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Our Favorite Summer Pants Ever! {plus free shipping from Polarn O. Pyret!}

Are these pants? Or are they shorts? I guess they’re a little bit of both! As you guys know, one of our favorites around here is Polarn O. Pyret. They are one of our go-to spots for funky basics that are stylish on and off the playground! When we received these cool 3/4 shorts in the mail, Wolfie promptly put them on—and has barely taken them off! The super slouchy fit is fantastic for our San Francisco weather—you can push them up so they hit around the knee or pull ’em down a little lower if it’s cooler out. I think they are the perfect pant (short?) to help you transition into fall!

We also love PoP’s cardigans. They’re thick enough to be warm but not scratchy and bulky. And the elbow patches are totally grandpa-licious!

Three Quarter Shorts c/o Polarn O. Pyret.  Wolfie is also sportin’ the Professor Patch Cardigan Sweater, c/o ME!

Right now Polarn O. Pyret is having a mega summer sale—up to 50-70% off! The thing I love is that it’s not JUST summer shorts and tees, there are so many transitional pieces too. Be sure to check out the skinny jeans and the outerwear. PoP’s speciality is outer wear and there are some incredible deals on jackets and coats.

Our pals at Polarn O. Pyret have a special bonus for our readers! Just use the  code:  MODERNPOP for free shipping over $50 from now until Sunday midnight!

Head on over to the Polarn O. Pyret  Summer Sale and get yer shop on!

Pink for boys!

Image via the marvelous  La Petite Magazine.

There is something so lovely about pink.  You just can’t help but look at it and not smile.

So, it is no wonder that it is making a little bit of a comeback in boys clothing. I say comeback because at the turn of the century, boys wore pink and girls wear blue.  I like the preppy pale pink which makes me think of Bermuda and looks so good with a bit of a tan. I also adore the fun neon pink of throwback eighties wonder–particularly as skinny jeans.  You can’t go wrong with a bit of pink in a boy’s wardrobe.  Here are a few of my favorite bits of pink!

Pink shirts are particularly a great addition for a boy’s summer wardrobe. Like this one from Mini Boden

and this from  J. Crew.

But even just a touch of pink can perk up a boy’s wardrobe. How hip is this little guy in his hot pink tie??

I also love little bits of pink, like this watch band:

or bring it out for fun on a special occasion with this sweet little bow tie:

I was originally going to highlight some great blue pieces for girls, but I quickly found that there were dozens of pretty blue outfits for girls. And of course tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of pink.  I recently went into the children’s section of a department store and for probably every twenty items there was perhaps one piece that wasn’t pink.  And those were still rather delicate in color.  So, instead of a round up of prettyblue dressies  I thought I would leave you with this wonderful LEGOS ad. More of a commentary about all of the pink toys for girls, but still it can’t help buy make you smile that this little lady in her blue outfit—head to toe blue actually!

Man, I love that little girl. The complete pride of creating something awesome.

But, I must ask–would you dress your boy in pink?  Have you? What was the response?

And of course some girls only wear pink. And a lot of mothers hate that.  Seriously! Are you a fan of that or not?  I don’t know.  The Peach’s favorite color is orange, but I’d be fine if she wanted to wear pink. Let me tell you, it is a lot easier to find pink dresses than orange ones…  But I’ve had friends that have insisted on no pink for their little girls—especially at baby showers.

Who would have thought such a pretty pretty color would come with so much baggage?

Happy B-Day Wolfie and Hats for Boys!

Today is a super duper ultra special hot diggity dog day at Modern Kiddo! It’s our favorite boy, Wolfie’s birthday! It is his sweetest (actually, it’s his “golden”—thanks Marla!) birthday, which means Wolfie has turned six today on April 6th.  Happy happy birthday,  sweetheart boy. May today be full of all the things you love—Pikachu, salty pretzels, Tuxie and many kisses from your Mama!  Whobody love Wolfie? We all do!

As part of our week long salute to our favorite mop-top, Wolfie, we are celebrating boys boys boys! And all the great fashion out there for them.  So this week is going to be chockablock with fab finds for dapper little men because they deserve fashion shout outs just as much as any sweetly dressed girl.

One of the questions we get quite a bit at the ole Modern Kiddo HQ is, “Where can I get a cute hat for my little boy?”  And today, my friends, we have searched every nook and cranny of the Internet to find some of the snazziest, coolest hats out there for your little one.  Although it would be a shame to cover our boy Wolfie’s hair with a hat, they are so many great hat options out there for beyond the classic baseball cap.

Here are some of our favorites!

First, I must give props to local hat maker, the Goorin Brothers who have been covering the heads of San Francisco men since 1895.  Fourth generation hat maker Ben Goorin continues the legacy of hat making and design taking riffs off of the skateboard and snowboard community, including this very delicious line of hats for boys, including the Bogie (above) and the Zack.

Modern Kiddo favorite, Fore! by Axel and Hudson has some of the spiffiest and most colorful hats on the market today.  I applaud them  for this great line of hats! Well done, gents!

Brilliantly named Knucklehead Clothing has a great line of hats. I love love love this houndstooth fedora worn with more style than most gents I know!

And the panache that this little peanut is wearing his knucklhead brown cap is just too koot for words!

Check out the Grady fedora from Knucklehead.With matching coat no less.  Makes me almost wish for cooler climes. Almost.

And FYI–expect a very special ringlet headed Weekly Kiddo this friday… Stay tuned!

Boy’s Ties for Easter

Source: Belle & the Beau

With Easter hip hopping its way towards us, we are seeing new spring party clothes in stores that are begging to be worn. Of course, girls are just swimming in wonderful choices with all of those simply delicious sherbet-colored dresses.  So many choices for a little girl to find just the right dress for their personality.

But what about the boys? I know it’s going to be all about khakis and the blue or white button down shirt–which is a classic staple for boys around the world. But there is a chance for a bit of whimsy in boys in ties. These ties are a a bit sassier than the average rep tie, and what little boy doesn’t have a bit of sass!

Of course, our dear Wolfie has sass aplenty and is sporting a gingham tie from our BFF, Target. What I love about this is that he is sporting a tie and wee sports coat with jeans and sneakers. You see, ties can be pulled out for Easter and beyond–just for fun!

Here are some fun ties that would stop the Easter bunny and everyone else in their tracks from our friends at Etsy:

Me and Matilda has created some of the most adorable springy ties ever!

Etsy Seller, ButteredToast has created this insanely charming little bow tie that would easily make the Easter Bunny leave him a little extra chocolate.

I personally can’t get over how adorable this gold tie looks on a simple denim shirt! What a great idea! And Etsy seller, Emilee Irwin created a matching bow for a little girl’s hair.  What a good big brother!

And speaking of matching, the Belle and the Beau has taken it to the next step and offering father and son matching ties.  I think this might be so adorable that I  have to look away for a moment.  But only a moment, because is crazytown cute!

I’ll look back at the other adorable Belle and the Beau ties, like this one and this one.

Hint–don’t be shy about choosing the bow tie! They are a snap to tie. Really!

And there are some great bow ties for boys. Like these from the Cordial Churchman bow tie designer Ellie LaVeer Stager, who summarizes boys on bow ties best:

“It was a little tricky trying to keep him still long enough to get it tied, but it also clips in the back so I don’t have to re-tie it every time.  Doesn’t he look so cute?  Like he’s just come home from a dinner party.”

Oh, and one last note:  for you lucky people in L.A.–leave the PAAS  at Walgreens honey,  and take this tie-dying Easter eggs class with the dreamy Robert Mahar!

Let’s Here it Fore the Boy.

Listen. I could wax poetic about all the gorgeous, colorful, stylish girl’s clothing that is out there. And maybe I’d segue into a grumble grumble about how boy’s clothing is usually brown or or black or blue and always seem to have dinosaurs/footballs/cars/trains emblazoned on them. But then I’d probably try and make a joke about how I guess I’m lucky I had a boy because my wallet probably wouldn’t survive having a girl and all the tempting cute girlie goodness out there. BUT, I’m not going to do that….because guess what? My wallet isn’t that safe anymore.

When I first discovered FORE! Axel and Hudson, I was grinning from ear to ear. Ladies (and gents) you will not believe how awesome this “country club meets California cool”  line is. Created by designer, father and golf-addict Paul Nguyen, the line borrows inspiration from the laid-back style of classic golf fashion, but infuses it with all the fun and color of a day spent runnin’ through sprinklers and eatin’ popsicles in the sun.

Most of this eco-friendly line is crafted from ultra-soft and sustainable bamboo/spandex and we think that’s a pretty swell thing! Be sure to check out the toddler-sized straw fedoras and jaunty caps—crazy cute.

Are you dying yet?? I love the vintage influence (some of the shirts are so Munsingwear/Penguin) and REALLY love the bright pops of sherbert colors. The clothes manage to do that rare thing in modern boy’s clothing—reflect a unique combination of hip and cool while still being sweet and kid-friendly. Ya know, I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to whack a little hot pink ball through a windmill, don’t you??

FORE! Axel and Hudson will be debuting this spring. Preoders available at Izzy and Ash.

Images: Fore! Axel and Hudson