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Meet Ingrid! Our Weekly Kiddo.

Howdy, howdy pals, it’s time for this week’s kiddo cutie—Ingrid. This little sassy pants is two years old and lives in mah loverly homestate of Michigan. Her mama Amber is one of our fave readers—and an awesome commenter, thank you very much—so I’m super excited to show off her sweet little girl. Amber dresses her in a combination of vintage and new, but most awesomely she makes a lot of Ingrid’s clothes herself. Since we have clearly established that I am the NON-sewing half of Modern Kiddo, I am always impressed by this. Let’s have a lookie at the super, adorable Ingrid!

+ Mama-made coat (with amazing lining) from a pattern by Heidi and Finn
+ Orange shoes, See Kai Run

I love these two cute little vintage dressies too. You kinda can’t go wrong with smocking and gingham, right?

+ Vintage dress

+ Vintage dress, from LishyLoo Vintage

+ Striped shirt, LeTop
+ Red skirt, Gymboree (a hand me down from Pippi and Heather of 3RingCircus)
+ Pirate shoes, Airwalk

+ Orange shoes, See Kai Run

+ Another super handmade dress from her mama

Ingrid is a total sweetie. She loves music and her favorite band is Yo Gabba Gabba—she just saw their live show and is very proud of the special Yo Gabba tote bag that she got. She is an animal lover—cows, horses, goats, you name it—but her best pal is her dog Cody, who she loves to take  for walks by the lake. Ingrid also loves coloring, laughing, riding her tricycle and avocados. Mmmm. Avocados. Ingrid, you are my kinda gal.

Amber, thanks for sharing this super adorable little girlie with us!

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  1. gabrielle says

    I love the vintage dresses, what a cutie

  2. lishyloo@etsy says

    Ingrid is my FAVE! vintage looks extra awesome on her because of the HAIRCUT! the green gingham was from lishyloo!

    we have a bib collection from amber, super adorable, super durable and eco-friendly!

  3. keepingupwithstella says

    Too cute! Love the skull shoes!

  4. Amber Liddle says

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Lishyloo, where that lovely green gingham number came from! And Target and Salvation Army, where most of Ingrid’s other clothes come from 🙂

  5. Grace says

    Cute kiddo, indeed! What a doll with an adorable sense of style (thanks to her talented mama). I especially love the coat in the first picture! I’ll take one in grown up size please.

  6. RocketGirl says

    Hear hear on the haircut! Too cute. And I also adore that green gingham–Lish never fails to deliver on the goods!

  7. Dottie says

    Yes! I love me some Ingrid! And Hurrah for Amber with her sassy mix of vintage and home-made fashion–to me that is perfection!

    And could we talk about those eyes? Brown pools of cuteness, I’m telling ya!

  8. 3 ring circus • heather says

    we love ingrid!

  9. Carra says

    I don’t want to be jealous of a toddler’s lips, but hers are the color of raspberries! Please tell me she’s wearing berry lipsmacker! Sometimes I wish I had a girl, so I could cut her hair

  10. Brandy says


  11. betsy says

    she is adorable! love that first coat.

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