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Hot Lips! 5 Awesome (and Affordable) Pink Lippies

So lets talk lipstick. Do you wear it? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Or does it just leave you feeling confused? Personally I love it. I don’t really wear much makeup on a daily basis, but I always put a lil swipe of something on my lips. Since this is our Month of Color, I thought it would be fun to share some of my new favorites. My most recent obsession?

A bold lippy is a really simple and fun way to add a little punch to your wardrobe. Now don’t be scared! There are lots of different shades of Hot Pink you can play around with. While there are some really gorgeous fancy shades out there, I wanted to find some more affordable options. Hey, if this is the first time yer dipping yer toe into the HOT PINK waters, who wants to spend $30 on lipstick, right??

First up. Some tips! There aren’t really any “rules”, it’s whatever you comfortable with—and whatever makes you feel pretty. Here are some guidelines to think about:

    • Try to look for a matte or sheer  finish. Pearl and metallic pinks are going to look more 80s than modern.
    • Keep it simple. Go easy on the rest of your makeup. Think fresh and clean. Just a lil mascara is all you need. You can add some eye liner too, but steer clear of excessive blush or eyeshadow—you don’t want to compete with your lips or end up looking clownish.
    • If you are uncertain, treat it as a splash of color with a more neutral outfit. It looks great with black or navy or gray…or even jeans and a white tee.
    • Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! If you want, just dab it on a little bit at first.
    • Surprisingly, hot pink looks good on pretty much everyone! If you feel a little uncertain go for blue undertones in your pink if you have a cooler skin tone, and a slightly more red-based pink if you have warmer undertones to your skin.
    • Try to test it out before you buy. Many lipsticks look deep/bright in the tube when in reality many are very sheer. That’s why I love Sephora. You can test to your hearts delight. OR go for a cheaper option (without testing) and play around at home!
    • When in doubt, go for a deeper richer pink and not a paler pepto pink—you want to avoid the dreaded “baboon butt” look!!!

OK on THAT classy note, let’s take a look at come fun colors! {you’re going to be seeing a lot of my lil mug here, so apologies in advance!}

1. L’Oreal Colour Riche: Audacious Amazon’s Pout

This is a special “Project Runway” edition lipstick and I really love it! It is a medium toned, warm fuchsia that is creamy in texture and very pigmented. I think it is very flattering on warmer skintones. It glides on smoothly and has pretty good staying power. Also, it was only $7.99. Not too shabby! (At most drugstores, or you can get it at Target) This is me wearing it with a more “neutral” outft, a navy shirt….and I think it makes for a pretty pop of color.

2. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick: Fuchsia

This is another bold and bright lipstick that is pretty as can be. It’s really close to the L’Oreal shade and goes on in a nice creamy smooth way. I don’t think you need a liner with it. (At most drugstores. You can also get it at Target for $6.49) Here I’m wearing a little bit more color and the hot pink still works!

3. Revlon Lip Butter: Lollipop

I really like theses Revlon Lip Butters. They have lots of moisturizing ingredients like shea butter so they keep your lips soft. Most of the colors are a little more sheer, but a handful have more of a brighter, pigmented look. This one is called Lollipop and is an electric hot raspberry. This is a slightly glossier formula and you could easily just dab it on so it wasn’t quite so bold. This is me wearing it with an equally bright/bold outfit. (Get it at most drugstores or at Target for $6.49) Some alt pink colors are Berry Smoothie (much lighter & sheerer) and Raspberry Pie (a little less electric and more berry pink).

4. Benefit Lipstick: Frenched

OK. This one isn’t really a hot pink. It’s more of a deep berry pink. It has much more of a silky finish (it’s not a proper lip gloss, but def has a glossier look). The upside? It’s really goregous. I get so many compliments on this shade! The downside? It doesn’t have super lasting power. I still love it! (This one is a tad pricer. Get it for $18 from Benefit)

5. Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick: Fuchsia Fete

This one is the sheerest—even though it looks very bright pink in the tube. The above picture is with me really layering it and using a lipliner to get more color. Below is what it looks like on me with just a few swipes. If you are fair, the color might be a little darker but I promise you it is nothing like what you see on the Kate Spade website. I find it to be more like a very tinted lip balm—and a great way to dip your toe into the hot pinks if you are nervous. (A “smooth, moisturizing formula with a sheer finish”.) It also wins for best packaging. The golden case has a spring loaded lid that you push down on and it pops off.  Super pretty.


Wet & Wild 521A. Mega crazy bright but fun. And totally cheap! Then of course the infamous Nars Lipstick in Schiap. A gorgeous peony pink! I also have Tarte LipSurgence  Lip Stain in Lively, which is a matte hot pink. Has a little bit of peppermint or something in it and makes your lips tingly! It’s  a lip crayon.

OK, that’s it folks! So what do you think? Will you be trying the Hot Pink any time soon?? Or have you been rockin’ it already? If so, lemme know your favorite shades! I’m always up for trying something new!

Next up….reds??? Hmmmm. {and stay tuned for the Link Hootenanny this afternoon!}


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Time for a Coffee Break // Keurig Giveaway CLOSED

 photo Keurig_1.jpg



Friends….have you missed me?? I’ve sure missed you! Dottie and I are have been busy as can be, but we’ve had a Modern Kiddo Summit and are getting ready to come back better than ever. But in the mean time we have a little special something for ya.

Can we talk about coffee? Ahhh. I just love it. It’s how I start my day…and it’s how I give myself a little pick me up in the afternoon.  I love a classic cuppa joe with a splash of cream. I love iced coffee. And I admit, I do love a lil flavored coffee every now and then. The only problem in our house? I’m the only coffee drinker! So rather than brew up a giant pot all for my lonesome, I tend to shell out way too much cashola at the cafe. What’s a coffee loving girl to do? Enter….Keurig!

 photo coffee2.jpg
 photo Keurig_3.jpg

 photo coffee3.jpg
When the kind folks at Keurig offered to let me try one of their Keurig Special Edition brewing systems, I was extremely curious. Friends, it’s pretty amazing. It’s super easy to use and brews you a lovely cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds. Yes….60 seconds! The coffee was hot, strong and very tasty. You just pop a lil K-Cup pod into the machine and hit a button. Easy peasy! There are three settings too….small cup (perfect for vintage coffee cups!), medium cup and large (when only a big ol Orla Kiely size mug will do!).

With the Keurig you can also brew tea and hot cocoa….AND if you are super particular about your coffee, you can even get a My K-Cup which allows you to use your own schmancy coffee. Sweet! (I’m looking at you, Blue Bottle….)

Oh how I wish I had one of these when I was a new mama! It’s so crazy convenient—perfect for those early mornings (or late nights). I’m thinking this may be my new go-to gift for preggo friends or busy mamas. I’m having so much fun with it, I wanted to give one away to YOU!

 photo coffee_end.jpg


YEP! We are giving away one fabulous Keurig Special Edition brewing system (valued at $149.99).

To Enter to Win:

1.  Simply leave a lil comment below telling me what you love about coffee or your favorite kind of coffee! Be sure to leave your email so we can get in touch with you.

BONUS entries:

2. Tweet about this giveaway! Please be sure to tag @modernkiddo and use the #JustBrewIt tag!

Sample Tweet: I just entered to win a @Keurig coffee maker from @modernkiddo. Wish me luck! #JustBrewIt

Deadline to enter is April 17. We’ll announce the winner next Friday, April 18! Good luck!

We participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network, however as always all opinions stated are our own.

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Flash Back // The Most Magical Candy Store

I love discovering something that just makes you go, “Oh WOW.” This is one of them! Back in 1938, Viennese chocolatier Stephen Klein started Bartons Salon De Chocolat in the New York area. They had great success creating delicious European-style chocolates and even expanded their line to produce kosher chocolates—earning a reputation in the Jewish community  for being “the” confectioner for Passover sweets. As demand increased, they opened more and more shops. In 1952, as they prepared to open their 50th store in Manhatten, they decided to give their brand a refresh. And what a colorful refresh it was!

Can you believe this place? I love it. LOVE!!!

Every colorful detail was intentional as can be—and quite unlike what was happening in architecture and design at the time. Apparently the rules for store design included missives like “the store front must look modern” “strong colors should not be used; they overwhelm the merchandise” and even “don’t call attention to the ceiling and away from the merchandise”. CLEARLY the brains behind Bartons had their own ideas!

In the August 1952 issue of Architectural Forum, architect Victor Gruen said “store design is taking itself too seriously,” and was determined to turn the candy store into a visual delight. They began by giving the traditional storefront a vibrant paint job that made it stand out on the street.

Together with graphic consultant Alvin Lustig, they set about to create a “toy shop for adults”. The plan? Clever displays, vibrant colors and whimsical Calder-esque light fixtures that were guaranteed to make customers smile and put them in the mood for some candy shopping! (It’s no coincidence that “Lustig” means jolly/lively/fun in German!)

Ahh, those lamps. No detail was spared and even the candy tins were colorful and featured fun illustrations. This spectacular one is my favorite:

So there you have it. The technicolor world of Bartons Bonbonniere! It’s amazing, isn’t it?


images: article tall candy boxes / round candy box

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We Love Lunch Boxes

Back in the day, your lunch box was something you treasured. You eagerly picked out a new one each year…and carried it with a sense of pride. For some reason I feel like lunch boxes are much more utilitarian now. Sure, they still have cartoons and what not on them, but more and more kiddo’s on the elementary school playground have unbranded nylon totes. Even bento boxes, which can be darling, don’t have the same cache and magic of a Knight Rider lunch box, ya know? This photo sums it all up for me—and totally reminds me of my brother Karl. He worshiped Star Wars and looooved his awesome Super Friends lunch pail.

image: Benjamin_oderwald

Lunch boxes were SUPER trendy amongst collectors back in the 90s….kinda like Pez. Prices became so inflated that I wouldn’t even really look at them, knowing they would cost a pretty penny. But the other day I stumbled upon a great Snoopy lunchbox and it reminded me that I DID still love them. What kind of lunch box did you carry back in the day?

images: lunzerland

image: Kevin Rej

TV show based lunch boxed were especially popular in my day (the 70s). That Charlie’s Angels lunch box?? I sooo wanted one. Ironically, often lunch boxes were for TV shows that your parents would never really let you watch….or for bands you never really listened to at age 8 (KISS, Charlie’s Angels, the A-Team….LAUGH IN!). But you knew of them through pop culture and you wanted to be a part of it all!

image: christian montone

image: Sarah Kennon

image: gtykal

image: apricot x

image: dani senske


image: fleece boy


image: stacy monakey

image: Pastor Future

I understand why they have evolved….tin lunch boxes get a little rusty, and nylon/vinyl is easier to clean. But man I miss those days. Wolfie likes his lunch box, and we got him a sweet Pokemon one, but I know he doesn’t feel that same reverence we all did when we were kids.

image: big brown house

image: Greg Koenig

Do you have these same memories? What was your lunch box? And how about your kiddos….what are they carrying their lunch in these days? I’m curious!

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8 Fun Ways to Wear Vintage Pins

Ooooh lalala I love vintage jewelry! And one of my absolute favorites are vintage enamel flower pins from the 60s. Colorful and bold…girlie but graphic, they are like having a secret little garden in your jewelry box! Just take a look:

I’ve been collecting vintage enamel pins for years and just love the variety I’ve unearthed. The flower pins come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some have stems. Some are multi layered. All are colorful and fun!

Look how beautiful these pins are! I’m also a fan of the sparkly rhinestone ones—especially those in whimsical shapes like starbursts and butterflies

Vintage pins are the perfect way to add a little extra color and oomph to your wardrobe. The classic way to wear a pin or brooch is to wear one in the upper corner of your shirt, cardigan or dress. I love them this way!

While you can definitely wear pins on cardigans and shirts, I wanted to show you some other ways to rock the vintage pin. It’s the perfect way to add a little punch to any outfit!

If you’re not in the mood to wear a bright accessory on your outfit, think about adding a little touch on your coat. If your coat is more of a neutral color—like black or grey—this is a GREAT way to give it a little refresh! TIP: If you have longer hair, avoid putting extra pointy flower pins on your collar. Your hair will catch on it like crazy! Trust me…

I’m a maximalist—so one is never enough. Don’t be afraid to pile them on! Two is the perfect number. Three can be fabulous too, but they DO start to get heavy and can wear down the fabric of a more delicate sweater.

Who says your pins have to be at eye level? This is such a sweet and unexpected way to add a little personality to your jeans! I did this one day many years ago on a whim, and I can’t tell you how many people went bonkers for it.

Look cute from head to toe—after you’ve tackled your cuff, why not add a fun pin to your hatband? It works on any kind of hat (floppy sunhat! cozy ski cap!) but I love the incongruous look of a masculine fedora with a quirky flower.

I bought this simple tote at Old Navy years ago. While I loved the houndstooth, it looked a little plain, soooooo I added some a handful of my favorite pins to liven it up. If you have a tote with wider straps, try adding it to the base of the strap, so its visible as it hangs from your shoulder.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I find that most people always wear their pins like a corsage. Try wearing it smack dab in the center of a dress—or even at the waist band!

Scarves can be slippery little suckers. A sweet pin guarantees your scarf stays in place. It’s also a fun alternative to a necklace. I’m using flower pins in this story, but a rhinestone pin would be just as fabulous! BONUS— wrap the scarf around your head and add a sweet little pin.

Mmm hmm. On your shoes. And why not?? Thread the pin through the knot of your bow and VOILA! Insta-update on your tired old kicks.

So there you have it. Pins, pins pins aplenty! Cheerful, sweet and super easy peasy to style! Are you feeling a little pinspired?? I sure hope so!

{Psst! One word of caution. If you are a mama, the pins with separate petals can get a little pokey when you go in for a cuddle, or so Wolfie tells me. “OW! Mama. Your flower poked me!”}

{Double Psst! People are charging crazy prices for them lately, but you shouldn’t have to pay more than $18-25 for them. $10-15 is a really fair price. I would pay up to $35 if it was a REEEALLY spectacular or unique one! The best place to find them is the thrift store or flea market but scour Etsy and eBay for bargains too! Happy Hunting!}

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