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Falling for this Fall: SpiritHoods Kids!

Earlier this year I discovered the cutest, coziest hat ever. It’s made by SpiritHoods Kids and I gotta say, Wolfie and i fell instantly in lerve! These fun hoodies are crafted from a super soft (and animal friendly) faux fur and are styled after various animals—which means AWESOME EARS! Pull one on and your kiddo is immediately transformed into the most fiercely adorable wild animal around!

We were fortunate to get our hands on one of their Doodle Hoodies, which are the coolest concept. Each cozy hat comes with a pack of Cra-Z-Art washable markers that your kid can use to decorate the lining flaps. The fun thing is, when your kiddo is feeling like it’s time to update their SpiritHood with some fresh art work, just throw it in the wash and you start over on a clean canvas. I think this would make a super fun gift for a birthday party (or 5th grade graduation or bar mitzvah or school play etc etc—have all the kids sign your hoodie!

So hip and stylie—yet so sweet too. Oh and each hoodie comes with mitten-like “paws” that Wolfie LOVES!

I admit the hoodies are a tad on the pricey side, but they’re built to last. They are sized generously (one size fits all—they suggest ages 4- 12, so you will get BOAT LOADS of wear out of yours!). What’s more, when you buy a hoodie with the ProBlue label, SpiritHoods Kids will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of that particular spirit animal. So if you buy a grey wolf, you help save a grey wolf.  (My faves? The girls snow leopard or the boys grey wolf!).

You can see SpiritHoods in action in this cool lil video. And then snap one up for your sweet lil guy or gal here!

*Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, however SpiritHoods provided us with a sample DoodleHood for review. All opinions are our own!*

Our Favorite Summer Pants Ever! {plus free shipping from Polarn O. Pyret!}

Are these pants? Or are they shorts? I guess they’re a little bit of both! As you guys know, one of our favorites around here is Polarn O. Pyret. They are one of our go-to spots for funky basics that are stylish on and off the playground! When we received these cool 3/4 shorts in the mail, Wolfie promptly put them on—and has barely taken them off! The super slouchy fit is fantastic for our San Francisco weather—you can push them up so they hit around the knee or pull ’em down a little lower if it’s cooler out. I think they are the perfect pant (short?) to help you transition into fall!

We also love PoP’s cardigans. They’re thick enough to be warm but not scratchy and bulky. And the elbow patches are totally grandpa-licious!

Three Quarter Shorts c/o Polarn O. Pyret.  Wolfie is also sportin’ the Professor Patch Cardigan Sweater, c/o ME!

Right now Polarn O. Pyret is having a mega summer sale—up to 50-70% off! The thing I love is that it’s not JUST summer shorts and tees, there are so many transitional pieces too. Be sure to check out the skinny jeans and the outerwear. PoP’s speciality is outer wear and there are some incredible deals on jackets and coats.

Our pals at Polarn O. Pyret have a special bonus for our readers! Just use the  code:  MODERNPOP for free shipping over $50 from now until Sunday midnight!

Head on over to the Polarn O. Pyret  Summer Sale and get yer shop on!

A Little Kiddo Pop Up Shop!

After months (and MONTHS!) of yacking, I  finally got around to setting up my little pop up shop! I’ve done these for the past few years as a literal shop, but this is the first time in ages I’ve put one up online.

It will eventually be a place for me to sell vintage (yay!), but I’m starting out by doing a massive purge of Wolfie’s clothing! He has had several HUGE growth spurts, so most of these are in really excellent condition. Sizes range from 3T and 4T to 5-6 and a few items that are size 7. I also found a big bin of his little guy stuff that I’ll be going through and posting too. I just updated the shop to get rid of the items that have already sold, but will be updating with MORE MORE MORE! It’s little boy stuff, but lots of the tees and sweaters are unisex. Swing on by and see if anything strikes yer fancy! SHOP HERE.

OH and if there are sizes and things you are looking for, lemme know. I’ll see what I can do!

Pink for boys!

Image via the marvelous  La Petite Magazine.

There is something so lovely about pink.  You just can’t help but look at it and not smile.

So, it is no wonder that it is making a little bit of a comeback in boys clothing. I say comeback because at the turn of the century, boys wore pink and girls wear blue.  I like the preppy pale pink which makes me think of Bermuda and looks so good with a bit of a tan. I also adore the fun neon pink of throwback eighties wonder–particularly as skinny jeans.  You can’t go wrong with a bit of pink in a boy’s wardrobe.  Here are a few of my favorite bits of pink!

Pink shirts are particularly a great addition for a boy’s summer wardrobe. Like this one from Mini Boden

and this from  J. Crew.

But even just a touch of pink can perk up a boy’s wardrobe. How hip is this little guy in his hot pink tie??

I also love little bits of pink, like this watch band:

or bring it out for fun on a special occasion with this sweet little bow tie:

I was originally going to highlight some great blue pieces for girls, but I quickly found that there were dozens of pretty blue outfits for girls. And of course tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of pink.  I recently went into the children’s section of a department store and for probably every twenty items there was perhaps one piece that wasn’t pink.  And those were still rather delicate in color.  So, instead of a round up of prettyblue dressies  I thought I would leave you with this wonderful LEGOS ad. More of a commentary about all of the pink toys for girls, but still it can’t help buy make you smile that this little lady in her blue outfit—head to toe blue actually!

Man, I love that little girl. The complete pride of creating something awesome.

But, I must ask–would you dress your boy in pink?  Have you? What was the response?

And of course some girls only wear pink. And a lot of mothers hate that.  Seriously! Are you a fan of that or not?  I don’t know.  The Peach’s favorite color is orange, but I’d be fine if she wanted to wear pink. Let me tell you, it is a lot easier to find pink dresses than orange ones…  But I’ve had friends that have insisted on no pink for their little girls—especially at baby showers.

Who would have thought such a pretty pretty color would come with so much baggage?

PHD (Perfect Holiday Dress) from Little Ticket!

PHDs are hard to come by for adults let alone children.  PHD for children? Yup–perfect holiday dress.

It’s so easy to go overboard with some treacly dress trimmed within an inch of its life with lace and ribbons.  Don’t get me wrong–that dress certainly has its place. But with holiday gatherings some times being a bit more mellow and less formal, it’s nice to follow suit with a less formal dress that still has that holiday pizazz without screaming it from the top of your lungs.

That is why I was super excited that Renee Sisterson, the clever clogs behind Etsy site, Little Ticket sent me this sweet dress, which the Peach immediately claimed as her own.  I paired it with a little Peter Pan collared white shirt and it became the PHD of the season for Miss Peach.  Charming and with the loveliest nod towards the holidays without being over the top.  In other words, perfect.  And I’m particularly impressed with the quality of this little dress. Lined.  with invisible zipper. The perfect layering dress too.  It is so minimally holiday that the Peach could wear this way beyond the holidays.

Of course this is the tip of the iceberg of Little Ticket’s clever styles.  She has several other lovely, lovely dresses that have such clean lines that I like to think of them as worthy of saving for generations to come.

The Peach started calling it her “candy cane princess dress” and she declared it the perfect dress for meeting Santa. Which I totally agree with. Except she wouldn’t go anywhere near the old man dressed in red… But that is another post. We’ll see…

Expect to see this dress at least one more time on the blog…

What are you planning to put your little one in this holiday season?