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Vintage Bookshelf // A Child’s Garden of Verses 1951

 photo ProvensenGarden_0.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_B.jpg

Oh the things you can find if you just keep your eyes peeled! The inside of this old library book was stamped DISCARD! Which was probably how it found its way into the book bin at our local thrift store. The cover was well worn, but often these are the books that contain the greatest treasures.

 photo ProvensenGarden_00.jpg

One peek inside the well-worn cover reveals a treasure trove of beautiful illustrations by the infamous Alice & Martin Provensen. (You can read a little more about them here!) Let’s take a look!

 photo ProvensenGarden_A.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_CC.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_Ecopy.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_F.jpg

Hmmm….don’t those leaves look familiar???

 photo ProvensenGarden_Hcopy.jpg

Here, lets take a better look at those beautiful drawings:

 photo ProvensenGarden_7.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_18.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_15.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_19.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_20.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_11.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_8.jpg

Aw, that little curley-haired boy reminds me of Wolfie….

 photo ProvensenGarden_5.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_9.jpg

 photo ProvensenGarden_JJ.jpg

Yay for well loved library books!

A Child’s Garden of Verses – by Robert Louis Stevenson, illustrated by Alice & Martin Provensen (1951).

Vintage Bookshelf // 70s Kiddo Cookbook!

 photo 70s_kidsbook_1.jpg

My friend Laura brought this book over for me to look at the other day….and I was HOOKED! I have several vintage kiddo cook books (I shared the fabulous 1964 edition Fun to Cook children’s cookbook with you earlier this year!) but I’d never seen this one before—and you know I love new discoveries. This one was published by Golden Books in 1974 and the illustrations are fantastic. Very psychedelic and colorful. They remind me so much of School House Rock. Let’s take a lil look!

 photo 70s_kidsbook_2b.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_4.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_5.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_7b.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_13.jpg

haha, remember it WAS made in the 70s….I’m not sure that poem would fly today! The book is filled with all kinds of fun little puzzles in addition to easy recipes.

 photo 70s_kidsbook_14.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_18.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_19.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_21.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_23copy.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_25.jpg

 photo 70s_kidsbook_26b.jpg

LOVE this so much! I poked around online and you can still get your own {used/vintage} copy of The Lip-Smackin’ Joke-Crackin’ Cookbook for Kids, here and here!

Vintage Bookshelf // Three Baby Chicks

In honor of Dottie’s new lil chickadees, I wanted to share this sweet little book. Three Baby Chicks by Ruth Jaynes (1967). It’s part of the Bowmar Early Childhood Series published in the late 60s/early 70s. I just love seeing these three cute kiddos so intrigued by the hatching of the lil chickens!
 photo chickenbook0.jpg

 photo chickenbook2.jpg

 photo chickenbook8.jpg

 photo chickenbook_5.jpg

 photo chickenbook6.jpg

 photo chickenbook5.jpg

 photo chickenbook7.jpg

 photo chickenbook4.jpg

 photo chickenbook3.jpg

 photo chickenbook1.jpg

Aw, they’re so cute aren’t they? One of my favorite things is seeing my friend Jenny’s beautiful chicken’s on Instagram. She’s the ultimate chicken mama and her birdies are gorgeous and quirky and lay such amazing eggs (pastel colors even!). I can’t wait to see Dottie’s chickadees grow too….I just know it’s going to be so much fun for the Peach to have them in her own backyard!

Cutest Little Book // Spectacles.

Oh happy Friday! I wanted to share this cute lil book with you guys. SPECTACLES by Ellen Raskin. Ellen also illustrated the book. It’s about a super cute little girl who realizes that she sees the world slightly differently than other people!

Before she wears glasses, Iris has is seeing things strangely. What she thinks is a dragon, is really her Great Aunt Fanny:

And a giant bird? Oh that’s just her friend Chester.

And the chestnut mare? Well, that’s her babysitter.

Her mama decides Iris needs a snazzy pair of glasses!

And so little Iris gets her spectacles!

And everything looks like it’s supposed to look….well, except for that rhino with a tulip in his ear!

Vintage Bookshelf :: Coolest CARS ever.

It’s not just the illustrations of old books, it’s the details…like how all the cars and clothing are of the era. Just check out this little gem!

This is CARS by Bob Ottum, illustrated by William Dugan (Little Golden Book, 1973)

I just love that station wagon paneling!

How about the grooviest house everrrr? (sorry some of these photos are not as crisp as they could be. Kind of a no-no….but I wanted to share and didn’t have time to retake!)