A wee surprise prezzie for Alix.

Now friends, you have to understand that I HAD to get this for Alix.  I know it’s silly, but really. I couldn’t help myself.

A Twitter handle pin! Oh, and one for me too…


I sat next to a lady Sunday who had a necklace like this and knew immediately that I had to get one for me and Alix.  I asked the woman where she got it and she said it was just that day from some local lady who was making them for a lot of bloggers.

Through the magic of the Internet, I found the woman on Twitter and told her I MUST HAVE her pins. One for me and one for Alix. NOW.  Twenty plus direct messages on Twitter and two days later and a drive by in a rented car on the corner of Congress and 6th street I had my pins. One for me and one for Alix.

Let me tell you a bit about the artist, Jennifer Cunningham.  First off, she came up with these genius little pins that are so much fun and really, who doesn’t want their Twitter handle in pin form? Just think how many followers we would have!  This single mama with a heart of gold is making ends meet through her art so she can be at home with her little toddler and her stuff is so much fun to boot! Check out her Etsy shop and buy something.  I know you want that pin or gasp–the necklace featuring your own Twitter handle.  Mmmhmm!

I know many of you are thinking to yourself, hey–what does Galexina have to do with Alix? Oh ho!  Let me tell you a story.  Before there was Alix of Modern Kiddo, there was a Devil-Ette whose name was The Galaxie Girl.  She later changed her name to the Starlet, but Galexina became a handle our Alix kept for many many years in emails, Live Journal posts and her beloved Twitter handle.

And really you should follow our girl @galexina because Alix has truly mastered the art of the witty tweet.

Hope you enjoy it, Alix!


3 thoughts on “A wee surprise prezzie for Alix.

  1. Awww… Blush! So glad you like it lady! Tee hee! Now I just need to see you in person to give it to you? Are you going to Karen’t mid century party? I can give it to you there!

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