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Presenting: Alix’s Retro Holiday Mix vol 1

The past two years I have made some super fun Holiday Mixes. Here’s a “re-print” of last year’s post and the link to download. Enjoy!

Christmas time  is without a doubt my favorite time of year! It has been ever since I was a little girl. I love the lights. I love decorations. And I LOVE THE MUSIC. As a result, I have been collecting vintage Christmas records for ages—there is something about a holiday song played on a hi-fi that makes it even more festive. Reminds me of the music my parents would play for us when we were kiddos.

Back in the day, Christmas music was so much more fun and interesting. Nowadays I feel like all we get are the “diva” croonings of the latest R&B star slaughtering an old carol with vocal acrobatics. In the 50s, 60s, and even 70s people actually wrote new christmas songs and did innovative versions of old standards. And here were TONS of compilations featuring all the stars of the day. I especially loved the album artwork—take a look at just a few of these:

This next one has a rather worn and uninteresting-looking cover (bowl of apples by the roaring fire, anyone?) oh ho, but just you wait!

Open this lovely LP up and see what’s inside……

A pop-up house! It’s so cute and adorable….

But on to the REAL reason behind today’s post. As most of you know I’m an obsessive thrifter and vintage lover….and as a result I have amassed a big collection of cheesy-but-delightful holiday records. Over the past years I have wanted to digitize my vinyl as a way to preserve it—and so I could share it with others. I’ve transformed a fair amount of my albums to MP3 and thanks to the help of my super cool friend Spencer, I’ve managed to build a fun menagerie of retro MP3s. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite vintage holiday tunes! So without further ado, presenting:

ALIX’S Retro Holiday Mix! Vol. 1
It’s all goofy “cocktails-by-the-fire” kinda music. Some highlights?

“Too Fat for the Chimney” — Gisele Mackenzie
“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” — Loretta Young
“A Christmas Song” — Shawn Phillips (sorta dixieland cowboy xmas)

And of course the groovy smooth sounds of David Cassidy
“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”— The Partridge Family

It’s an eclectic mix and I’ve played it non-stop the past few years. Feel free to link here and share the Christmas love!


Volume 2 will be coming up on Friday!

Guest Post // Easter Downloadable from Draw! Pilgrim

Hurray! My most fabulous friend Pilgrim is here today! I “met” Pilgrim several years ago when she stumbled upon my old blog Strawberry Lemonade and realized that we were magical cyber twins of vintage color! We had such similar aesthetics and loves of 60s and 70s. I was immediately drawn in by her fun and sassy personality and blown away by her talent as an artist. When Dottie and I decided to launch Modern Kiddo, Miss Pilgrim was right there by our sides—she has created all of our fantastic art work and is a big part of our Kiddo Family! She may live in Australia, but I’ve been lucky to meet her in person twice—most recently we spent four days chillin’ at the ALT Design Summit. I adore her and if you love color and vintage like I do, I highly recommend you check our her blog, Draw! Pilgrim!

Hi friends, this is Pilgrim and I am the pilgrim behind Draw! Pilgrim. I’m so happy to be guest blogging on Modern Kiddo. I have a four year old son and Modern Kiddo is always my first stop for groovy inspiration. Today I’ve made a fun little printable for you to create with your family this Easter. Just  download the bag template, cut, glue assemble and fill with your favorite Easter goodies. I’ve even left a space for you to write in a name!

Download the bag template here!

I hope you have a fun Easter and enjoy making this treat bag! xo Pilgrim
Thank you so much Pilgrim! How fun and easy peasy to make! Don’t forget to swing by Pilgrim’s Etsy shop. She has so many amazing goodies.

Super Duper Fun, Free Valentines!

{pssst! download this lovely image at inside a black apple}

Hello my sweeties. So it’s Friday, which means you only have a couple of days til VALENTINES DAY! Whoo hoo! I know Dottie dazzled you yesterday with her collection of fun Valentines Day Craftiness! Today I have some more goodies for ya— but this bunch includes a whole mess o’ easy peasy printables (and a great little sweet treat!).

First up, check out this cute little penguin cupcake (or candy!) caddy. Adorable! Get your own penguin treat holder from Bunny Cakes.

This clever little brownie bag from twig and thistle couldn’t be easier…just run it through your printer!

Oh sheesh, how cute is this Foxy Valentine treat sack?? From the Paper Source.

Holy num nums! My lovely friend Tracy at Shutterbean has done it again. Look at these Almond Joy inspired chocolate goodies….SO GOOD. Hey Tracy, next time we meet for lunch I’m making you bring sweeeeets!!!! I’m still craving your Pepperment Bark from the holidays!!

This isn’t really a valentine, but I am just loving this beautiful iphone app from cartolina. It lets you send lovely little messages (kinda like a text) to friends. So charming! LOVE!

We end with my own little Australian Valentine, Miss Pilgrim! Pop on over to Draw! Pilgrim and download this oh-so-charming printable! If you have a special sweetie, swing by her shop and buy the print. It’s gorgeous!

SMOOCHES friends! Have a fabulous weekend! I’ll be back in a bit with one more fun downloadable that Wolfie and I are using this Valentines Day!

It’s the Modern Kiddo ornament party! Featuring tweedlebop!

Ho ho ho, kiddos! Well, well well, it’s Christmas Eve day…can you believe it?? We are so soooo excited over here. Wolfie is just bustin’ and can’t wait for Christmas morning…he keeps asking me if I think Santa will know that Tuxie is here (our cat we dragged all the way to Michigan) and if he’ll bring him something….and also will Santa know how much he reeeeeally reeeeeeeeeeeeally wants a new Wii game or maybe a DS game or MAYBE even BOTH! But also a Lego Harry Potter thingy and could we possibly TEXT Santa to remind him of all this?? Oh yes. Text Santa. This is the modern age, my friends.

As this week draws to a close I have one last addition to the Modern Kiddo Ornament Party. So far we have seen amazing ornaments from Kristin (klt:works), Pilgrim (draw! pilgrim) and Danielle (Kitschy Digitals). Our final artist is the amazing Michael Fleming of Tweedlebop! I’ve sang his praises before (here!) and I’m about to do it again. Just look at these super adorable spacey snow peeps he’s created for you guys!!!!!!! I’m in adorable snow-bot heaven:

Simply download and print out on card stock for best results. As always I’m partial to a little embellishing with glitter or tiny pom poms, but these little bad boys look pretty darn adorable as-is too. A wee hole punch to the top and string with baker’s twine, ribbon or string and yer all set!

Download your special modern kiddo * tweedlebop holiday ornament here! (Ornaments are for personal use only!)

And because several people have emailed me, here once again is a link to my vintage vinyl Retro Holiday Music Mix! Have a listen while you wrap those final presents and place this last special ornament on your tree!

Oh! And here is the genius behind all this spacey goodness—Michael Fleming!

Michael is supremely talented and just an all around groovy guy. In addition to being an incredible artist, he is also the proud papa to the fabulous Winston Theodore and Olive!

(sorry, couldn’t resist one more shot of little Olive….)

Please show Ze Tweedlebop lots of love and swing by  his site or his shop (where you can pick up some amazing stuff!). You can also become a Fan of Tweedlebop on Facebook!

Thank you so much Michael for this amazing set of ornaments and being such a wonderful friend to modern kiddo. I’m so honored to have you as part of the modern kiddo family!

Download your special modern kiddo * tweedlebop holiday ornament here! (Ornaments are for personal use only!)

To everyone else, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones!!!!!

PS I’m signing off for a few days….I have a couple of things scheduled, but don’t you worry friends. I’m most definitely not workin’ over Christmas weekend. Can’t wait to hear what Santa brought you guys!

It’s the Modern Kiddo ornament party! Featuring Danielle of kitschy digitals!!

Hello friends! EEK! We are sooooo close to Christmas!! I hope you are enjoying our little Modern Kiddo ornament party, I know I am!! So far we’ve had two fabulous ornaments from two extremely talented friends of the kiddo, Kristin (of klt:works) and Pilgrim (of draw*pilgrim). If you are a long time reader you know how much I love both of those ladies and I was so honored they took part in our Ornament Party! You can find their adorable creations here and here.

Today’s ornament comes to us from another one of my all-time favorites— the very crafty Danielle Thompson. She never ceases to amaze me with her colorful, whimsical style and wait til you see what she has come up with. All I can say is, “Oh my.”

HOW CUTE ARE THESE LITTLE WEE MID-CENTURY HOUSES??? I’m dying. The little pointy trees out front are so awesome. With their angular little roof tops, they remind me of those vintage Putz village cardboard houses…Danielle actually did a wonderful post on them recently which you can check out over at her terrific blog Thompson Family Life. (Seriously, it’s filled with spectacular eye candy!)

image: amy b

Danielle has kindly made TWO versions of this ornament….one in color and a special one in black & white that your kiddos can color in themselves. Simply print out on a thicker cardstock paper, use a small hole punch at the top and string with bakers twine or a ribbon. I think the full-color versions are especially fantastic. Danielle recommends using the teensiest of white pom poms and some fine, sparkly glitter to embellish:

If you can’t find the mini poms, no worries….the ornaments look just as lovely without them!

I’m in lerrrrve!!! I think these are just so cool. Danielle, how do you do it?

Download your modern kiddo*danielle thompson full color ornament template right here.

Download your danielle thompson b&w “i want to color it myself!” ornament right here.

Here is the lovely lady behind all this magic:

In addition to being utterly fabulous, Danielle has two gorgeous kiddos of her own—Cooper and Campbell. Take a look at these two cuties:

Danielle, thank you ever so much for this fantastic ornament! We heart you big time!

Please be sure to stop by Danielle’s blog, Thompson Family Life as well as Kitschy Digitals for boatloads of kitschy, cute inspiration.

Download your modern kiddo*danielle thompson full color ornament template right here.

Download your danielle thompson b&w “i want to color it myself!” ornament right here.