Vintage Video // A jolly holiday with Mary!

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I adore Julie Andrews. And I love Mary Poppins. It’s a terrific movie to see with your kiddos! Wolfie loved it as a little guy (I will say he was a tad frightened by that early scene when all the “bad nannies” and their umbrellas get blown away by the wind….) but other than that, the music and visuals are so bright and cheery!

Look at these amazing Behind the Scenes photos. SO fun.

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People love to say how awful Dick Van Dyke’s accent was in this film, but I actually think he’s so cute and charming as Burt. Call me crazy!

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A little movie gossip for you! At the young age of 21, Julie Andrews appeared on Broadway in the role of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. She was a smashing success! When they decided to turn the show into a film, Rex Harrison (her Broadway co-star) was asked to reprise his role…..and Julie Andrews was not. The studio heads determined that they needed a big star to draw audiences, and Audrey Hepburn was famously cast as Eliza. Audrey was actually quite brilliant in the role, but she couldn’t sing and had to have her voice dubbed for all the songs. Many industry people were outraged. That same year, Julie Andrews made her big screen debut as Mary Poppins and as luck would have it, beat out Audrey Hepburn for Best Actress Oscar. Many theorize that the award was a special nod given to Julie to acknowledge the injustice of not being cast in My Fair Lady. Who knows the real truth! (It is a bit unusual for the star of a children’s movie to win Best Actress eh??) Either way, Julie Andrews would go on to  great success—starring in one of my super all time favorite movies, The Sound of Music.

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Have you seen Mary Poppins?? Don’t you love it?

7 thoughts on “Vintage Video // A jolly holiday with Mary!

  1. We have a small theater that shows weekend matinees of old classics, and this was the first movie Ingrid saw in the theater just a few weeks ago!! They had Annie, too, another favorite 🙂 I love the gossip about My Fair Lady, by the way. Look how young and cute Dick Van Dyke was!!

  2. My favorite all time movie to watch with my daughter! I have the sweetest pictures of her meeting Mary and Burt at Disneyland.(I’m not sure who more excited though?!) I love the photo of Julie Andrews with her baby. Thanks for the behind the scenes pictures. Made me smile :-).

  3. we love love love “poppins!” i have a huge soft spot for this movie always as it was a baby truman fave! when we’re stuck indoors in the winter, i just LOOP step in time and the kids go NUTS and they get worn out! lol! if you want your mind blown, do a search for mary poppins on etsy, the custom dresses alone will kill a person.

  4. Have I seen Mary Poppins??? I’m pretty sure my daughter likes Julie Andrews better than me.
    Both Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music are on a constant loop in my house, as we’ve just been through a hell of a flu season, and they’re the only movies my two-year-old will watch. At this point I know all the words to both movies, not that I’m complaining. I’m pretty sure that the chimney sweep is the best set piece in all of cinematographic history.

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