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Rainy Day Vintage Sale Fun.

It’s been raining like crazy over here in the Bay Area. Like MEGA rain! Despite the weather, my friends and I decided to have another vintage sale. While the turn out wasn’t as big as we had hoped for (hey, when it’s pouring rain you kind of just want to snuggle up on the couch at home!) we still had an awesome group of peeps stop by. We always serve mimosas and tiki punch, so it’s a festive day for all! There was clothing and tons of brick-a-brack. I have as much looking at everything as I do selling!

I’m always trying to lure people to our sales with the promise of seeing Enid’s pad. I’ve posted about it before (like this one) and I still can’t get enough of her kooky retro pad! She is officially the girl with the most [vintage] cake. Her house is PACKED full of awesomeness. I think I need to go over there with a proper camera and do a house tour for you guys!

But enough house oohing and ahhing. Let’s see some of the goodies! I sold mostly clothing. My racks really thinned out, which was awesome. I gave my heart a shove and got rid of some really lovely items that I just don’t wear (or don’t fit me!).

There was so much color everywhere! So fun….

My friend Karen was selling this dress from the 40s— and it was spectacular!!! Look at the leaping poodles!!!

My friend Denise didn’t buy those, but she should have! It was amazing on her. “Kay Windsor…Half Sizes!” Love it.

A little Liberace? He’s so understated here….he demanded I put those ceramic poodles next to him for a little extra oomph!

This is a favorite—an enamel daisy pin still in the package! I actually have one too, a gift from Karen and its so excellent.

I have a thing for ephemera (aka vintage paper goods). And greeting cards are right up there! There was a whole box of mint birth announcements….

I mean who finds a box of vintage birth announcements for TWINS?? Enid. That’s who. I scooped up some fun birthday cards too, including this sassy fella.

Yeah, yeah. I’m supposed to be selling, but I can’t resist eyeing the other girls’ goods!!  Check these babies out. I resisted. but…

I also was in love with these mugs:

At the end I was pooped. And my footsies were sore. But I was able to unload some of the treasures I’ve stockpiled and see them go to wonderful new homes. All in all, not a bad way to spend a rainy day!

Late night shoe shopping is dangerous.

OK. We break from our holiday goodness for a small confession. I was doing a little late night shoe shopping for some fancy New Year’s kicks….and of course found all these other random shoes that I am suddenly wanting. It’s addictive, shoe shopping. And for some reason late night makes it seem kind of ok. Hmmm, maybe I need to update my Santa list?? Here are a few of ’em.

I’ve totally embraced the oxford trend. Maybe they’re still in, maybe they’re out…I dunno and I don’t care! They are comfy and cute and I’m stickin’ with ’em. Like I have to say these are reeeeally cute. With a dress. With jeans. With skirts. With shorts. With overalls (not that I wear overalls but you get my point…they kinda work with everything, no?).

(tip toe thru the tulips here)

And if I’m feeling extra confident, I might up the ante and go with the Big Girl version. I love a good wedge and think these just might even be comfy.

(get ’em here)

I also think these flats are super sweet. They remind me of my own little t-strap heels with the rose on the toe, but the leopard makes ’em less cha-cha and more grrrrrrand.

(get rosey toes here)


And then lordy knows I’d probably twist an ankle in these, but blue suede and all 70s-inspired has me kinda grinning:

(break your own neck here)

These all happen to be from macy’s, who has a super swell shoe department, but I also love zappos and modcloth for sassy shoes. Where do you like to do your late night shoe shopping? Please tell me I’m not alone…



Ruh-roh!! In my defense all the reviews said these were supremely comfy!!!!

(mine are brown. they still have grey)

Alix’s Closet :: Workin’ at the Flea

Hellllllo! I snapped these after I came home from the Flea market….so if I look a little tired and dusty….I AM! You will notice in my hand what appears to be an ice coffee. Oh no, friends. I was so parched and exhausted I went for the full monty and got a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino…..which was delishus and decadent. It totally doesn’t count as a coffee, it’s a dessert.

But back to today’s style post. Working at the flea market is one of the biggest style challenges you can imagine. On the one hand, you want to look cute. You’ll be chatting up 100s of potential customers and looking presentable and somewhat stylish is half the battle in convincing them to buy your vintage wares. On the other hand, you NEED to be comfortable. You’ll be on your feet for 11 hours not to mention braving the yo-yo-ing weather (freezing in the foggy bay-side morning! roasting in the midday sunshine without an awning!). So what’s a fashion loving girl to do? MIX IT UP!

What I Wore:

+ Red Gingham Dress. Believe it or not. TARGET. People always think it’s vintage and I think styling it up to look that way is pretty easy peasy. I bought it over the summer. I’ve seen some on their sale racks still.

+ Yellow cardigan. You’ve seen this one before. Target.

+ Vintage Apron. Belonged to my beloved Tante Maria. Not only was a cute style element, but also practical. The pockets were perfect for tucking in money!

+ Vegan cowboy boots. Old Navy. These suckers I bought on a whim. They aren’t leather. And they aren’t even particularly fancy/cute or anything….but lord have mercy they are COMFY. I can stand in them for hours. These are pretty similar. Mine don’t have those buckles on them though.

+ Vintage enamel flower pins. My go-to to spruce up any outfit.

+ Vintage scarf in my hair. I discovered this trick while in sweltering South Carolina this summer….keeps you nice and cool.

We weren’t expecting it to get as hot as it did and I totally got a sunburn on my chest. Very glamorous no?? Luckily I didn’t take a picture of my hands, which were TOTALLY grimey. It’s outdoors and dusty, plus handling all that money and old goods….I looked like pig pen’s big sister.

So there you have it. I felt comfy AND cute…and my outfit attracted a lot of positive attention from people who would pause at our booth to say a nice word about my apron or pins, and then browse our loot. To me, it was the perfect outfit to wear to the flea market….whether selling OR buying!

Alix’s Closet :: Kickin’ it Casual.

That was me a few days ago…it was sunny and lovely out! But this is me today:

Hmm, I look shorter. Did I shrink from all the water?? Seriously…we’ve had, like MEGA rain. It’s been a crazy day today. One moment torrential down pour! Then the sun comes out for a little bit. Then INSANE RAIN STORM, like BUCKETS of rain…..then a little more sun! Then, I swear to god the loudest clap of thunder I have EVER heard (it sounded like a bomb went off…I’m still not convinced it was thunder) and again more rain rain rain. I actually don’t mind the rain, but this was bananas rain. Our basement bathroom/laundry room even flooded a bit (not fun). So let’s pretend its a few days ago. When it was sunny! Here’s what I wore. Super casual.

What I Wore:

+ Black Cardigan, Gap, thrifted.

+ Green polka dot top, Target (from a few years ago)

+ Black straight leg jeans, Old Navy

+ Cherry Print Handbag, Luella Bartley for Target

+ Black and White Patent Sandals, Worishofers

+ White Daisy Chain necklace, vintage

+ Pink Pony pendant, Forever 21

I like this outfit because while its pretty casual and has a “Oh ,I just threw this on” vibe, I think it’s still colorful and playful. Also, everything was extremely affordable. My sandals were the priciest item. If you’re just throwing on jeans and a shirt, I think it helps to add a fun accessory—like a cool necklace or tote bag—to give it a little extra oomph.

These pictures crack me up a little because I’m totally not smiling and I look so serious….like “What up people! I am so smooth and I’m wearing polka dots, how you like me now?!” Well, just so you don’t think I’m a snooty polka dot wearer, let’s go back to me and my frazzled hair in the rain.

Ahh, there we go. That’s more like it.