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A Jem of a Round Up!


This little yellow dress is perfect for spring coming up.  Is it too early to start thinking about Easter dresses?  From Etsy seller, Kidwonder!

I have always had such a weakness for red patent leather shoes.  Ever since I was five years old when I had my first pair of red patent leather shoes.  And I would have worn these vintage beauties in a heartbeat.  From Etsy seller, El Cheapo Vintage.

Who needs LightBrite when you could have LIGHTS ALIVE!  From Etsy seller,  One Sweet Dream.

I think this wonderful ski sweater in blue and yellow is a perfect addition to any little kiddo’s wardrobe! From Etsy seller, UDAKids.

I don’t know what is going on with this red and green striped horse, but I’d read this book! From Etsy seller, Connie and Andrew’s Digs.

I’m head over heels for this vintage wonderful red romper and oh my word, that sweet giraffe!  From Etsy seller, Stop the Clock Vintage.


WHOA! I love this jolly trolly lamp of cuteness!  Looks like an Irmi, but the price is amazing! $7.00!  From Etsy seller, Amongst the Knick Knacks.

Vintage chalkboards are quite popular right now.  And with good reasons–they are just wonderful. And this one is particularly fabulous. From Etsy seller, Miss Peanut and Lil’ Peanut.


Ugh! I’m just in love with this lovely sailboat sassy jacket. Perfect for any sea faring baby destined for the beach this summer. From Etsy seller, Heart & Sew.


Remember Jem? She was truly truly outrageous.  So outrageous that she had a freaking waterbed!  Now that is pretty darn badass for a doll. And for $275 it can be yours. From Etsy seller, Matira Catrina.

Happy Monday, folks!

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11 Responses

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  1. Amber Liddle says

    Ahh! We just found that Alexander book at the thrifts last week!! It has the BEST pictures, seriously amazing.

    Another wonderful round up, Miss Dottie 🙂

    • Alix says

      I have a copy too….so cute! The horse reminds me of the Fruit Stripe zebra!!

  2. Jody says

    La waterbed nouvelle vogue!

    Dying for the romper AND the lamp. How did you know?!

    • Alix says

      Woman, we are SOOOO sad you are moving, but also know that we will still totally be able to keep in touch with you and your cute family via MK!!! Lots of love to you, mama. xoxoxox Alix

  3. Alix says

    Um….JEM WATERBED?!?!?!?! Mind. Blown.

    • Dottie says

      And let’s not forget the paint splattered sheets. Is she rooming with Jackson Pollock or something?

  4. Eartha Kitsch says

    Oh wowwwww! Jem! A waterbed! That’s SO rad!! And wait…an organ too?

    I’m pretty sure that if I’d wanted a waterbed for my dolls, my Dad would have filled a Ziploc bag full of water and said “here you go”.

    • Dottie says

      Eartha, I’m sure your Dad’s ziploc technology would have been pretty much the same as Jem’s toy makers.

      Not sure, but I think/fear that the water bed transforms into an ORGAN? Oh Jem, you truly ARE outrageous!

      BTW, I want to name a band “Nouvelle Vague” or has someone already done that?

  5. Michele says

    How can Barbie compete with Gem? L.O.V.E. it! Love all the goodies you find each week. Thanks for including my Lights Alive game.

  6. Alice F. says

    Love your blog so much! When will you be featuring your next modern kiddo of the week?

    • Dottie says

      Oh, we are putting up our weekly kiddo tomorrow! And she’s a cutie!!!!

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