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Retro Kiddo Fashion :: Christa Davis

Ooohh. Me likey.

Christa Davis kinda rocks.  OK. She rocks a lot. the UK designer creates beautiful clothes for children. Out of vintage fabric.  Yum.

And she pairs the vintage fabric with simply easy to wear patterns that will become your go-to outfits for your little ones.

Oh and she does some grand stuff for boys too. Like these simply perfect sweatshirts.

And I love these overalls too.

You remember those sweet little slippers made out of embroidered vintage linens. Just imagine a romper out of them. Christa did and I’m so happy she did.


Oh, and she makes stunning clothes for women too, so definitely check out her splurge-worthy site when you can!

Besty of Etsy :: Creative Babies

OK, I have a weakness, friends.

A not so hidden weakness for kids clothing made out of vintage linens and fabrics. So that explains why I am just head over heels on Inessa who runs the Etsy shop called Creative Babies.

She has a great eye for seeing a new life in old colorful fabric that needs to be worn by kids instead of sitting in someone’s linen closet never seeing the light of day.

Who wouldn’t’ smile when you saw this little fresh outfit coming at you?

I actually bought one of Inessa’s dresses and was so charmed by her personal note and sweet packaging to boot.  Please note Etsy sellers that your buyers really do appreciate the additional care you put into delivery your packages.

Those pants kill me. I love pseudo colonial vintage.

And I love these great adult size slippers she makes too. What a nice housewarming gift, eh?

And wouldn’t this make the sweetest gift for a friend who just gave birth?

Also, Inessa is having a perfect little sale right now featuring some dandy little outfits that would be great for summer.  Like these…


Besty of Etsy–Elise Hooper

OK, I have a little confession to make.  I love holiday focused kiddo clothes. I just can’t help it.  Call it totally pandering to the holiday gods to get some extra candy/pumpkin pie/gelt/candy, but I can’t help myself. Particularly if it’s rather clever and not so obvious.  Like this darling jumper from Etsy seller, Elise Hooper Designs that Alix sent me a link to.  I must admit it does involve two of my favorite things in the whole wide world–ric-rac and a jumper. But with that sweet little Halloweeny spider, well, it had me at ric-rac.

And then I saw her other pieces. Uh oh… I was in trouble.

Simple design plus knock out stunning fabric equals magic in the hands of the right seamstress.

And Elise Hooper has that magic.  Like with this wee placket.  And owls. Oh, for the love of the owls! Eek!

And this little bit of fall festivity is killing me.  I have such a weak spot for acorns and maple leaves.  Is this dress not perfect for Thanksgiving dinner? Oh, perfection.

Vintage Fabric Restyled by Baby Bean

I love vintage fabric.

I particularly love a good dress made out of vintage fabric.

And when it happens to be made for a little girl–well, let’s just say, it is a veritable trifecta of awesomeness. Like these dresses from Baby Bean Wear.

This plucky little company hails from the grand state of Texas and is the brainchild of Christine Visneau, who studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and draws her inspiration from her two little girls who give her many ideas about style, comfort, durability and fit.  Each collection is crafted from and inspired by vintage fabrics. Each garment is handmade and truly one-of-a-kind.


Like these little cutie patooties!

Oh what is the charm of a little rose print couple with a bit of lace?

I just can’t stand it. This yellow one is killing me!

These little rompers for girls made of vinntage fabric are killing me.  I particularly love the blue roses.

I know, right? So stinky adorable.

Oh, can’t you just see this on a little girl in the summer strolling around the backyard running away from the gardening hose?  So yummy.  And we all need a little yummy in our lives, right?

World’s Cutest Retro Bathing Suits: Pink Chicken

Now that we’ve had a couple of days of sunshine, I can’t help but think about getting to the beach with the Peach!  And how could I not when  Pink Chicken is offering such wonderful swimsuits and dresses as these.  Pink Chicken was started three years ago by mom of two, Stacey Fraser, a 15-year fashion veteran who started her sassy girl’s line out off her garage.  Gotta love her pep  for that alone!

But you gotta love her girls’ swimsuits even more!

Don’t you just love the little girl’s tummy? And three cheers for bringing back the old Esther Williams swim cap!

If that wasn’t enough Pink Chicken also sells the most darling diaper covers that are pure stink-town and will happily do as a swim-suit for the diaper wearing set. You can just imagine the little sandy bottom toddling towards you.

Oh–then, I innocently stumbled into the Pink Chicken sale section and just found some  insanely cute dresses and tunics and of course I fell in love with the skirts and knit tops too…  But really, how could you not?

I must admit, this is making me so excited about summer and trips to the beach! Aren’t you excited too?