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About Alix & Dottie

Meet your vintage-loving hostesses…

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Despite having been dormant for many years, we are still inundated with requests and notes wanting to contribute or collaborate. Alas, our doors are closed. To make things easier on everyone, we have removed our contact info. Thanks for your support! We loved getting to know you all…


Welcome to Modern Kiddo, the ultimate resource for everything you loved as a child—served with a modern twist! Alix and Dottie are two San Francisco mamas who have been trail blazers on the vintage kiddo scene since 2010. They love nostalgia and always strive to bring the best of their past to their kiddos’ present. They love modern design—especially bold colors and quirky patterns. Their spunky, fun-loving attitude has made Modern Kiddo a favorite go-to destination for retro and design-loving parents everywhere.

By day, Alexandra (“Alix”) is a freelance Creative Director. (Check out her work here). She is obsessed with the 60s and 70s and has a massive collection of vintage clothing and midcentury housewares. Leslie (“Dottie”) is a PR consultant and swoons for anything 40s and 50s. She collects vintage craftbooks, fabric and vintage eye glasses. Modern Kiddo is dedicated to their two little fashion muses, Wolfgang (aka Wolfie) and Georgia (aka the Peach).

And if you still want more of their colorful world, you can find the girls on Instagram: @galexina and @missdottie

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We’re often asked, “How did you two kooky gals meet??” Dottie met Alix when she joined the Devil-Ettes, San Francisco’s premier synchronized 60s-style go-go dance group! (Nothing too saucy, mind you— we’re rated PG-13!) For years we were shakin’ and shimmying the night away as our alter egos, The Smarty Pants and The Starlet. We’ve hung up  our horns, but our friendship is as go-go-riffic as ever!

22 Responses

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  1. Eileen says

    Squeeee! The site looks great! No kids of my own, but I’m an auntie many times over and… wow! The clothes and shops you guys have featured so far are fantastic and original with just the right touch of retro.

  2. Random Chick says

    You guys make Motherhood look good! Yay!!! LOVE the web site!!!

  3. Silver says

    Alix & Dotti, you two are the best “little devils” in my book………….gramma Silver

  4. Jen C. says

    Crikey. Your 70s Star Wars post and pix had me ROTFLMFAO!!!! Thanks for the memories.

  5. Jenny Jay says

    Holy Batman, you two are freak’n adorable. Soooo glad I stumbled upon your website. I need to come see your divas perform the next time I head north.
    exx ohh, ex oh!

  6. Lucille Rosenblum says

    OMG i’m so very glad I found you girls. I just had the best time on our website. You took me back to my childhood.

  7. Saturdayfinds says

    You two are darling, I will have to stay up to date with your latest goings on….
    Hugs, Diane

  8. Lollie Ortiz says

    I just discovered Modern Kiddo. Love it. I felt right at home since I also come from my own quirky, colorful world as well. And as an artist, I’m always into some kind of creative journey and truly enjoy the heck out of what I do. I also created two kitty characters in which one was named Dottie. Check them out at my art site:

  9. Frogmom says

    Just discovered Modernkiddo and I’m blown away. Girls, you’re havin’ Fun with a capital F here! Love it love it, err can I say love it three times? So wish I had the hairpower to come to your shows with a beehive but alas, I’m stuck with the lousy flat 70s wig. See you soon at your shows!

  10. Summer Lamb says

    omg You guys are freakin adorable!

  11. Tiffanie says

    Wow. I just read through your profile and found a lot of little coincidental things Alix and I have in common! I saw the Devilettes perform at CounterPULSE several months ago and thought I recognized Dottie from somewhere when I saw your photograph tonight!

    I’m a San Francisco mom, licensed architect, artist and now burlesque dancer, and have an old client who is high up at G,S & P, who I just mentioned Alix to to see if you know each other……I’d love to meet you all sometime!


  12. Mrs. Big Head says

    Hello, Leslie my love! I googled Little People and guess who popped up. Modern Kiddo is looking gorgeous. The Big Heads were all talking about you a couple of weeks ago when we were in Alameda, hanging at the pinball museum.

  13. katecake says

    I really, really love your site. I’m friends with Kristen of The Robot Parade and I’m so glad she told me about you…it makes me smile!!!

  14. Rhea says

    Y’all are too classy. Hope to run in to you on an SF playground someday!

    • Alix says

      you are too sweet! i hope so too!

  15. Amanda Scarlett Smith says

    Hi. I am also a vintage loving mum newly moved to San Francisco. Love your blog. Could you reccommend any good stores for vintage boys clothes? Or places to hang out. Thanks Amanda

  16. simone says

    I love your vintage wonderland it’s full of stuff that I really love looking at and collecting.
    It is also a relief to discover that I’m not the only one with a passion for all things retro!

  17. Lisa says

    you two are so cute! love the blog. Thanks for the smile tonight 🙂

  18. Michele Himmelberg says

    Hi Alix and Dottie – You have a wonderful blog and a fun site for moms/families. Congratulations! Being from Disneyland, of course I especially like your posts about visiting Disneyland Resort and your Vacation Kiddo section. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for sharing all the wonderful tips about family visits to Disneyland Park. If you’re coming again, I hope you can visit Disney California Adventure Park. The “vintage” there is before your time, of course, but lots of fun with the theme of 1920s/30s Los Angeles all along Buena Vista Street. And Cars Land is a throwback to the classic Route 66. Warm regards – Michele Himmelberg

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