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widdle wednesday // for the girls

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Hello everyone, it’s Ashley here with another edition of Widdle Wednesdays. Last week I shared some fun picks for little dudes, so today I have something for the liddle ladies. I’m not a “pink pink pink” girlie, so the vibe I was going for was more modern sweetness. Take a look!

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Well dudes and dudettes, unfortunately I’m going to have to sign off for a bit… I’m having back surgery in just a few weeks and expect to spend the better part of the next few months recovering. Please stop on over at The Stork & The Beanstalk to see what I’m up do, or follow me on instagram @thestorkandthebeanstalk—otherwise I’ll see y’all crazy cats in a bit. Wish me luck.

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Sweet Ashley, we want to wish you much luck and wishes for a speedy recovery!!! xoxoxo Alix & Dottie


widdle wednesday // cowboys + indians

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Hello friends, it’s Ashley here with our last Widdle Wednesday of the summer. Is it me or did the summer just fly by?? As we giddy up into fall, we’re feeling inspired by the wild wild west. Fringe, feathers and dusty brights…. yee haw!

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Thanks everyone… see you next week!

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widdle wednesdays // the great outdoors

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What’s up friends! It’s Ashley here. This week’s picks are inspired by awesome naturalist John Muir and the great outdoors. Let’s get to it!

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We’ve been dying to take the kids camping. We have a large bin in the garage neatly labeled with all of our camping gear in it. So, what’s holding us back you ask? I’m concerned it won’t be enjoyable, and rightfully so. I think Hooper could enjoy himself, but any toddler is always a wild card. Van, on the other hand, is still a handful. For starters, he’s still crawling and putting everything in his mouth. It makes my back hurt and the wipes in the cupboard disappear before my eyes just thinking about how much I’ll have to lift him up and wipe him off.

What do you guys think….at what age are kids good candidates for camping?? I remember when Alix wrote about taking Wolfie camping for just one day. That could work. I’d love to hear your experiences!

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