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A fabulous MK Giveaway with Misha Lulu {CLOSED}


You remember our last giveaway with Misha Lulu, the wonderfully fun and beautifully line of girls clothing, right? Well, we are doing it again! But this time Karen Salazar, the mastermind behind Misha Lulu is giving us zee most gorgeous dress to give to one of you.

Oh, this dress, this darling darling dress.  It’s the Wallpaper Jumper from Misha Lulu’s fall line. This little sweetie is made of a fine corduroy, printed cord with one of their original designs and featuring with pinkie red buttons down the front side and a tie in the back. CUTE!!

It is soooo dang sweet and could be worn either with or without a shirt, depending on your mood. The winner of this sassy little number will be able to choose from sizes 2,4,6 or 8 years old. Did we mention this is a $64 value? Yee haw!

Wow. I’m dying. OK, so to win this dandy little dressie of insane cuteness here’s all you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry
That’s it! Buuuuuuut, if you want to get bonus entries, you can (and should!) do the following:
  1. Follow us on Twitter. If you are already a follower, tweet about this giveaway—don’t forget to include @modernkiddo in the tweet please! You can also follow our personal twitters @galexina and @missdottie
  2. “Like” us on Facebook
  3. Stop by the Misha Lulu blog and leave a comment! It’s a great blog that you’ll want to come back to again and again!

You’ll get one entry for each thing you do. If you do all three (or five) you’ll be entered an extra three to five times.

This fabulous Misha Lulu Giveaway ends on Monday, September 26th at noon-PST and the winner will be announced Monday, September 26th at 8:00PM-PST.

Good luck, and I’m crossing my fingers you win!

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139 Responses

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  1. gabrielle says

    too gorgeous, please enter me

  2. janel says

    Oh my gosh! I am so in LOVE with Misha Lulu! I just wrote a whole blog post about it 🙂 Yay! Crossing my fingers! xo

  3. janel says

    an I “Like” you on Facebook

  4. janel says

    I left a Misha Lulu comment on their blog 🙂

  5. janel says

    and I tweeted! xo

  6. Susan says

    must have dress!!
    It is lovely 🙂

  7. Susan says

    I already like you on facebook 🙂

  8. Tee Burgess says

    Love IT!!

  9. Tee Burgess says

    I like you on FB

  10. Tee Burgess says

    Following you on Twitter @thatsitmommy

  11. Ellie @ The Mommyist says

    Too cute!

  12. Mary Cobb says

    I would LOVE that little dress!

  13. Mary Cobb says

    I already like you on the facebooks 🙂

  14. michelle says

    love mishalulu! good thing i never win anything because i don’t know what daughter i would chose this for 😛 -very cute!

  15. Lisa says

    Love, love, love Misha Lulu! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  16. katie says

    we want 5 of this dress!!! and can we get the head piece too? ;))

  17. Lisa says

    I like you on Facebook 🙂

  18. katie says

    follow you on twitter… all 3 places.. and tweeted

  19. katie says

    love you on facebook

  20. renee says

    that is one super adorable dress! Of course, everything they do is adorable!

  21. Eri says

    dress is really beautiful! crossing my fingers to win

  22. sacha says

    love it! would be perfect on my chilluns’!

  23. sacha says

    commented on blog too:)

  24. Eri says

    leave a comment on misha’s blog.

  25. Navasha says


  26. Nicole says

    I love mishalulu!

  27. Nicole says

    Also, I like you on fb. Thanks!

  28. amber perrodin says

    YAYAYAY! I want this darling dress!

  29. Deanna Phillips says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks.

  30. Deanna Phillips says

    Already liked you on facebook!

  31. Deanna Phillips says

    Posted comment under Misha Lulu Blog (under the new website announcement).

  32. Stephanie May* says

    I SO want to win this for one of my daughters! They would adore this dress so much, and they are both the perfect age to wear it! Misha Lulu has such amazing style and design – love it!

  33. Stephanie May* says

    Okay, I follow you on FB – (under Stephanie Rhoades Kelley), follow you on Twitter (under maydaedotcom), I left a comment on the Misha blog, and left a comment here!

    Thanks again! 🙂

  34. Yolanda Robinson says

    good gracious! Yet another fantastic dress I wish I could pull off in adult sizes…

  35. Genevieve says

    If only it was in my size… sigh.

  36. Genevieve says

    FB liking, too!

  37. Theresa G. says

    Love to win this adorable little dress! So cute! I follow you both on twitter and facebook!

  38. Barbara says

    OMG…this dress is beautiful!!

  39. Barbara says

    Following on twitter 🙂

  40. Barbara says

    FB liking:)

  41. Barbara says

    Just left a message on the Misha Lulu Blog.

  42. Juli says

    Ooh, ooooh, pick me! PICK ME! (Imagine little redhead girl at the back of the class with arm hyper-extended & waving.) Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. My daughter would love this dress!

    • Alix says

      haha cutest comment ever…….alas, it’s a random drawing.
      : )

  43. Elizabeth says

    Love the fox!

  44. Lola says

    LOVE Misha Lulu! I’m crossing my fingers!!

  45. Marlena says

    Cute dress and website. I am glad I stopped by.

  46. Lola says

    I like you on facebook!

  47. Ceri says

    ooooh. love it want it neeeeeeeeed it. better than oilily.

  48. Lola says

    Just left a message on Misha Lulu blog!

  49. Amy says

    I adore misha lulu! I would be so excited if I won this dress, it would look so cute on my youngest daughter.

  50. Amy says

    I left a comment on Misha Lulu

  51. Amy says

    liked you on facebook!

  52. Amy says

    following you on twitter!

  53. Joy says

    Love the pattern! Love the dress! My little would feel very fancy.

  54. Shelly says

    Oh, I need this for my little one…

  55. Rebeca says

    Love the dress

  56. Andrea says

    Ooohh, I want it soooo bad for my little Betsy Boo!! This would definitely be a “picture day” dress for us!!

  57. alissa says


  58. Crystal says

    Ahhh! I love Misha Lulu and this dress is just too cute! Next stop after doing all the necessary entries is to pin it on Pinterest. 🙂

  59. Crystal says

    Following you on twitter!

  60. Crystal says

    I liked you on Facebook!

  61. Crystal says

    I commented on Misha Lulu’s blog. Thank you so much. I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile but no clue she had a blog. 🙂

    Incidentally I also started following both of your personal twitter accounts and tweeted. 🙂

  62. Marlena says

    So. Freaking. Adorable. !

  63. Lynn says

    we love misha lulu!

  64. Lisa Vallejo says

    LOVE, LOVE,LOVE Misha Lulu!!! Please enter me in the drawing!! Thanks

  65. Thalita Dol says

    crossing my fingers!

  66. Thalita Dol says

    I left Karen a message before I came here! =)

  67. Thalita Dol says

    Oh, and I like you on facebook!

  68. elise quinn says

    I love love love Misha Lulu!

  69. elise quinn says

    I liked it too now im on my way to tweet! LOL thank you guys!!!

  70. Kami says

    SO in love with this dress! I want one in my size!

  71. melissa says

    i LOOOOOVE it! can i get a mama-sized version too?! 😉

  72. Anna Lee says

    I love this! I’m getting a new baby sister in January and would love to win this for her! I know she’d have to grow into it, but one day she would be able to flounce around in this little beauty and think that I am the best big sister ever. I really hope I win! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  73. crystal says

    Yes, please!

  74. Shannon says

    love this dress, the print is so cool.

  75. Laura Noble says

    ooh, so adorable!!

  76. Laura Noble says

    I’ve also commented on Misha Lulu’s blog 🙂

  77. Jacklynn Morrison says

    What an adorable print. I can totally see my daughter rocking this dress. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  78. Jacklynn Morrison says

    What an adorable print. I can totally see my daughter rocking this dress. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  79. Kirsten W. says

    I would love to win this for my little lady!

  80. Kirsten W. says

    Just followed you on Twitter 🙂 (kiki_williamson)

  81. Kirsten W. says

    Just left a comment on Misha Lulu’s blog about that adorable b-day party!

  82. Nicole H. says

    Love Misha Lulu. This dress is too cute!

  83. Nicole H. says

    Commented on Bela’s birthday on the Misha Lulu blog too. Thanks for the chance!

  84. Susan says

    I love Misha Lulu! My daughter would love this dress!

  85. Chelsei Ryan says

    I love love love Misha Lulu! We just got the Hello Kitty Jumper and it is to die for! We would love to have this ADORABLE dress too.

  86. Chelsei Ryan says

    Following all Twitter accounts @ChelsR88

  87. Chelsei Ryan says

    LIke you on FB
    Chelsei Ryan

  88. melissa says

    ! yeah pick me !

  89. Chelsei Ryan says

    Such a great blog and company and Happy Birthday Miss Bela!

  90. Kari says

    love it love it

  91. Ellyn says

    Thx for a great giveaway! Love Misha Lulu.

  92. Ellyn says

    Also a fan on FB + over at ML’s blog!

  93. Corey Moortgat says

    oh my gosh- such a cute dress! I’d love, love, love to win it!!

  94. Corey Moortgat says

    ….just popped over to Misha Lulu’s blog as well. Love those clothes so much!

  95. Jenna says

    What a beautiful dress!

  96. andrea says

    hey! i wanna win!

  97. stacy says

    misha lulu just keeps getting better and better! love it!

  98. stacy says

    follow both of you on twitter 🙂

  99. adventures in babywearing says

    Huge Misha Lulu fan here! Would love to win that dress for my Ivy!!


  100. adventures in babywearing says

    I commented on Misha Lulu’s blog- I’m a subscriber! 🙂


  101. adventures in babywearing says

    I Iike modern kiddo on FB!


  102. Ammarie says

    Oh my word!! This ridiculusly cute dress & my ridiculously cute niece were totally made for each other!! Yes please:)

  103. Andrea Petersen says

    like you on facebook

  104. Andrea Petersen says

    I want this dress. bad. I mean, seriously.

  105. Jennifer says

    my daughter Beatrix would look adorable in this dress, size 2, please!!

  106. Tiffany says

    Oh goodness what a beautiful dress! I would love to add Misha Lulu to my baby girls closet!

  107. Rosemary says

    what an amazing giveaway!! i’m usually too broke whenever the opportunity for a misha lulu outfit comes along, but I hope i can win one for my little Erin!!!

  108. Rosemary says

    woo hoo! i did all the extras! thanks for the opportunity to be entered to win!!

  109. Courtney Wilson says

    OOoooooo… exciting! LOVE Misha Lulu! Amazing company – CUTE stuff! Thank you for the chance!

  110. Courtney Wilson says

    Liking you on facebook for another chance!

  111. Courtney Wilson says

    Commenting on Misha Lulu blog for a third entry! Thanks so much!

  112. L says

    Aw how gorgeous! I would love this dress for my little girl. It would look stunning with her lovely red hair 🙂

  113. yoly says

    Love the dress! Thank u for the giveaway!

  114. yoly says

    Like you on FB 🙂

  115. Celina says

    Oh me, oh my! My daughter needs this dress!;) great giveaway….

  116. Celina says

    Just RT on twitter…

  117. Celina says

    I am now your newest fan on Facebook… I really want to win this one!

  118. Celina says

    Wow, she has a great blog… Just posted a comment! And thank you for ALL of this! Have a great weekend…

  119. marsinah {Blushing Pearl} says

    wow! look at all these comments.. I hope I have a chance! This dress is super duper chic 😛

  120. marsinah {Blushing Pearl} says

    following you on twitter!

  121. Lindsey A says

    i already like you on facebook, but i’m checking out your twitter! can’t believe i didn’t think to look if you had one already! 🙂 MishaLuLu is probably my favorite line of girl’s clothing of all time…..the creator is a genius!!! <3

  122. Maryam says

    Love!!! This dress is so gorgeous!

  123. Maryam says

    I also like you on Facebook!

  124. Maryam says

    And follow you on Twitter! @pamplemousse1983

  125. lishyloo says

    oh my lord that dress is adorable!

  126. Angelyn Pratchios Gay says

    OOh, drool! Pick me, pick me!

  127. Angelyn Pratchios Gay says

    P.S… I “Like” you

  128. christina says

    My girl will LOVE that dress. I am from Singapore hope I can enter your contest.

  129. Revanche says

    Oh that is absolutely darling and I know just the little girl it would fit!

  130. flannery o'kafka says

    I also left a comment on their blog. Seriously…I want this dress….I’m not sure you understand…could you please pretty please pretty please just take everyone else out of the ‘draw’ except for me???

  131. stacy says

    Love Misha Lulu!

  132. Abby Frankie Pratchios says

    I love that dress! Would be the perfect dress for my daughter to wear for the next portrait I am going to paint of her!

  133. Sylvia says

    Oh my goodness! Love this dress. Hope it’s me!

  134. whitney says

    we would LOVE this dress, obvi! 🙂

  135. whitney says

    and i tweeted about it! 🙂 (@littlereader)

  136. Christina says

    I love Misha Lulu! Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. Claudia says

    i would love that dress for my Lily!

  138. Claudia says

    i follow you on twitter 🙂

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