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  1. Hello KinderCone, My English is not good. Sorry. I am a teacher in Turkey. Eight-year-old has 30 students. I like this tradition. Great. Are my students sends kinderCone? They are poor children. Believe me, a lot will be happy. KinderCone you will never forget. Love … Goodbye … (Please send us a message.)
    Address: Şehit Piyade Astsubay Çavuş Soner Özübek İlkokulu
    Şeker Mahallesi Toki Sıraevler Tepebaşı/ Eskişehir / Türkiye

  2. I would love to make your needlepoint pillows. They are beautiful. I have the canvas and yarn, but I’d like to find the patterns you used. I would appreciate the help. PS love your blog.

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