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Vintage Kiddo Retro Roundup

Oh Monday, I know you are not the most popular day of the week.  People dread you and even the Bangles wrote a song about what a rough day you are. But fret not, friends—I have rounded up a love bouquet of vintage goodness for you all to chase away any Monday moodiness! Hurrah!

This little dress is perfect for a sweet summer day, don’t you agree? And that little ruffle is so on trend, don’t you think?

Great find from Dirty Birdies Vintage!

Speaking of summer, I am head over heels for rompers or jonjons. They are so nice and light and keep the Peach cool on the most sweltering days. And this jaunty sailor romper is a grand one for this summer.

From: Recy.

And RocketGirl hipped me to another fabulous seer sucker one, but I can’t find the link. Miss Jody would you mind posting it? It is so darn cute with a carrot on it.  UPDATE: Found it! Voila!

From the fabulous vintage trunks of Phofer

Jeans and little boys just seem to go together, but it’s nice to mix things up a bit of pattern. Like these sweet plaid pants. Imagine with a pair of converse and a cool Threadless t-shirt.

I like your style Oakmom!

I love these little darling blue leather shoes!  Imagine them with some homemade shoe laces made out of pretty flower  bias tape, eh?

The Peach has a true love of kitties, as many little girls do—so I know this charming little jumper will go fast. It’s KITTYTASTIC!

I’m crazy about this terrific boho embroidered shirt.  It could so easily be dressed up or down–imagine with a great little skirt in a matroyshka print or even just with jeans.

You kill me, Apple Vintage with these great finds!

I don’t know why, but I just can’t say no to some vintage country goodness–like this nice and large size 14 vintage cowboy theme shirt, featuring cati and cowboys.  It’s made out of canvas, so it could be a really cool summer jacket for a boy (or a rather petite lady)…

From the fabulous Stiletto Girl Etsy shop.

If your kiddo loves dinosaurs (and really, what kid doesn’t) this groovy green sweater would be a great buy!  I don’t know what kind of dinosaur this is, but I think itsa kickassasaurus?

Lishyloo, you have done it again. It is taking ALL OF MY ENERGY not to buy this one myself.  Truly, I must love you readers something fierce because this little dress is just too good to be true with a lion tamer on it.  I wonder what the designer was thinking…”Hmmm… instead of doing a lion, I’m going to do a lion tamer…yeah…” And the red piping that just makes me nearly weak in the knees.  Please someone buy it and then post a photo of your little one in it.

From everyone’s favorite LishyLoo!

I think every boy should know how to tie a tie.  Actually, I think every girl should know how to do it too.  But I think these already-tied vintage ties for little boys are quite genius!  Those prints are just shy of spectacular.

From Etsy Shop LillyQueenVintage.

And one last bonus item that is just too good to not post.  And I must say, I picked this out after reading about Birdie’s new glasses.  As a girl who has worn glasses since I was in second grade and as an adult who owns probably a more than a dozen of vintage frames, I think it is never too early to start  mini myopics out there on the right path—with an awesome pair of glasses. Like these from Midstatevintage.

I hope you had a lovely lovely weekend. And remember: THREE. DAY. WEEKEND!!!

Oh, and for any of our new-found fabulous friends from the EVO conference, stay tuned—we are planning a darn-tootin-rip-roaring wrap up some time this week.

Make Way for Little Ducklings Clothing

I love it when designers riff on classic children’s style.  It’s all about taking those classics, but keeping ’em comfy.  But what really really makes it super amazing is that aha moment. You know, that little moment where your heart smiles with the cleverness of it all.  I like sweetness in my kid’s clothes, but not too cloying. And U.K. based clothing line, Little Duckling gets it all right.

For example, I love this take on overalls with the fun straps just up the ante on the charm in such a lovely way. And the wide legged pants are killing me!

Or the addition of the sweet heart shaped pockets just can’t help but make you smile, eh?  And you know how much I love gingham too.

Linen is such a great and forgiving fabric.  I adore this very clever addition of a draw string waist with a great punch of color with this limey green goodness.  As you know, I love love love a good small print onesie, don’t you? And this print with a little person flying a kite is just too cute for words.

Oh Little Duckling, I can’t wait to see what you produce next!

Happy B-Day Wolfie and Hats for Boys!

Today is a super duper ultra special hot diggity dog day at Modern Kiddo! It’s our favorite boy, Wolfie’s birthday! It is his sweetest (actually, it’s his “golden”—thanks Marla!) birthday, which means Wolfie has turned six today on April 6th.  Happy happy birthday,  sweetheart boy. May today be full of all the things you love—Pikachu, salty pretzels, Tuxie and many kisses from your Mama!  Whobody love Wolfie? We all do!

As part of our week long salute to our favorite mop-top, Wolfie, we are celebrating boys boys boys! And all the great fashion out there for them.  So this week is going to be chockablock with fab finds for dapper little men because they deserve fashion shout outs just as much as any sweetly dressed girl.

One of the questions we get quite a bit at the ole Modern Kiddo HQ is, “Where can I get a cute hat for my little boy?”  And today, my friends, we have searched every nook and cranny of the Internet to find some of the snazziest, coolest hats out there for your little one.  Although it would be a shame to cover our boy Wolfie’s hair with a hat, they are so many great hat options out there for beyond the classic baseball cap.

Here are some of our favorites!

First, I must give props to local hat maker, the Goorin Brothers who have been covering the heads of San Francisco men since 1895.  Fourth generation hat maker Ben Goorin continues the legacy of hat making and design taking riffs off of the skateboard and snowboard community, including this very delicious line of hats for boys, including the Bogie (above) and the Zack.

Modern Kiddo favorite, Fore! by Axel and Hudson has some of the spiffiest and most colorful hats on the market today.  I applaud them  for this great line of hats! Well done, gents!

Brilliantly named Knucklehead Clothing has a great line of hats. I love love love this houndstooth fedora worn with more style than most gents I know!

And the panache that this little peanut is wearing his knucklhead brown cap is just too koot for words!

Check out the Grady fedora from Knucklehead.With matching coat no less.  Makes me almost wish for cooler climes. Almost.

And FYI–expect a very special ringlet headed Weekly Kiddo this friday… Stay tuned!

The Get Fresh Crew: J. Crew for Kiddos.

Once upon a time I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything J. Crew. Navy roll neck sweaters? Eh. Boxy white mock turtle necks? Meh. Chino khakis? Yawn. Now don’t get me wrong. I totally owned a copy of “The Official Preppy Handbook” back in the 80’s and yes I went to my friend Suzanne Chardoul’s “Preppy” party in 8th grade and made everyone call me Muffy (I’m not joking). But J. Crew wasn’t even peppy preppy. It was basics preppy. And sadly basics=boring.

And then something happened. Something wonderful. The skies parted, the sun came out and the Land of J. Crew was transformed into a glorious preppy-chic land of rainbow goodness! Jeweled sandals! Brilliant colored cardigans! Funky accessories! Modern silhouettes! Suddenly, J Crew was FUN.

A lot of this transformation credit goes to Creative Director Jenna Lyons, who worked herself up the ranks and turned J Crew into a mega successful operation. One of her ventures was to take the same stylish sensibility she brought to her women’s wear and bring it to the land of kiddos. Crew Cuts launched in 2005 and I have to say it’s pretty fab. It’s like they took a little gamma ray gun and shrunk everything down to peewee size. The clothing is kiddo-friendly, has lots of fun details and pops of vibrant colors. Just take a look at these two cuties! Check out those hot pink tights on the little girl and I LOVE the bright orange colored laces in his little desert boots. Genius!

Here’s what they’ve got cooking for spring. Preppy has never looked more hip and charming (and again, please note the chartreuse laces. So cool! I’m totally copying the bright laces/brown shoes look for Wolfie…):

Crew Cuts is available online and in select J Crew stores. They are currently offering free shipping on all Crew Cuts orders—and don’t forget to check out the sale items.

Modern Kiddo Style Tip! Mix and match yer brands! Tempted to splurge on a cute top or jacket? (or those amazing boy’s desert boots I’m dying over?!) Go for it, but then complete the look with an affordable pair of jeans or shirt from a more budget minded retailer like Old Navy or Target. No one will ever be the wiser….

Gimme some mo’ Molo please.

We’re back!! Happy Monday friends. We had an amazing time at Alt Summit and we’ll have a litte recap up later today but in the meantime I wanted to share with you this super hip line of clothing I’ve stumbled upon from Denmark called Molo.

As the mom of a super charming little 5 year old boy (the Amazing Wolfie) I’m always griping about the lack of originality in boy’s clothing. You browse the girl’s department in pretty much any store and you are guaranteed to find colorful, fun creative clothing. The boy’s department? Not so much. Things have gotten better but there is still an abundance of trucks, trains, dinosaurs and sports-themed images. I hate to break it to you, but little boys like color and fun prints too! That’s why whenever I find someone who is doing something cool or creative with little boy’s clothes I’m over the moon about it. And I’m completely smitten with these amazing clothes by Danish brand Molo.

Designer Louise Frederickson says that the Molo philosophy is all about letting kids express their creativity with their clothing (which is something I can certainly get behind!). Soft but durable fabrics coupled with kaleidoscopic mix-n-match patterns and fun details make this line totally cool and hip but still something you can race around the playground in. The line has adorable stuff for boys, girls AND babies.


Those Danes just know how to do right, don’t they folks?

You can find Molo at children’s specialty boutiques in Europe and also online at Ollypop and Huset.

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