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Wallpaper in Two Really Cool Rooms.

Welllll helllllo there! I’m back from sunny LA and our shoot went really well. If you follow me on twitter (@galexina) then you are probably sick of me yackin’ about how I met Al Pacino…..but um, I MET AL PACINO! We were shooting a print ad at the Saban Theater and he and his director came by to check the space out. I thought everyone was joking that he was coming by and then all of  sudden WHOOO AHHHH! There he was! He was rather short and disheveled, but totally cool. And he has THAT VOICE. I kept thinking “OMG it’s Michael Corleone!!” Alas, no photos could be taken….we were all instructed to be casual and not disturb ze Pacino. Like, “What? Oh Mr. Pacino it’s you….how are you? Fine fine, can you move over a tad? You are in my light.”


I will say I  did share a brief conversation with him and our producer bought him a cappuccino and he was very gracious. He left twice and then reappeared—startling me because I was trying to gossip about how he looked kind of like Richard Lewis now. I can’t lie. It was cool.

But enough of that. For now. Because I’m trying to name drop Pacino as much as possible. So I have two things that caught my eye recently that I wanted to share with you. And they both involve WALLPAPER.

1. First up. Wow. This is fantastic. I’m ready to move in people. What a clever use of photographic wallpaper. It’s warm and whimsical and SO GREAT for a kid’s room! I love the big orange plastic chair too—I believe it’s an IKEA garden chair (we have several in our backyard) but it’s a great idea for a child’s room. Enough space for  mama and kiddo to hunker down with a good storybook, but not too precious that you have to worry about any mishaps.

image: esther mokka

The little impish gnome that appears to be hovering on the wall on the right? It’s actually a wee hat rack! (I know this because I had virtually the same one when I was a little girl…well, and of course I know this because there’s a hat hanging off it.) OK, moving on….

2. How cozy cool is this sweet space? I love the bunk bed loft and once again, clever use of wallpaper. Underneath the bed is rad little playspace—and what do I see? That cute little cosco chair I showed off in my vinage kiddo chair post. Fab!

found via simple lovely + mademoiselle astuce

How cozy do they look up in there? OK. I’ll be back in a little bit with two more posts today. PLUS we have a special guest feature we did recently that debuts this afternoon and we can’t WAIT to share it with you! Alas, it doesn’t involve Al Pacino.

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  1. Ashley says

    I adore that loft bed! Does anyone know of a DIY tutorial?! Our house is eensy weensy and this would be perfect 🙂

  2. Ellie @ The Mommyist says

    I love the loft bed. My daughter’s room is tiny so we’ve been thinking about a loft bed when she gets older. I think I’ll have to use this one as inspiration.

  3. Audrey says

    That loft bed is a perfect idea! My sister in law’s daughter has a small space similar (but much smaller, more like a tiny hidey hole in the wall) and I’ll have to show her this as an idea of what to do inside the little cubby.

  4. kyssa vintage says

    WOW! I love these photos!!!

    • Alix says

      So glad you like….they’re really cool huh. I kind of want wallpaper like that in my room now.

  5. marni says

    oh my gosh i just found your blog after the etsy feature. obsessed!!!!!! about to read pages and pages.

    • Alix says

      HURRAY! And welcome!! So glad to have ya…..

  6. able mabel says

    Think of how easy naptime would be with a bed like that.

  7. Alice says

    Wow. I love the photographic Alps scene. I’m feeling very inspired.

  8. mimi says

    what about this from Madame Chalet a Swiss miss

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