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Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up–Holiday Style!

Oh man, after a week away on business and the Peach being sick last week, I spent the majority of the weekend hugging and kissing the Peach and trying to enjoy every moment of fir scented fun during the holiday season.  And it extended to my weekly search for the vintage kiddo retro round up.  And let me tell you, Etsy is chockablock with amazing Christmas finds, so I’m going to share some of my favorite finds. I may or may not share some more next week…

For your little Christmas cowboy! Squee!!! From Etsy seller, Explore Mag.

Why not add some Christmas glee to your potty? (Hey, that rhymed!) From Etsy seller, Turtle and the Ray.

Don’t you think your peppermint cocoa would taste better in one of these vintage snowflake Tupperware mugs? I do! From Etsy seller, Beguiling Vintage.

We had a set of similiar beauties when I was a kid and I LOVED them.  What kid wouldn’t love them? From Etsy seller, the Lamp Emporium.

I would have plotzed as a kid if I saw this tablerunner of holiday cuteness on my kitchen table! From Etsy seller, Uncle Bunk’s Trunk, who has the most amazing selection of vintage holiday linens around!

I love these jolly Napco vintage Santa candle holders. SO SWEET! From Etsy seller, Dakota Memories.

This holiday card tree is so charming, it makes me want to send holiday cards!  From Etsy seller, Sydg.

I adore this couple Clause here in all their vintage felted glory! From Etsy seller, The Kitschen Cupboard.

Who says birds can’t be Christmasy? Especially when they are salt and pepper shakers. From Etsy seller, Nugents.

Well, if you can’t find the right vintage home decor for your pad, you might as well make your own–from the 1970 Great Big Christmas Book!  From Etsy seller, Parisian Prairie Charm.

Happy Monday!


I confess, I love Wes :: the Besty of Etsy Wes Anderson Edition

I just saw Moonrise Kingdom. Again.  For the third time.

Something about the movie just gets under my skin in a good way. I could probably write an entire post on my love of this movie alone. Heck, I could write a whole post on how much I love Francis McDormand’s fabulous wardrobe of vintage Lily Pulitzer dresses worn with Aran cardigans and galoshes.  I rarely buy movies, but this one I know I will own and watch whenever I’m feeling blah and need a bit of cozy in my life.

But I must admit I feel that way about almost all of Wes Anderson’s films.  Rushmore movies me to tears.  Life Aquatic has a very special place in my heart. And don’t even get me started on the Royal Tanenbaums. Everyone has their favorite Wes Anderson moments. I particularly love when two characters are in closets!

But what does an uber Wes Anderson fan go for little mementos of the film that can make them sigh with happiness when they look at it? Why Etsy, of course, where there are tons of crafty folks equally obsessed with Wes Anderson. Sweet!  Here are some of my favorites.

I’d so wear this necklace from Etsy seller, Coffin Rock Shop

Remember when Max gave Herman Blume his other Perfect Attendance pin. Yeah. I cried too.  And now you can have those pins too. From Etsy seller, Steve Zizzou.

These cufflinks from Angela Grace Jewelry are perfection and a sweet ode to the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

This little gem is just too perfect to not love. And want. And buy! From Etsy seller, Clementine Clay.

Tote your Wes Anderson love around in this loving ode to the Darjeeling Limited bag. From Etsy seller, SuPmon.

Ha! My favorite Bottle Rocket quote! From Etsy seller, GracyMay.

And the posters. Oh, man. I want them all for my Wes Anderson shrine I need to make.

This Royal Tanenbaum’s portrait quartet from The Drew Bank has my heart.

However Monster Gallery has such endearing Wes Anderson movie inspired posters. Sigh!

Don’t even get me started on the genius work of Etsy seller , Cladia Varosio. Love.

Intern, get me a campari.  Oh, Steve… Genius. From Etsy seller, Michael Sapienza.

Oh, man, that was fun to find all of these great pieces.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorites, right now. Enjoy!

Sob! I’d love to know–are you a Wes Anderson fan? And if so, what is your favorite Wes Anderson movie/scene?





The Besty of Etsy :: Fantastic Toys!

I’m kinda crushing on Fantastic Toys something FIERCE.

Have you seen the cute papery overload that is Fantastic Toys?  How cute you ask? Like sewing machine and iron cute.

Timothy Hauden, the mastermind behind Fantastic Toys sums it up best saying his creations, “bring out the antsy pants feeling of being a kid in a toy store! Whether it may be just a smile or squeals of delight, they make people happy. Inspired by Japanese crafts my kawaii (Japanese for super cute) soft toys are my spin of the indie plush craze.”

I think it would be great to print out a couple and save them for a rainy day this summer. I’m sure a kiddo could spend a couple of hours playing with these beautiful toys. They do involve some help as far as putting them together, but think of it as a great exercise for your older kids to put them together.

Here are my top five reasons for loving this brand:

1) All of the PDFs are under $5.00—talk about affordable!

2) You can buy, download and print it all in less than 10 minutes. Talk about immediate satisfaction!

3) Accidentally rip? Print it out again!

4) Can be taken apart and stored in a folder. Talk about space saving!

5) If your kiddo outgrows it, just pop the paper in your recycling bin.

Truly, they are fantastic toys!

Besty of Etsy :: Creative Babies

OK, I have a weakness, friends.

A not so hidden weakness for kids clothing made out of vintage linens and fabrics. So that explains why I am just head over heels on Inessa who runs the Etsy shop called Creative Babies.

She has a great eye for seeing a new life in old colorful fabric that needs to be worn by kids instead of sitting in someone’s linen closet never seeing the light of day.

Who wouldn’t’ smile when you saw this little fresh outfit coming at you?

I actually bought one of Inessa’s dresses and was so charmed by her personal note and sweet packaging to boot.  Please note Etsy sellers that your buyers really do appreciate the additional care you put into delivery your packages.

Those pants kill me. I love pseudo colonial vintage.

And I love these great adult size slippers she makes too. What a nice housewarming gift, eh?

And wouldn’t this make the sweetest gift for a friend who just gave birth?

Also, Inessa is having a perfect little sale right now featuring some dandy little outfits that would be great for summer.  Like these…


Besty of Etsy: Oiseaux

The first time I remember writing my name was on the inside cover of one of my Golden Books along with my age.

I’ve had a wonderful love affair with books throughout my life.  They are dear friends to me and I love to see that same relationship blossom in the Peach.  I love to hear her ask for “Peach’s book”.

I like to claim my books as my own and I’m sure this is what led to my obsession with book plates. Because there is something so special about having something with YOUR name on it.  I have many a friend with a slightly unusual name who bristle at the memory of not finding his or her name on the personalized bike plate selection.

That’s why I’m so happy Oiseaux exists. Wonderful and inexpensive personlized bookplates for children (and adults, ahem…)

What a beautiful gift for a child along with a few favorite books from your own childhood.