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So color. Let’s talk about green. Not only a favorite color, but a lifestyle mantra for we modern kiddo mamas.

Seeing that rainbow line up of happy bottles makes us smile. Who wouldn’t want that on your countertop? But as much as we love color….is it safe to spray color all over the place when you’re cleaning? Which brings us to today’s Monthly Method: the All Purpose Cleaner. It’s true we love the beautiful colors and the wonderful smells (lime+ sea salt? amazing. french lavender? gorgeous. ginger yuzu? ahhhh) but what truly makes our hearts sing for Method is its eco friendly green goodness. “Non toxic” are two of our favorite words to read on labels. We remember hearing stories of toddlers that accidentally got into the cleaning supplies and were rushed to hospital or worse. Horrors! Part of the Method humanifesto says, “We see ingredients that come from plants, not chemical plants” which always makes us breathe a sigh of relief as mamas. Thanks to the good folks at Method, we can still have pretty, SAFE colors in our eco-friendly products.

But we had to ask: HOW DOES IT CLEAN? I’ve used it to spritz down counter tops, but how about a real deep cleaning? To test it out, Dottie decided to put it up against some grody vintage Fisher Price little people and furniture that she recently scored—and that probably hadn’t been cleaned since the seventies. Ms. Dottie, take it away!

Yep it’s true, we love vintage goodies over here. But who knows where some of those thrift scores have been?? I grabbed my handy bottle of yummy green cucumber-scented Method All Purpose Cleaner and got to work.

With a spritz here and a spray there (plus a few brisk scrubs) voila! Clean happy toys in an instant. Our friends at Method told us that the All Purpose Cleaner delivers a mighty cleaning punch with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients. The cleaners are derived from corn + coconut, breaking down dirt naturally, so they remove the dirt and leave nothing behind but a lovely scent. For tougher (and older/more suspicous) dirt, they also make an all-natural Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaner that kills 99.9% of household germs. I admit, it doesn’t smell quite as pretty as my cucumber, but when we’re talking about gettin’ rid of salmonella enterica and E. coli, I don’t mind if we’re not quite as gentle. Knowwhatimean?

The best part is knowing that these are toys that the Peach can happily (and healthily) play with. Here is my sweet girl, kissing and manhandling her toys with joy— and I can rest easy knowing she won’t accidentally get sick on any residual cleaning product. Ahh.

As part of our Method madness, we’re giving you a new way to Clean Happy each month, including a cool, “get yer green clean on” video. This one stars Noah, the official “spokesinger” of Method. We had the pleasure of getting a serenade from him when we were at Method headquarters and he’s a really cool dude. PS The cast of the video is all Method employees and their kiddos. Sweet!

As an added bonus, Method is offering a $1.00 off coupon, good for any of their products thru April 30th. Print it out right on the Method Facebook page (check under the “Perks” tab). If you’ve never tried Method before, this $1 off  coupon gives you the perfect excuse to try ’em out. Let us know what you think! Seriously….Ginger Yuzu. SMELLS. SO. GOOD.


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 but all opinions are, of course, always our own. To read more on Method’s green practices, ingredients and philosophy, go here.

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