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It’s the First Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up of the Year! Yeah!


Hi hi everyone! New year, new amazing logo thanks to Alix’s clever photoshop ways! I love it and I hope you do to!

For this rootin’ tootin’ new year, I tried to rustle up some serious awesomeness, so let’s go!

Let’s start the day off with a flowery hurrah of cuteness!  Like this little friend.  So cute!  From Etsy seller, Oh Sydney.

This is a great shirt. And in that elusive big boy size 12! Sweet! From Etsy seller, Vintage Aga.

Oh man—a circus monkey on a unicycle on the edge of a pocket?  Beyond genius. Thanks for the find, 3 Ring Circus!

Clearly I must love you guys so much to share this amazing little mod vintage dress instead of buying it! From Etsy seller, Bombshell Shocked.

I would have KILLED for these red mary janes as a kid.  And alas, the Peach’s feet are too big for these… From Etsy seller, The Dairy Maids.

I would have bought this game just for the cute cover! From Etsy seller, Back in Action.

This button down cardi would be great in a boys or girls closet.  I love the color combo. From Etsy seller, Sugar On Top Vintage.

I like this non-Disney Sleeping Beauty book just for the brunette beehive. From Etsy seller, Vintage Woods.

Could we talk about this little tugboat Willie puzzle?  From Etsy seller, Retro Rocket Baby.

Happy Monday and happy New Year!

A little vintage holiday magic!

Hi hi friends!  It is officially December, which means we can officially break out the holiday cheer! The Peach got her picture taken with Santa and we are playing the holiday tunes nonstop.  And of course, that means that the next few Round Ups are going to include a whole lot of holiday cuteness, so check out this week’s goodies!

We all love a good holiday book, but this one looks like a lot of fun–changing up Santa’s Coca Cola colors! From Etsy seller, Oopsee Daisies.

I know I did my velvet round up already, but this one is too darling not to include. And from Neiman Marcus to boot! From Etsy seller, Peppermint & Cocoa.

Who wouldn’t want to sip cocoa out of Santa’s head? I love these little mugs! From Etsy seller, Tipsy Vintage.

I’m beyond crushing on this holiday reindeer sweater. This makes me want to sip cocoa by an open fire. Preferably in one of those Santa mugs. From Etsy seller, Mama Fox Vintage.

As if tea wasn’t fun enough, but a Christmas tree tea set to play with? And for $10? SCORE! From Etsy seller, Vintage Cabin.

Look at those happy dancing snowmen festooning this darling dress! From Etsy seller, Winding Road Vintage.

It is holiday cookie time, so why not try out these great cookie cutters—angel or astronaut? From Etsy seller,  Cherry Chic Vintage.

Folks. I could do a whole vintage kiddo retro round up on Christmas stockings alone. And maybe I WILL next week, but until then, I will share with you this wonderful non-stocking shaped stocking—featuring Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with the longest lashes EVER! From Etsy seller, the Wrinkly Elephant.

I don’t know about you, but I love a little boy in a neck tie. I know the bow ties are more in fashion right now, but I would swoon with cuteness overload if I saw this tie on a boy sitting at my Christmas table. More ham for him! From Etsy seller, A Pear’s Vintage Goodies.

Could we talk about this hat for a moment?  I love it. It reminds me that kids actually used to wear these types of hats. I remember one of the kids from The Christmas Story wore one like that. From Etsy seller, Jack Sprat, who sells primarily BOYS VINTAGE.  Huzzah!

Happy Monday, folks!

Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!


Happy Monday, folks!  I love the weekend before Thanksgiving!  It’s perfect for getting everything ready for that wonderful meal. I plucked through some foodie magazines to come up with what I think will be a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. I’m contemplating a bacon maple turkey–a mashup recipe of my own. Wish me luck, folks!  But I of course had a bit of time to create what I think is a dandy little round up of vintage goodies to share with you all. Enjoy!

Who doesn’t love smiley happy pears? And put them on a little girl’s shirt? I love it! From Etsy seller, Little Part.

Soccer anyone?  And I love the pop of yellow in the sleeves! From Etsy seller, Ivory Berry.

Now that we are officially in sweater weather, this little a wonderful little cozy sweater for a new little girlie!  So charming! From Etsy seller, Bondplace Vintage.

Cha cha cha! I want the outfits on the girls too. From Etsy seller, Stop the Clock Vintage.

Every kid should have a pair of red shoes. And these are a great pair to start with! From Etsy seller, Countryside Peddler.

Oh man, I love this.  These velour tops need to come back HARD CORE!  From Etsy seller, Oliver’s Forest.

OK, one more sweater–after all, it’s cold out there! A little Paddington Bear cuteness for you! From Etsy seller, GoodNPlentyVinty.

Here’s a great way to extend your kiddo’s love of Star Wars!  From Etsy seller, Retro Rocket Baby.

I wonder where this happy little duckie is running away from? Whatever it is, he’s pretty gosh darn happy about his traveling ways on this darling little quilt! From Etsy seller, Vintage Goodness.

OK, I totally liked. One. More. Sweater. But this jolly little floral friend is perfect to put over a little velvet red dress for the holidays.  From Etsy seller, Ms. Tips.

And speaking of velvet, next week, I’ll be doing my annual velvet holiday outfits post! Get ready!!!

Happy Monday!

Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Oh my–did you have an amazing weekend? I did–the weather was perfection and I have had so much fun enjoying that extra hour of sleep every morning thanks to Daylight Savings Time.  While I wasn’t looking over my ballot to vote tomorrow, I did spend a wee bit of time finding some vintage goodies to share with you!

Um… WHOA! Now, that’s a sweet little stripey coat.  I’d totally rock that if I fit a 3T… From Etsy seller, Potato Cake Vintage.

With snow season officially on us, it is best to be prepared and buy these awesome vintage ice skates NOW! Heck, they wold even look amazing just on the wall! From Etsy seller UDA Kids.

Every now and then I find something that is so perfect for someone that I just have to yell it from the Interwebs rooftop.  Jody! This sweet vintage robot pajamas set for $10 must be bought by you.  From Etsy seller,  Toadstool Vintage.

This wonderful little dressie is so charming.  It’s the little posy that makes me so happy! From Etsy seller, Baby Tweeds.

These plaid pants are so awesome they almost cause me physical pain.  Someone please buy them! From Etsy seller,  Sweet Shop Vintage.

This coat. On this girl? Adorable.  And  hello–it’s green velvet! What is not to love? From Etsy seller, Salvage House.

ZOMG! Do you remember these? They were so much fun! And now your kiddo could have them too! I remember using Hawaiian Punch big cans and making them myself. I don’t even know if they still make those big canned drinks. Sigh! From Etsy seller, the Robot Parade.

Have you ever seen such a wonderfully winsome widdle lion? I know. Adorable. From Etsy seller, Dahlia Daffodil.

Etsy seller, Cheaper Buy the Dozen has perfect vintage kiddo book bundles at great prices–like this one. Terrific if you are dipping your toe in the water of vintage books.

I know, this hat is kinda crazy. But kinda crazy awesome too! From Etsy seller, Henny Renee.

Happy Monday!

Monday Vintage Madness!

I can’t believe we are already half way through October. Sob! This very special, beautiful month just scoots on by so fast! And this weekend was supposed to be full of all sort of Autumnal goodness, but I was on the cusp of getting sick, so I decided to lay low in hopes of shrugging off any full blown illness.  Sigh… But I did have a bit of time to round up some super cute vintage goodies to share with you. Enjoy!

Oh my!  If this stripey friend was a 5T I would buy it in a heartbeat! Orange stripes!  Perfect for this Halloweeny month! From Etsy seller, Little Part.

Look folks, I’m only human. So you understand that I HAD to share this darling vintage plaid boys jumpsuit with the lion applique.  Killing me with the cuteness here! From the marvelous Ms. Tips.

Now here is a rarity–a big girl size 10 vintage shirt in the perfect red gingham.  Couldn’t you just see this sweet shirt under a fun t-shirt? LOVE! From Etsy seller, Bondplace Vintage.

Um… There is a bucket of awesome crammed into this little vintage shirt. That skyline? Amazing. Beyond amazing. And didn’t one of the designers from Project Runway win the Rockettes challenge with this exact same idea? Hmm…. Just sayin’… From Etsy seller, Hey Sweetie Pie!

How could I not include a little Big Big vintage goodness after he’s been in the press so much this past week. Tee hee! But this puzzle is super!  From Etsy seller Oliver’s Forest, who also has a terrific Ernie one too!

I know I featured great vintage costumes last week, but check out this perfect little Pinnochio costume, hand sewn by a seriously awesome mama back in the day. I totally wouldn’t pass judgement if you told everyone that you made this yourself. From one of my favorite Etsy sellers ever 1 Sweet Dream Vintage, who sold me the sweetest rainbow ballerina costume and found the little arm puffs and sent them to me months later. What a doll you are, lady!

OK–another awesome find for in a bigger size! And what a beauty–this amazing kilt with a green yarn edging.  Pure seventies magic. And that buckle? Divine! Well played, FuzzyMama...

These sweet candy corn pants is just one of many different vintage Halloween treats Miss Lishyloo has in her shop right now.  Oh, why can’t all veggies be so sweet as candy corn!

Etsy seller LadiDottie posted a photo that was more of a close up of this sweet vintage kitty sweater, but I had to include the model because she is one of my all time favorite models on Etsy and you all needed to see that cuteness. And the sweater.

I would have traded my Mork & Mindy suspenders for this sweet rainbow vest when I was a kiddo.  All would have bowed down to me on the black top in this beauty. And good gravy, are those polka dots? POLKA DOTS?!?! FIE, A Pear’s Vintage Goodies.

Happy Monday, folks!