Dottie’s Kraft Korner:: UFO update & the lost art of mending.

A little button here, an undone seam there. Nothing much, right.

Then why is it that I can go years without fixing that stuff?  As part of my (OK, I’ll admit–slightly forgotten) UFO project from the summer was to go through the “mending pile”. And this past weekend I went through it with a passion.

It was great because each piece took anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes to do. But what I did with that time was bring a half dozen pieces of clothing back to my closet.  And it makes me shake my head when I’ve waited months and is some cases YEARS to do something that would have taken my so little time to fix. Unbelievable how good and at the same time head-shakingly frustrating that I did it and am still wondering WHY it too so long for me to do.

Like this button.

The pink button popped off of my vintage pink chenille robe making me hold part of it up for a YEAR until I just decided to fix it.  Five minutes of my time.  I’m OK with matching buttons…

Or this lovely pair of work pants with a ripped hem sat out of my wardrobe for six month until I sewed it it back.  15 minutes of time.

Or this lovely sweater that I bought and thought would be better as a cardigan. I cut it down the middle and let it sit in a pile for three years until I picked it up last week and finally finished the seams on my serger (which took five minutes) and then hemmed it by hand, which I did while watching Parks & Recreation.

Who would have thought that an hour or so split over a few days would bring me such a feeling of accomplishment?  Now perhaps I’ll tackle the doomsday room in the attic. Or all of the other UFOs I should be doing. But Project Runway is on… Hmm…

Anyone also into mending?  Done any recently?

PS: Here is a great hemming tutorial for those who asked…

12 thoughts on “Dottie’s Kraft Korner:: UFO update & the lost art of mending.

  1. Gorgeous sweater! I desperately need to hem the pants on a pair of jeans I’ve been wearing, sans hem (terrible, I know). All of my pants need to be hemmed, actually–a side effect of my Welsh corgi-like legs. I also need to hem a curtain disguising an Elfa unit, and make another curtain for the Metro shelving in Eliza’s room. I estimate all three projects will take roughly two hours, with pinning. Every weekend I think “This weekend…” and every Monday morning, nope!

    1. I hear you, Jody! Seriously–you are seeing projects that all together waiting three years to get fix. I’m so not proud.

      Good luck on this being the weekend you have time to do one of the projects! My UFO list is a lot like that list of yours you guys made of things that bug you. That was a genius post!

  2. I am soooooo with you on this! I would far rather spend hours on a new project than those 15 minutes on a mending task – not sure why but I’m glad it’s not just me!

  3. I’m a firm believer in mending!! Although it seems the pile is never ending… gives me the GREATEST satisfaction to know that without very much effort, I was able to make something useful again. Holes in sweaters, missing buttons, ripped seams–I love fixing it all!

  4. I’ve been purging my wardrobe lately and noticing how MANY vintage pieces i have waiting to be altered. I’m sure it would take no time, even for me, a beginner sewer! Do you have any links to a good hemming tutorial? or good alteration tutorials in general? Thanks Dottie for motivating me. : )

    1. I totally hear you on the vintage dresses needing to be altered! It is so rare to find things that fit perfectly. Sigh! I’ll look into a hemming tutorials! That would be a good one!

  5. I had a few pieces waiting around to be mended and one night I just grabbed sewing kit and got to work while watching some TV. It feels so nice at the end of the night to be able to relax and watch TV, but it also feels so good to have accomplished something. The best part is being able to add those mended items back into your wardrobe! I had an adorable summer dress and got it mended just in time for our San Francisco Indian Summer.

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