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Countdown to Kiddo!! We’re back Monday!

HURRRRRAY!!!! We are nearly back. Did you miss us? Because WE MISSED YOU! We have such a fun community of readers over here and I really truly missed every one of you.

So, it may have looked like things were A-OK on the surface, but lemme tell ya, we had a “situation” (and no, it didn’t involve rock-hard abs and trashy attitude). It was a bit of a process but we successfully moved everything over and started anew. THANK YOU to Miss Dottie’s amazing hubs, Eric for all his hard work!! Also, thank YOU GUYS so much. I can’t tell you how many people wrote to me offering help and words of encouragement.

Life was busy as can be in other areas, so oddly having a week off was a welcome break….but we are rarin’ to go! Make sure we’re on your readers and PLEASE leave a little comment to let us know you are still out there, lovely ones!!

I leave you with this. As I was searching for a run retro rocket photo, these babies came up in my search. I think it’s a sign that at least one of us here needs NEW SHOES. How cute are they?? You can shop ’em HERE.

Love & Rockets,

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4 Responses

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  1. keepingupwithstella says

    Still here! Waiting for you!!

  2. jenny says

    yay! so excited! missed me some modern kiddo!!! XO

  3. gabrielle says

    so pleased you’re back

  4. Alix says

    YAY! We’re so glad to be back!

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