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Meet Truman! Our Weekly Kiddo.

This week’s Kiddo is a special little lad. Truman lives in Minneapolis and is the son of my sweet pal Alisha (aka Lishy Loo Vintage!). Lishy has a wonderful eye and her Etsy shop is always brimming with amazing vintage children’s goodies. I love how Lishy dresses Tru in a fun mix of retro treasures and modern day things. So without any further adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present the Truman Show!

These first few shots are a little older….but we couldn’t resist sharing this vintage cuteness!

Dapper Gingham Overalls

+ vintage gingham elephant overalls, thrifted
+ t shirt, Old Navy
+ vintage red/white/blue ski cap, thrifted

Ahoy Matey!

+ vintage nautical overalls, thrifted
+ awesome balloons

Monkey Business

+ Paul Frank Julius Ski Monkey shirt, Target

Outer Space Cutie

+ Adorable Alien tee—eek! Where is this from Lishy?
+ Black comfy shorts, Old Navy
+ Velcro strap sandals, Old Navy

Little Hipster

+ Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skullington Knit Cap
+ Vintage jean jacket, thrifted
+ Brobee monster, Yo Gabba Gabba!

Little Truman is such a doll. He is a huge fan of Yo Gabba Gabba, Mary Poppins and dancing to his mommy and daddy’s record collection—vintage Sesame Street and Abba are a family favorite! Tru is an avid reader, just like his mama, and counts Margaret Wise Brown as among his top authors, especially Little Fur Family. Truman also loves kitties, balloons, playing games and laughing at all the silly things his fun lovin’ parents do. We think he is a huge sweetie…I guess I should have called this post Tru Love.

BONUS SHOT! Young Master Harry the younger, wearing a vintage jumpsuit (affectionately called “The Roper”) sourced at Modern Kiddo in our weekly Retro Roundup! Whoo hoo!

This is one stylish family, people! Have a great weekend…

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11 Responses

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  1. Marla Smith says

    Oh! Look at those big blues! They are amazing! Truman, you are going to be a little heartthrob I can just tell!

  2. heather says

    i know those eyes!!!! sweet!!!

  3. Amber says

    How funny, she just bought something from my etsy store! I love this small world 🙂

  4. Dottie says

    That kid is pure stink-town, Lish! I am crushing on those cheeks as well as the eyes. And a great wardrobe as well!

  5. lishyloo says

    awww tru blue! i will have to show him his feature, thanks ladies! my kids dress better than i do, i swear.

    that alien shirt came from children’s place i believe.

  6. Priscilla M says

    Um, that baloon shot pic. is AMAZING! GO TRUMAN!

  7. Dottie says

    Um, Lish–can we talk about how badass you are for having a vintage typewriter in your backyard. Seriously, lady!

  8. lishyloo says

    my dad took that balloon shot, he is the best photag in the family to be sure.

    i LOVE that typewriter! it’s HEAVY though so i made it a lawn decoration so it didn’t crush one of my kids. truman actually learned his letters by looking at those keys but my neighbor, who is 10, asked “what is this thing?” LOL!!

  9. Alix says

    hahaha….I know, the new generation is probably totally confounded by typewriters and rotary phones!!!

  10. Carrie says

    thanks for the email! and no worries. i’m not a stranger to those crazy busy weeks.

    my husband’s family lives in oakland and we always try to make a day trip out to san francisco when we visit, so i’m excited about the book. my two boys will have fun with it. thank you thank you thank you!

  11. Katie Stephenson says

    So sweet and you nailed it on the new frames!

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