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Did you ever drink out of a jelly juice glass?

When I was a little girl, I remember going over to my Grandma’s house and fighting with my cousins over the little glass that had an image of a Tom & Jerry on it.  It was only later that I realized that it was a jelly juice jar once I read the words Welch’s Jelly on the bottom.

I think everyone has a memory of a jelly glass.  And it is great because you can still find them in thrift stores for a few dollars. Although of course some are a bit more expensive.

Jars specifically used for jelly have been around since the 1600s, but when jellies and jams were sold in grocery stores, the jars were the perfect size for little hands and were often reused for glasses.

Sometimes they just had designs and interesting shapes.

And some of the jars the images on them that were pretty cool too, like this cactus jelly jar.

Then in the fifties, companies started to put pretty yet neutral designs on their juice jars knowing they were being used again in households. Who wouldn’t want to buy a few extra jars of jelly to round out their collection?

And for your hobo style kitchen decor…

But it was Welch’s jelly company that really rocked it out, starting in 1953 with jelly jars featuring some of the most popular cartoon characters around.  Every few years they would launch another collection.  Like these below…

Could we talk about the awesomeness of Miss Piggy here…

Images: 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

So, did you ever have one of these jars as a kiddo? Or as an adult? Do you collect them? What is or was your favorite?

Happy Birthday, Shel Silverstein!

Image: Finding My Balance.

Today is Shel Silverstein’s birthday! I don’ t know about you, but when I was between the ages of 8-10, I thought Shel was the ultimate poet. Sorry Walt Whitman, apologies e.e. cummings, but you really can’t hold a candle to the beauty of Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout who would not take the garbage out. At least in the mind of a third grader.

Shel Silverstein wasn’t just an amazing children’s writer. He was a profoundly creative person writing songs for Johnny Cash (he wrote “A Boy Named Sue”) and started his career creating cartoons for Playboy.  But really, his writing for children is pretty darn marvelous. Sometimes rogue, sometimes gross, and sometimes so completely spot on and heartening.  Like these:.


Oh yeah–and he gave us this book… As I get older and read it again, my thoughts on the book change.  So simple, yet so profound. Particularly as a parent. Oh, to read this as a parent is insane–like reading a different book.



Sadly, Shel died in 1999, but his work will be read by kids all over the world with a giggle.

I can’t wait to introduce the Peach to him!  Do you remember any of his poems?


OMG. Let’s Chat Bad TV!!

Ahhhh! I had a whole other thing I was going to post about…..and I still will in a sec. But I happened to turn on The Voice last night and dammit if that stupid show didn’t SUCK ME RIGHT IN!!!!! I swear it was so entertaining. Did you watch?? I know there are a million of these vocal talent shows on these days (I admit to being an American Idol fan in the past….loved the Adam Lambert season and Wolfie and I watched the one that was two seasons later—with James Durbin and Scotty McCreary!). Lately I’ve been kind of rolling my eyes at them all….which is why I was stunned to find myself chucklin’ and grinning like a fool on the couch watching the chair turnin’ antics of The Voice. I’m not sure I’ll last through to see the winner, but I gotta I was totally enjoying the Blind Auditions. I mean,  the judges are reeeeeally charming. The banter between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton is especially fun. And there were some great contestants with very great back stories. Maybe not the BEST BEST voices necessarily (although some pretty great ones) but you couldn’t help but be happy for these people.  I’m serious. It was so fun.

There was so much to be amused by. Adam Levine was actually really sweet  to everyone. Blake Shelton’s drawl sounded like Hank Hill’s hip younger brother…..Christina’s boobies were bustin’ out of her bustier (and she had a little fan she kept waving around like Karl Lagerfeld)….AND of course, there was this:

OH YES. Aw heck, while we’re talkin’ TV I have one more show to dish about. Gallery Girls. Anyone? OMG……such trashy good TV. The premise is these 7 crazy New York girlies all trying to make it in the art world. Except “art” is soooooo bottom priority on the show compared to all the DRAMA. The three brunettes are all Brooklyn girls who have opened up their own boutique/gallery shop. They are all totally pretty/styish but totally pretentious and insanely self absorbed. They use up their annual eye-roll quota in the first 30 minutes. The other four are equally obnoxious….two super rich trust fund girls, one a wise-but-bitchy rehabber, the other a lonely drunk. They’re all kind of crazy. But it’s still SO GOOD!!!!! I swear as much as you hate them… love them.

My favorite is Chantal. She is so full of herself and as obnoxious and bitchy as she is….I looooooove her. I mean honestly, look at her —need I say more? HAH!

And guess what? They’re both on the SAME NIGHT! I love bad, trashy TV. (Yes I watch DANCE MOMS! And Real Housewives New York City….). They are a total guilty pleasure. Are you watching anything crazy?? C’mon…’fess up! What are your favorite shows, good or “legit”. (Hey, I was watching Downton Abbey and the BBCs Sherlock….do I get some fancy points for that?? Woot!) Can’t wait to hear what you guys are loving too! Any shows I should be checking out?

Medal Head {I Loved These Olympics!}

Michael Regan/Getty Images

We loved the Olympics this year! I think I’ve already told you this already a bunch of times. Were you watching?? I’m kind of bummed they are over. There were so many AMAZING “Gold Medal” moments! Like the women’s gymnastics, and the track & field mega runners. The volleyball, the basketball and our incredible swimmers. How adorable was Missy Franklin??

Clive Rose/Getty Images

But what made this Olympics even more special to me was the spirit! In the past few Olympics, I feel like there has been this “all or nothing” attitude. If they were the favorite (or a top contender) going in and they didn’t win the gold, then the athletes were bitterly disappointed. Even pouting over not being first. And I was always so bummed, because to me, it’s a PHENOMENAL accomplishment to just make the Olympic team! To walk away with ANY medal should mean so sooo much. And this year I really felt that they understood what an honor this whole thing is! Maybe it was the magic of London. Maybe it was a shift in thinking amongst the athletes themselves, but I like to think that this was the Year of the Silver Medal—and I LOVED that!

Did you see Carmelita Jeter after she placed second in the women’s 100m? She was PSYCHED! It was so adorable and had me grinning from ear to ear!

And how about the incredible 1,500 meter race of Leo Manzano! This guy pulled out a power sprint to come from behind (like, waaaay behind…..6th place!) to finish second and claim that silver medal! He was BUSTIN’!!!! It was such a triumph!

The United States hadn’t medaled in synchronized diving since its inception at the same games. Well when Kelci Bryant and Abigail Johnston took home the silver medal in the Synchronized 3 m Springboard, there were smiles all around.

Super swimmer Cullen Jones won gold in the swimming 4×100 relay, but he seemed every bit as thrilled to get that silver for the 50m freestyle individual event!

And let’s not forget the BRONZE!


BRAVO to all the athletes!!! Oh and I had to share this one last photo. It was sent in by Ceri, a sweet reader from Great Britain (who teased me for poking fun at the GB Olympic uniforms). It’s her daughter Gwen and best pal Penny all dolled up for the Games. Ceri even made them a little torch! How adorable are they??

Were you obsessively watching the Olympics too? What were your favorite events/moments?? I am not ashamed to say, BRING IT RIO!!!!

Lake House Dreaming.

I was born less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean. I have spent the majority of my life less than a half hour from a beach. And all of our family vacations when I were growing up were to Cape Cod. So you could say that I am a beach girl through and through.

And yet, recently I find myself craving a bit of lake side solitude.

There is something so cozy and perfect to me about a little house in the woods next to a lake. It’s so different from the breezy open space of the beach. Now, don’t get me wrong—I loved my Cape Cod childhood and living a ten minute bike ride from the beach was amazing.

But then I see pictures like this:

So beautiful. I think part of it is trying to fill the hole left when my parents sold our family house on Cape Cod. I confess I love Cape Cod. It is in my blood.  I think I can count on one hand the summers I didn’t spend there in my life. It was such a part of my family life. So many childhood memories going to the same places and getting those great onion rings at Nauset Beach.  Trips to the Christmas Tree Shop to buy mugs and puzzles.  Eric proposed to me there.  Losing the Cape house was like losing a part of my childhood and in a little tiny bit, a part of my family.  It was the only place where we, as a family would meet after all of the kids grew up and lived all over the U.S.  It was also where we spent all of our Christmases for almost twenty years.

Losing the Cape house felt like losing my last link to living back East. This happened around the same time I gave birth.  A time when you just want to create your own family traditions. Alix goes every summer to visit her parents at their lake house and it looks so marvelous. Seeing her photos, and all other these lake houses makes me realize that I need to reclaim summer vacations and start my own traditions with my little family.

And I think that perhaps it just might start with finding a little spot on a lake.