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Retro Rainbow // YELLOW

Hey friends! Did you have a great weekend? We had a super lovely one. Not to make our east coast pals jealous, but the weather in the Bay Area has been GLORIOUS! Like, sunshine-on-my-shoulders, bare legs, lemme-order-up-an-ice-coffee glorious. In honor of the beautiful sunshine, let’s take a lil lookie at some of my fave vintage items in today’s color: YELLOW.

 photo daisyshoe3a.jpg

 photo trivetcopy.jpg

 photo butterflybag2.jpg

 photo ModDress1.jpg

 photo ModDress1a.jpg

 photo geniethermos_1.jpg

 photo cards2.jpg

 photo books-1.jpg

 photo fozziecopy.jpg

 photo hat_lion.jpg

 photo rollerskate2copy.jpg

 photo tootaloop_duo.jpg

 photo swimsuit1copy.jpg

Oh YELLOW. It’s just a happy color, eh? I find that over the years I’ve been wearing so much more yellow. Those top shoes and my Enid Collins butterfly bag are just too much fun. That Panasonic radio is technically Greg’s (he has a pretty groovy collection of vintage electronics). It’s called a Toot-a-Loop and was designed to wrap around our wrist for easy transportation. Suh-weeeet!

You can see Jenny’s original Vintage Yellow colors here.

Retro Rainbow // GREEN

Hello friends! If you missed it earlier this week, I’m sharing my collections from our Retro Rainbow series. It was a collaboration I did with my friend Jenny last year. I shared her color-themed vintage goodies on MK, she shared my own color finds on her blog Frecklewonder. I thought it would be fun if I took this week to show off my favorites. Today’s color? Green, green, green!

 photo BetterHomes.jpg

 photo fondue.jpg

 photo cat_owl.jpg

 photo Enid.jpg

 photo dress_1a.jpg

 photo Train.jpg

 photo pins.jpg

 photo Froggy.jpg

Kelly Green has become one of my all time favorite colors! I love how fresh and pretty it is.

You can see Jenny’s cool Vintage Green picks over here.

Retro Rainbow // TANGERINE

Well howdy friends! It’s Alix here again with another awesome edition of the Retro Rainbow! This time we picked TANGERINE as our fabulous color. No wonder Pantone’s picked it as the Color of the Year in 2012! It’s bright. It’s sunshiney. And once again it was too much fun, browsing my personal collection to see what I could scare up! Orange was a super popular color in the 60s and 70s so you’ll see that most of my finds  are from that era. Lemme show you my TANGERINE! —Alix

 photo pencil1.jpg

 photo mugs3.jpg

 photo orange_5copy.jpg

 photo jewelry_3.jpg

 photo Weltron3.jpg

 photo OrangePumps_1.jpg

 photo LeoChalice_2.jpg

 photo mouse1.jpg

 photo pineapplebag_1y.jpg

 photo Jewelrytray_1.jpg

 photo Phonecopy.jpg

So there you have it….a Tangerine Dream! As an aside, my friend Rusty gave me that huge Leo chalice. Growing up in the 70s, whenever I would read a description of Leos they would mention how we love gold and yellow and orange—and back then I really didn’t like those colors much at all. Of course fast forward many years and now I looooove gold, and of course think yellow is just so sunshiney and happy and orange is too cool! What are your favorite colors?

See Jenny’s original VINTAGE TANGERINE picks here.

The Final Retro Rainbow // Black + White

OH FRIENDS! Say it ain’t so. Where’s my sad trombone?! We’ve had so much fun with this, and it’s such a bummer to wrap things up. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. So here we are and we’re ending with a bang. Black and white, BABY! I like me some black and white. Do you?? I had no problem finding things this week – I actually had to hit the breaks, I could have easily included a huge (and heavy) old Royal typewriter, a few pieces of costume jewelry, a couple of my favorite dresses, and the list goes on. Black and white was easy. What’s not easy is knowing I won’t be here next week!!! A special thanks goes out to my lovely friends, Alix + Dottie, for letting me pop in here each Wednesday and share my wacky collection of rainbow colored things. I love you girls! And Modern Kiddo peeps? We shall meet again, I just know it. I’m sure we’ll cook up a little somethin’ somethin’ in the near future, mmm hmmm.

Until then,
xoxo Jenny-Frecklewonder

ps — as always, get your fannies over to Frecklewonder to see what amazing + lovely treasures Miss Alix found!

Holy radio sunglasses batman!!!!!! Talk about going out with a BANG lady! This is an amazing collection…..and I’m going to be so sad when next Wednesday rolls around. Sigh. Thank you so much Miss Jenny for all your thoughtful beautiful posts. It was such a thrill to have you over here. And you can be sure I’ll be luring ya back! Oh and friends, be sure to swing on my frecklewonder to see my final Retro Rainbow collection!

Psst! Are you new to the Retro Rainbow? It’s Jenny and my special summer “Correspondence in Color” where we poke around our homes and come up with personal collections arranged by a unique color. This is our last week, but over the past few months we’ve covered Purple (Alix & Jenny), Green (Alix & Jenny), Yellow (Alix & Jenny), Brown (Alix & Jenny), Aqua (Alix & Jenny), Tangerine (Alix & Jenny), Pink (Alix & Jenny), and of course Red/White/Blue (Alix & Jenny). You can also check out our colorful Retro Rainbow pinboards if you wanna follow along! Mine is here, Jenny’s is here.