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Meet Sasha! Our Weekly Kiddo!

Oh friends, gather round. This special Kiddo update brought to you from glorious PRAGUE! Yesterday was insanity—arriving on 2 hours of sleep I was immediately thrown into the work scene.  I was jet lagged beyond belief, holed up in our hotel for meetings and castings, but still blown away by this lovely city. Today is a new day, I feel refreshed and ready to go! I am sitting in my hotel, enjoying some berries and yogurt with a nice pot of coffee and have something awesome to share with you. Just when I think we’ve seen the cutest kids possible, I get another round of emails from you guys with your amazing kiddos.

Today’s little girl is a super cutie. Her mama Inessa is a wildly talented illustrator and designer and has a fabulous lil blog called Diaper Style Memoirs. Just wait till you see her little two year old daughter, Sasha. Miss Sasha is of Russian descent, which seems appropriate, what with me being here in the Czech Republic. (And Sasha is the diminutive form of Alexandra….so I’m double loving it!) OK….on with the show my friends.

• cherry top from Dupareil au Meme
• striped skirt from Old Navy
• hand-me-down penguin socks
• sandals from See Kai Run
• diy mexican flower hair pin

• Polka dot sammy skirt from Room Seven
• White tank from Gap, mom’s scarf
• Children’s Place tights
• Little Celebrity minnie mouse clip

• floral dress, Room Seven
• hot pink tulle sammy skirt, Room Seven

• in the garden – storybook smock dress from Paper Wings
• pink polka dot leggings from Paper Wings

• black tights
• french bulldog tee
•  stripped sweater by gap
• vintage artist’s red beret

• cherry top from Dupareil au Meme
• diy mexican flower hair pin

• flower dress by Gap
• little peanut apron from Misha Lulu
• oilily socks
• See Kai Run sandals

How adorable is this child??? I am loving how her momma dresses her. The polka dot skirt?? AMAZING. I chatted with Inessa and asked her to tell me alittle bit about Miss Sasha!

“Sasha is a typical 2 year old girl, playful with lots of energy which she needs in order to keep up with her older brother who is 8. Although she looks up to him, she doesn’t allow him to push her aroun! She loves to play dress up and adores shoes. All kinds of shoes. It is usually the first thing she notices about what people are wearing. She loves accessories but hates wearing hats and large bows in her hair. She raids her grandma’s jewelry drawer. Her favorite foods right now are: any kind of cheese, sour cream (which if allowed – she eats by spoonfuls), ice cream and honey. She doesn’t really play with lots of toys. She prefers to run around with her brother and throw the ball around just like him. But she does love her stuffed animals and dolls. She rotates the stuffed friend she sleeps with from day to day. She is usually easy going unless she is not getting what she wants and then — she can throw a mean tantrum.

Sasha loves to read books (turns the pages and blabbers to herself about what she thinks is happening) and adores the shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny. Given the opportunity she would watch them all day long! She talks a lot but its difficult to know what she is saying because her vocabulary consists of both English words and Russian. She adores older children who she calls “babies” and absolutely is smitten with her brother’s 11 year old friend who she calls JoJo. She cannot contain her excitement when she sees him — she dances and jumps and sings and does absolutely any trick she can to get his attention. She will never leave his presence before she can give him a kiss even if that means following in his steps for hours with puckered lips saying “JoJo Muah, Muah.”  “

Thank you so much Inessa for sharing this little gorgeous girlie with us! Don’t forget to swing by the Diaper Style Memoirs to see more of Sasha’s sweet little life—as well as Inessa’s great design style!

PS. Do you have a stylish kiddo you’d like to share with our readers? Send photos my way! There are no style rules—we love cute kiddos in vintage, cute kiddos in euro brands and cute kiddo’s in bargain finds from places like Target or Old Navy. We just want to see your fun spin on their style. You can find out more info right here, and then email me at Alix [at] modernkiddo [dot] com. Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Kellie MiniMustHave says

    Oh, what a little sweetie!

  2. keepingupwithstella says

    All I can say is “OMG!” She is devine. Love her style!

  3. Sasha says

    i’m really flattered! thank you so much!

    • Alix says

      We loooooove little Sasha!

  4. Dottie says

    My lenses just popped out of my glasses I love this so little gal and her super style so much! Adorable!

    Thanks for sharing Sasha and great job!

  5. heather says

    oh LOVE this girl!

  6. RocketGirl says

    That storybook dress is fantastic! I want to know where to get one! And the doll picture? Too much!

    • Alix says

      Ask and ye shall receive! Updated with links (and btw, that dressie is ON SALE now….)

  7. Jenny (VintageSugarcube) says

    Holy Batman Alix! Those are like the cutest outfits and pics I’ve ever seen. I just forward your site again to all my girlfriends with little girls. They are going to freak’n die at those outfits. You and Miss Dottie are genius at finding the cutest clothes. I want something in my size!!

  8. Marina says

    Can I take you home?

  9. Lara says

    These pictures are amazing. There are even more of them on Sasha’s blog.

  10. Brandy says

    OMG! THis Kid is So Frickin CUTE! THose Cheeks, her outfits!!
    Another great Weekly Kiddo Alix!

  11. lishyloo says

    good LORD! what a cutie!! she looks like a story book character!

    what are those dolls in that pic?? i need one!!!

    i heart modern kiddo.

  12. DebbieD says

    I have a 2 year old son who is the cutest kid on the planet and I have to say your lil girl gives him a real run for his money! She is just lovely 🙂

  13. Bianca Tyler says

    Oh, this is an ADORABLE site – from the layout to the children to the design, bravo!

    I just joined as a follower.

    Please follow back at

    I’d love to have you join!

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