kiddo readers so she’s offering up a $100 gift certificate for us to giveaway! Yep, $100 smackeroos. HURRAY!

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 photo Itti_Giveaway4.jpg

Seriously cool stuff for babies, toddlers, bigger kiddos AND even cool goodies for their room. Whatever will you choose if you win???

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 photo ittikiddo.jpg


OK, so let’s get to it! To enter to win the $100 Gift Certificate, here’s all you have to do:
1. Simply leave your name and email address in a comment below, along with which item you’d choose from their shop. The winner will be chosen at random. (Don’t worry you can always change your mind about which items you’d like!)

MORE WAYS TO WIN! For additional ways to enter:

2. Twitter: Follow Ittikid on Twitter and share the status below with your followers!

sample tweet: I just entered to win a $100 Gift Certif from @ittikid and @modernkiddo!

Be sure to leave another comment here letting me know!

3. Facebook: “Like” ittikid on Facebook!

4. Pinterest: Follow Modern Kiddo on Pinterest! Be sure to come back here and leave a comment letting me know!

5. Pinterest: Follow ittikid on Pinterest!

Again, make sure you leave a separate comment for each thing you do to ensure you get all your entry credits!

That’s it, folks! Entries close FRIDAY, May 10, 2013 at NOON PST. We’ll be announcing the winner shortly thereafter. Good luck and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! ** SORRY! GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!**

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123 Responses

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  1. Marta García says

    Hi! My favourite items are the super star aqua and blue t-shirts by maxomorra. They’d look great on my son! Thank you!

  2. Marta García says

    I like ittikid on facebook (my name: A Bilingual Baby blog). Thank you!

  3. Danzel B. says

    I love the matryoshka print dresses and the apple print dresses. I’ve been admiring ittikid stuff on their website for a few weeks now!

  4. Danzel B. says

    I liked ittikid on Facebook!

  5. Danzel B. says

    I’m following ittikid on Pinterest.

  6. Danzel B. says

    I already followed you on Pinterest!

  7. Michele says

    Oh my! There are sooo many fabulous onsies and rompers I would love for my baby boy. I really like the Duns orange and aqua striped organic romper. Of course I would have to buy the matching toddler dress for his big sis too! I have a weakness for stripes and this color combo is genius! Fingers crossed 🙂

  8. Michele says

    Followed and tweeted

  9. Michele says

    Follow MK on Pinterest

  10. Michele says

    Follow Ittikid on Pinterest

  11. Bethany says

    I love so much on the ittikid site, but my absolute favorite is the Out to Sea onesie! Would look so cute on my little girl!

  12. Ellen E says

    Wow, a lot of really, really nice things! While I love the green or aqua star hoodies, I know my little guy should definitely go for the digger truck version.

  13. Heidi E. says

    That Babushka onsie is killing it! Just found out I’m going to be an auntie for the first time this month, and hope to win this for the wee nugget.

  14. Ellen says

    So cute! I want the pink horses playsuit for my little girl. This stuff is adorable.

  15. Ellen says

    Follow ittikid on Pinterest

  16. Ellen says

    Follow modern kiddo on pinterest as well!

  17. Fiona says

    I would pick the blue apple twirly dress…or the Babushka onsie…or theouterspace blue dress…or the puzzle blocks..There are TOO many darling things!

  18. Fiona says

    I also Liked them on Facebook!

  19. Jennifer S. says

    first, I have to say I love ModernKiddo! thanks for all the fun posts!
    it’s hard to choose one thing from ittikid…it’s all so great. probably a red apple dress & a sunshine dress for my little ray of sunshine 🙂

  20. Jennifer S. says

    oh, and i like ittikid on fb.
    and follow you & them on pinterest.
    happy weekend!

  21. Mari says

    It’s all great! I’m loving the alphabet shirt!

  22. Mari says

    Liked ittikid on Facebook!

  23. Mari says

    Following you on Pinterest 😉

  24. Mari says

    Following ittikid on pinterest!

    Ps – my ipad would prefer “ittikid” to be “it timid”. So not true!

  25. Elisa says

    My son would die for the shark shirt!! So, that would be my fave 🙂

  26. Elisa says

    I just followed on twitter and tweeted to my followers about the giveway!

  27. Elisa says

    Also, following on Facebook now 🙂

  28. Elisa says

    And….following on Pinterest!! Yay, fully connected to this amazing shop.

  29. mirabelle says

    love the Moomin Wall Stickers

  30. mirabelle says

    followed & tweeted

  31. mirabelle says

    liked on FB

  32. mirabelle says

    Follow ittikid on Pinterest!

  33. mirabelle says

    Follow Modern Kiddo on Pinterest!

  34. Kristie says

    I love all the colorful, fun clothes. I’d get my girl an apple twirly dress and my son a hoodie. Thanks!

  35. Kristie says

    I follow Modern Kiddo on Pinterest.

  36. Kristie says

    I follow ittikid on pinterest. Thanks!

  37. Christine S says

    All the shirts and dresses are so cute! I would love any of them for my daughter. Though I think she would go crazy for the kitty kat shirt!

  38. Christine S says

    I follow modern kiddo on Pinterest!

  39. Christine S says

    I follow ittikid on Pinterest too!

  40. Christine S says

    I liked ittikid on Facebook.

  41. Carina says

    Dying over that matryoshka get up!

  42. Carina says

    Of course I’m following Modern Kiddo on Pinterest (who doesn’t?!!)

  43. Carina says

    Now following ittikid on Pinterest

  44. Shannon says

    I love the all of the striped tights and socks. The purple and pink ones are my fav.

  45. Shannon says

    I followed on Twitter.

  46. Shannon says

    Followed ModernKiddo on pinterest.

  47. Shannon says

    Followed ittikid on Pinterest.

  48. Anne-Marie says

    I liked ittikid on Facebook!

  49. Anne-Marie says

    I followed ModernKiddo on Pinterest

  50. Anne-Marie says

    I also followed ittikid on Pinterest

  51. Ashley says

    I love their Darling Picture Series….way to cute 🙂

  52. Ashley says

    I tweeted too 🙂

  53. D SCHMIDT says

    Visited the site and I really like Copenhagen Print

  54. D SCHMIDT says

    Follow ittikid love on pinterest as

  55. D SCHMIDT says

    Follow kiddo alix on pinterest as

  56. Amber Liddle says

    Oh good lord that little Doxie shirt is amazing! And in PURPLE, Ingrid would love.

  57. Amber Liddle says

    Follow on twitter, and tweeted about it!

  58. Amber Liddle says

    Follow MK on pinterest.

  59. Amber Liddle says

    Follow ittikid on pinterest.

  60. kim caro says


  61. Alison Stroot says

    I love the cherry dress and anything with the babushka print!
    Alison Stroot

  62. Jenny says

    I love all the little girl onesies. So cute!

  63. sarah r. says

    love the Duns orange and aqua striped organic romper!
    sgreck428 at yahoo

  64. Kate says

    The Blue Apple Twirly Dress is adorable.

  65. Jenny (VintageSugarcube) says

    LOVE them all, but I WANT the Russian doll print onesie for my dear friend who is having a baby girl.

  66. Jenny (VintageSugarcube) says

    Already following Modernkiddo on Pinterest

    Now following Ittikid on Pinterest.


  67. jenn geibel says

    oh my…so hard to pick…such beautiful stuff! but, i think it would have to be the babushka dress…or sweatshirt!! that print is so adorable!

  68. jenn geibel says

    i followed ittikid on facebook!

  69. jenn geibel says

    i followed ittikid on pinterest!

  70. jenn geibel says

    i followed modernkiddo on pinterest!

  71. fuzzymama says

    Followed on Pinterest. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR PATTERNS.

  72. nikki says

    We’re on a pretty strict budget regarding baby clothes, so I’d love to afford some Ittikid clothing, particularly the sleeveless playsuits. They’d be perfect for Texas summers.

  73. fuzzymama says

    Followed on Facebook. What a super duper offer…thanks much!!

  74. fuzzymama says

    Followed you wonderful gals on Pinterest–I already stalk you on every other social media outlet.

  75. nikki says

    and I’m now a pinterest follower

  76. nikki says

    follower on pinterest of modern kiddo & ittikid, that is.

  77. ursula F says

    ooh it’s so hard to choose everything is so wonderful but i would have gladly have anything babushka themed!!!

  78. nadya kotik says

    I Liked ittikid on Facebook!

  79. nadya kotik says

    i Follow Modern Kiddo on Pinterest!

  80. nadya kotik says

    I Follow ittikid on Pinterest!

  81. nadya kotik says

    I follow on Twitter and twitted this

  82. nadya kotik says

    My favorite item is Fruktkropp Mushroom Play Skirt!
    Nadya Kotik

  83. Bets says

    Love the soccer briefs.

  84. Stephanie Larsen says

    I love it all! The tree sticker & pictures would be cool in my boys room, & the clothes are darling!

  85. Jenn A.F. says

    I love the Pink Horses and Red Fish playsuits!

  86. Gail Winters says

    Oh my…. how do you choose!?!? I would probably go for a super fun and bright dress for my little miss – but those prints are so amazing!

  87. Nicole says

    Nicole Organ
    Who can choose? I’d probably start with some adorable jammies.

  88. Nicole says

    “liked” on FB

  89. jeannie says

    I would definitely buy some smafolk stuff!

  90. jeannie says

    following modern kiddo on pinterest!

  91. jeannie says

    following ittikid on pinterest!

  92. Megan L says

    I love ittikid! Like on facebook……..

  93. Megan L says

    Following ittikid on Pinterest…………

  94. Megan L says

    And………last but certainly not least…………….following Modern Kiddo on Pinterest!

  95. Sandra Winfrey says

    The romper with the frogs would be my pick! So cute!

  96. R says

    I know a certain little someone who would just adore those whimsical animal prints.

  97. Janae says

    Love the all the cotton body suits for boys. How can you pick just one?!

  98. nushechka says

    i like the Sunshine Surprises Dress

  99. nushechka says

    following on twitter and tweet-

  100. nushechka says

    Liked ittikid on Facebook

  101. nushechka says

    Following Modern Kiddo on Pinteres-

  102. nushechka says

    Following ittikid on Pinterest

  103. Helen S says

    those undershirt and hipster brief sets just slay me! ANd I’ve loved the sweatshirts for years, especially the star ones!

  104. Helen S says

    Just “liked Ittikid on Facebook!

  105. Helen S says

    Aaaand I am following Ittikid on Pinterest!

  106. Helen S says

    And now I’m following you on Pinterest too!

  107. essem says

    Those prints! Awesome!

  108. Liecel S. says

    I love the Fruktkropp Mushroom Blanket, and the Apple dress and the printed dresses, oh and the velour overalls, I love it all!

  109. Liecel S. says

    Liked ittikid on Facebook

  110. Liecel S. says

    Following ittikid on Pintrest

  111. Vivian says

    I love the Playday Friends Cottonsuit.

  112. Vivian says

    Tweeted giveaway

  113. Vivian says

    Liked ittikid on Facebook!

  114. Daphne says

    Yay! I love it! 🙂

  115. Daphne says

    I also liked you on Facebook.. (Daphne Horstink)

  116. Daphne says

    And went for the follows on Pinterest.. (Daphneb/ Daphne Horstink)

  117. Daphne says

    So that counts as two right? 😉 (this post is for the follow of Ittikid on Pinterest than).
    Well, hopefully I’m lucky ‘xouse all these pretty things would fit right in at home! 🙂

    X Daphne

  118. Karel says

    I would get the robot pillows.

  119. Karel says

    Followed modern kiddo on pinterest.

  120. Karel says

    Followed ittikid on pinterest.

  121. Amy Marsh says

    We love ITTIKID!
    I’ve got my eye on the size 3-4 Green Stripe Hooded Sweatshirt, the green moss striped socks, the soccer ball long sleeve and the soccer ball briefs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

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