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Meet Emma Natalia! Our Weekly Kiddo

Last week we met the fabulous Giacamo, from Mexico City. This week I’m thrilled to present another Latin Kiddo, the gorgeous Emma Natalia! Emma Natalia is a grand three years old and hails from Monterrey, Mexico. Her lovely mama Eri is extremely talented and creative and makes many of Emma’s amazing clothing. Just you wait and see! I think you’re really going to love this one. Presenting, the marvelous Emma Natalia!

+ Petal Dress, handmade by her clever mama, Eri.
+ Plastic bow hairband, handmade by Eri.

+ Floral blouse by Zara Kids
+ Frayed Levi’s shorts
+ Hairband feathers and wings, handmade by Eri. You can see the full tutorial here!

+ Jumper and shirt, vintage
+ Toy drum, handmade by Eri

+ Shirt embroidered by artisans in Mérida Yucatán Mexico
+ Pants, Children’s Place
+ Necklace, Old Navy
+ Gnome hat, handmade by Eri

{Um seriously….this little kiddo is more stylish than most grown ups I know! I looooove her little gnome hat!}

+ Shirt with suspenders, Zara Kids
+ Trousers, Zara Kids

+ Dress, handmade by Eri
+ Sandals, Rilo

+ Pants and shirt, Zara Kids
+ Vintage shoes
+ Vintage beret

+ Dress, Target
+ Sandals by Rilo

+ T-Shirt by Zara Kids
+ Frayed shorts by Levi’s
+ Schwinn Tricycle
+ Sandals by Rilo

Que linda! How beautiful! I just love that amazing smile. The lovely Miss Emma loves listening to music, and her favorites are “They Might Be Giants.”  She also loves fun and creative shows like “Yo Gabba Gabba”, “Olivia” and “Charlie and Lola.” Emma is a stylish little senorita and among her hobbies are visiting the flea market or thrift stores to find vintage toys. She also loooves to go for long rides on her  Schwinn tricycle. Like many little kiddos, she is a big fan of sweets and she never goes to bed without listening to a fairy tale.

Muchas gracias, Eri! Your Emma Natalia is so wonderful!

Be sure to stop by Eri’s blog where you can find more photos of the amazing Emma and other handmade tutorials.

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9 Responses

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  1. Amber Liddle says

    I wish some of these mamas lived by me–I think Emma and Ingrid would be besties for sure!

    I love love love the beret and sunglasses picture, so cute.

  2. Virginie says

    she is GORGEOUS! and bravo mama, you are super talented (that blue dress with red bow tie? amazing!) and those pictures are just so beautiful. so many stylish kids out there! i love hearing about them!

  3. Andrea Petersen says

    oh, cuteness.

  4. Chantale says

    What a super cutie! Love her handmade clothing..

  5. Alice Jonsson says

    The bar has been raised. Beauty.

  6. 3 ring circus • heather says

    this girl is too fun! LOVE her style!!

  7. Dottie says

    Whoa! this girlie is a stunner and Eri’s clothing choices and handmade goodies are just perfect for this little imp.

    I’m a big fan of this little cutie patootie!

  8. Eri says

    Thanks soooo much Alix !!
    read the entry gives me more joy than you normally causes any Friday!
    p.s. Thanks to all for the nice comments!

  9. Jody says

    Yike! I am SO stealing the bowtie idea for Eliza’s next dress. ADORABLE.

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