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PAUL FRANK + Friends Giveaway :: For the Mamas! {CLOSED}

We’ve already had some pretty amazing Giveaways this year….we’re still a little high off our Misha Lulu glow. But it’s the kiddo’s who always benefit from these giveaways, isn’t it? Soooooo even though Paul Frank makes some preeety rad duds for the little ones (under their Small Paul and Paul Frank for Target lables) we decided to put together a little something for the mamas! It *is* Mother’s Day, after all!


images: premium jersey stack romper + julius jersey robe

Friends, I gotta say we love the Paul Frank here at Modern Kiddo. They’ve been sassing up our kids’ closets and nighttime ensembles for years. But the fine folks at Paul Frank know that mama likes to be just as cozy as her kiddos. So they have created a line of oh-so-cozy comfy pjs for the ladies! They have draw string jammies, sleep shawties and darling robes that are perfect for lounging around your pad or making waffles on a Sunday morning. This Ultimate Paul Frank Jammie Care Package will include an assortment of Paul Frank jammies for you to lounge the day away in! Watch out…yer kiddos might get a wee bit jealous.

images: skurvy (skully) poplin pants + strawberry circle robe

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We each decided to add in a little sumpthin’ else, jussst to sweeten the deal.


ALIX: Fresh is hands down, the maker of my favorite fragrances. Their scents are light, pretty and well….FRESH! You can spritz ’em all over and they never smell cloying. I always get compliments when I wear them, so I’m thrilled we’re including this sweet little Sugar Delight set in our giveaway. This rad lotion/perfume combo was recently featured on Kaboodle’s Pampering Presents Mom Will Love gift guide. The set includes one creamy body lotion and a travel-size roller perfume, perfect for tucking in your purse. Both are in one of my favorite scents—Sugar Lychee, a juicy mix of lychee, bright grapefruit, and lotus flower. It’s not overly sweet, just super lovely! Both products use deliciously natural ingredients. Seriously, you’ll love this! Courtesy of the awesome Kaboodle!


DOTTIE: I gotta tell you, I’m so excited to have Sugar and Spice as part of our giveaway! Nobody loves a good apron like I do and these pretty-as-punch aprons actually cover your chest—no more spills when firing up that mixer! But most importantly, they are stunning. I would happily wear them beyond the kitchen! In fact, I’m going to buy one right now for the upcoming Tupperware party I’m hosting with Karen Finlay next month! The winner of this giveaway will get a $20 gift certificate to Sugar and Spice…but here’s a little secret, ALL Modern Kiddo readers can get 15% off thru this Sunday. Thanks Danielle!

Now, to win this whiz-bang Mama Giveaway, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry.
  2. Follow us on Twitter. If you are already a follower, tweet about this giveaway—don’t forget to include @modernkiddo in the tweet please! You can also follow our personal twitters @galexina and @missdottie for two additional entries.
  3. “Like” us on Facebook.
  4. “Like” Sugar & Spice on Facebook.
  5. “Like” Paul Frank on Facebook.
  6. Follow Paul Frank on Twitter.

You’ll get one entry for each thing you do. If you do all eight things on the list you’ll be entered three to eight times. HUZZAH!!!

The winner will be announced SUNDAY at 8:00PM-PST on MOTHER’s DAY. Hurrah!

Good luck, and we’re crossing our fingers you win!

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  1. Gennie says

    Oooh – Love it!!

  2. Gennie says

    PS – also liking on FB 🙂

  3. Stacey Ball says

    Cute stuff, I need some cute jammies!

  4. Stacey Ball says

    I tweeted and am a follower on twitter.

  5. Stacey Ball says

    I like you on Facebook!

  6. Stacey Ball says

    I like Sugar and Spice on Facebook!

  7. Stacey Ball says

    I like Paul Frank on Facebook!

  8. Stacey Ball says

    I followed Paul Frank on Twitter!

  9. Jess Scholes says

    I have never seen so many wonderful things in ONE giveaway! I love all of it. I’m a newly single mama to a one year old, so its not like I’ll actually get anything for Mother’s Day haha. This would be perfect!

  10. Jess Scholes says

    I officially like Paul Frank!

  11. Jess Scholes says

    I also officially like Sugar & Spice! (to die for)

  12. Jess Scholes says

    And now I officially like YOU!

  13. Mia says

    Hi, I’m a new reader here, this is a really sweet site, love it!

  14. cinti says

    can aussies win too?

  15. cinti says

    tweeted, yay!

  16. cinti says

    already a fb fan of mk. those aprons rock!

  17. Donna Quirke says

    Not sure if this is an international giveaway – but I’m loving your blog from down under and those aprons are divine!!

  18. Lilly says

    Please count me in and thanks a lot for this amazing giveaway!

  19. jeannie says

    amazing! this is my comment!

  20. Fuzzymama says

    I like sugar and spice on FB! LOVE the aprons!

  21. Fuzzymama says

    I like Paul Frank on Facebook!! yeah.

  22. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    AMAZING giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  23. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    Happily tweeted, too!

  24. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    And I “like” on FB. 🙂

  25. Becky says

    Wow- this is a great giveaway! 🙂

  26. Leanne says

    Groovy picks, mamas!

  27. jennifer stofflet says

    oh, what fun!!!

  28. Paige says

    Wow! That’s quite a prize!

  29. Melissa says

    Great stuff! I want to smell like heaven!

  30. Jenny says

    oh my goodness, this is such a lovely giveaway!! hope i win!!!

  31. arely colin says

    i would love to win

  32. arely colin says

    like u on fb

  33. arely colin says

    \like sugar and spice on fb

  34. Kirsten W. says

    Thanks! Fun giveaway!

  35. Kirsten W. says

    Followed @paulfranktweets on Twitter! (@kiki_williamson)

  36. Kirsten W. says

    tweeted about the giveaway (@kiki_williamson)

  37. Megan says

    What cute prizes! I love it 🙂

  38. Kirsten W. says

    I liked Paul Frank on FB!

  39. Rachael Werner says

    What a great giveaway!!! Perfect for this lady’s first mothers day.

  40. Laura says

    Love the Aprons!!

  41. Tatjana says

    Love the aprons, just looking at them aspires me to bake.

  42. cabesh says

    What a fantastic giveaway@

  43. Chelsei Ryan says

    Awesome giveaway I am digging everything!

  44. Chelsei Ryan says

    Like MK on FB.

  45. Chelsei Ryan says

    Like Sugar &Spice on FB.

  46. DeniseCozz says

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  47. Chelsei Ryan says

    Like Paul Frank on FB.

  48. DeniseCozz says


  49. DeniseCozz says

    Following @galexina

  50. DeniseCozz says

    following @missdottie

  51. DeniseCozz says

    “Like” you on Facebook.

  52. DeniseCozz says

    “Like” Sugar & Spice on Facebook.

  53. DeniseCozz says

    “Like” Paul Frank on Facebook.

  54. DeniseCozz says

    Following Paul Frank on Twitter.

    thank you so much!! 🙂

  55. Jacquie L says


  56. Lauren says

    what a great giveaway. thanks so much.

  57. Missy says

    I “liked” you on FB!

  58. Missy says

    I “liked” Paul Frank on FB,

  59. Missy says

    I can’t find the right “Sugar and Spice” page.

  60. Christina says

    Awesome giveaway! These are all so great! :o)

  61. betsy says

    awesome giveaway ladies!

  62. betsy says

    follow on twitter.

  63. betsy says

    like on facebook.

  64. betsy says

    like Paul Frank on fb.

  65. betsy says

    follow PF on twitter.

  66. Tyler Terrell says

    ok… i have an apron “thing” and I own more than i can wear. THIS i LOVE!!

  67. lishyloo says

    me me me me me me me

  68. kodie says

    i am crazy about Paul Frank!

  69. kodie says

    and i just liked Paul Frank on FB

  70. kodie says

    and i just like MK on Facebook (why haven’t i before??)

  71. melissa says

    what a great giveaway! happy mother’s day!

  72. Sue says

    I likes all of you on facebook, (3). and I really do like you all, thanks for putting this giveaway together some mommy will be really, really happy!

  73. Melissa N says

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  74. thursday says

    I’m going to win this one by leaving an unreal number of comments. I need each and every one of these things.

  75. Melissa N says

    I “like” you on FB!

  76. Melissa N says

    I follow your blog!

  77. thursday says

    I tweeted!

  78. thursday says

    And I can only assume I’ve already “Liked’ y’all on Facebook since the thumb isn’t coming up. That sounds weird.

  79. Melissa N says

    I also “like” Sugar n Spice on FB!

  80. thursday says

    I like Sugar and Spice on Facebook (and in real life too – those aprons are killing me!)

  81. thursday says

    And I like Paul Frank on Facebook too! I’m going to win this right? Right?!

  82. Melissa N says

    I also “like” Paul Frank on FB!

  83. Carissa says

    Love it!

  84. The Chatty Mommy says

    Sign me up baby!

  85. Connie says

    Love that nautical apron!

  86. Connie says

    Follow you on twitter! @daydreamincolor

  87. Connie says

    Liked you on FB!

  88. Connie says

    Liked Sugar n Spice on FB!

  89. Connie says

    Liked Paul Frank on FB!

  90. Helen says

    Yay, what an awesome giveaway! I had a pair of Paul Frank PJ’s way back in college, I get nostalgic for them when I see my daughter’s pair. Would love to win this!

  91. Helen says

    And I like you on FB

  92. Summer says

    Awesome! So glad I found your blog. Love it.

  93. Summer says

    I follow you on twitter now! =-)

  94. Summer says

    Following @galexina now!

  95. Summer says

    Following @missdottie now.

  96. Summer says

    Tweeted the giveaway. —

  97. Cindy Jaeger says

    I have that first apron on my hearts list on Etsy. 🙂

  98. Summer says

    I like Paul Frank on fb.

  99. Summer says

    I liked you on facebook!

  100. Summer says

    I liked Sugar & Spice on facebook!

  101. Summer says

    I follow Paul Frank on twitter!

  102. Mama Lusco says

    Love those aprons! Thank you.

  103. Lisa Gutierrez says

    AWESOME giveaway!!

  104. Belinda - Nest Design Studio says

    ohhhhh, need to win!!!

  105. Jamie says

    WOW — LOVE THESE!!! Anxious to see who wins the giveaway:)

  106. karin says

    great giveaway!

  107. Donna says

    Neat give away! I hope I win!!

  108. Tasha says

    Adorable! love them 🙂

  109. Jeannette says

    I just adore aprons! I collect them actually and that sailor one is ADORABLE!

  110. Jeannette says

    I follow you on Twitter @thecraftyhippo

  111. Jeannette says

    I follow @galexina on twitter @thecraftyhippo

  112. Jeannette says

    I follow @missdottie on twitter @thecraftyhippo

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    I like you on Facebook as Jeannette Aurora.

  114. Jeannette says

    I “Like” Sugar & Spice on Facebook as Jeannette Aurora.

  115. Jeannette says

    I “Like” Paul Frank on Facebook as Jeannette Aurora.

  116. Jeannette says

    Your link was broken, but I found this Paul Frank on twitter and liked him @thecraftyhippo.!/paulfranktweets

  117. Sarah says

    I love this giveaway! Those aprons are amazing!

  118. Sarah says

    I am following @ModernKiddo on Twitter

  119. Sarah says

    I am following @galexina on Twitter

  120. Sarah says

    I am following @missdottie on Twitter

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    I liked Modern Kiddo on Facebook

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    I liked Sugar ‘n Spice Aprons on Facebook

  123. Sarah says

    I liked Paul Frank on Facebook

  124. Sarah says

    I am following @paulfranktweets on Twitter

  125. Brook says

    I sure hope that I win…Aprons are so wonderful and I only have one so far! These are great!

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