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Interview with Little Miss Heirlooms & Giveaway.

Well, friends, I have a super super giveaway this week from our friend Priscila Barros from Little Miss Heirlooms.

Priscila is not only the mastermind behind the popular kiddie fashion and design blog, Little Miss Heirlooms she’s also the editor of Babiekins Magazine, a fun online mag that covers all things for children. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, Ms. Barros also runs an online shop of vintage goodies for children. Which brings us back to today’s giveaway. Priscila is kindly offering up a VINTAGE IRMI LAMP folks! Remember them from that perfectly dreamy postie Miss Alix did awhile back featuring those divine painted cuties? I know, right? AMAZING!

But before we get to the nitty gritty of the giveaway, I sat down for a nice online cup of coffee (with sugar and milk, please) with Miss Priscila.

DOTTIE: Tell me a bit about your shop and blog, Little Miss Heirlooms?

PRISCILA: I started my shop, Little Miss Heirlooms, after I started working on my son Carter’s nursery. Everything I found in the stores was so general and nothing was unique or really special. I decided that a vintage style room would be cute and unique so I started searching high and low for the perfect accessories. Through that I kinda learned what was vintage, what wasn’t and what was valuable and what wasn’t which helps me know what I should get for my shop. I thought that opening a little shop full of vintage goodies would be perfect for anyone wanting a little charm in their children’s space whether you like modern or vintage!

I started my blog essentially because I love childrens items especially after having my 2 boys. My education background is in fashion and so I think fashion, decor and design all sort of fit together. I have always had a great eye for things even when I was little! I was always styling my little friends and family members even at a young age! So I love to just write about what Im loving at the moment and what catches my eye.

My shop is a fun thing for me to do and I’ve even got my husband into it. He sometimes comes home with fantastic “junk” that no one wants anymore. His latest find (that someone just gave him) was an amazing Marx ride-on car. It’s a ride-on car from the early 60’s and totally amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. The problem with collecting things for my shop is that I fall in love everything so once it sells it’s bittersweet.

DOTTIE: I love that your husband is into it as well! I agree on the selling part—you get so attached to these unique, lovely things. But tell me a bit about Babiekins too. What inspired the online magazine?

PRISCILA: The name Babiekins came from a friend that left a comment on my blog and it’s been the name I’ve called my kids for years. With my friends permission Babiekins magazine was the name for our new online e-zine full of trendy finds, fashion, decor and design.

DOTTIE: Awww—Babiekins—I love it! Watch out Peach! You may have a new nickname soon. Tell me more!

PRISCILA: Well, I started Babiekins because I get questions everyday from readers and I thought it would be a great way to answer them, inspire them and get them involved in a more stylized way. I’ve always wanted to do something “fashion orientated” and I decided just to jump into doing it and its been super fun!

DOTTIE: And jump you did, lady. Babiekins is huge! The articles are so much fun. And a lot of goodies beyond fashion to say the least. For me it is a toss up between the photographer Jan Von Holleben’s series and Foxy and Miss Bunnie’s Summer Time Adventures. Oh and that interview with Juime boutique owner, Manuela Olton. Or the Puppet piece. Clearly there is a lot of terrific content in here. And you have contributing writers to manage as well! It really is quite a feat. Well done! What is your favorite feature in the latest issues?

PRISCILA: I really enjoy the What’s Hot, What’s In, What’s Now section full of fun finds. Debra Beau contributes to this section. She is amazing and I love her blog Kickcan and Conkers! I love the fashion shoots too which are probably the hardest and most time consuming but they seem to be everyones favorite parts.

DOTTIE: Ooh! We love Debra too! You know, there are many reasons why I love your blog, and one of the big ones is that you find such cute things. Where do you find all of these great clothing lines?

PRISCILA: I talk about childrens fashion all the time on my blog and I’m always bumping into great designers and shops. I have always been a fashion freak and wanted to be a designer (and maybe still will soon 😉 ) so writing about fashion is totally up my alley.

DOTTIE: Put me down to order one of everything from your first line. Now, I know you have two gorgeous boys who are always well dressed. Do you have any favorite places to shop for fun fashion for boys?

PRISCILA: In the states I go to H&M a lot but I love to shop online ! I also love European shops like Mash n Gravy and Little Fashion Gallery. They both just really do have the “must haves” of the season. It’s fun to have the boys wear unique designer pieces that not many know about here in the US.

DOTTIE: And lastly, how do you manage to fit it all in? You don’t sleep, do you?

PRISCILA: I don’t know to be honest! How can you be a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, blogger, store owner and editor of a magazine? It’s not easy at all! Im still trying to figure it all out especially because I dont really get “free time” because my boys dont take naps ….(grrr…). I do though try to take an hour or so each day to prepare blog posts, network and work on the magazine.

DOTTIE: I’m making the Peach take naps until she’s sixteen. Lady, you are amazing. A superwoman for all that you do with such style and grace. And thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at the ole Modern Kiddo.

And thank you Priscila for this amazing vintage Irmi lamp giveaway! Not just any ole Irmi lamp, but the cadillac of Irmi lamps—The Swingers!

Check out this sweet little boy girl duo with their happy little dog that is just waiting to light up your little one’s room.

Here are the deets for this delightful giveaway:

PS If you are already a member/follower, please TWEET the contest for your entry:

Enter this AMAZING Vintage Irmi Lamp giveaway from @modernkiddo & @misshierlooms

Good luck, everyone! This is a FANTASTIC one-of-a-kind Giveaway!!!
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  1. MrsAgatha says

    Can Europeans enter?
    If so then I’ll definitely participate on this!
    I already have done all the things above!

  2. Amber Liddle says

    I would love love love an irmi lamp for ingrid’s room!!
    I am a friend on facebook,
    I follow little miss heirlooms on twitter,
    I follow babiekins on twitter,
    and I’m a follower of this wonderful blog 🙂

  3. Holly-girls at heart says

    Can it light up my craft room? 🙂

    I love Priscilia and I love Irmi! Thanks! ♥

  4. trinity says

    I love IRMI!

  5. ShootingStarsMag says

    I follow your blog with google!! so cute.

  6. ShootingStarsMag says

    follow little miss heirlooms on twitter: shootingstarmag

  7. ShootingStarsMag says

    follow babiekins on twitter: shootingstarmag

  8. RocketGirrl says

    I’m already a Facebook friend (of course!) AND a Google follower (natch!) but I commented on LittleMissHeirlooms, added her to twitter, and retweeted your link. I’m also following babiekins on Twitter and befriended just for good measure!

    All that said, I noticed that the tweet you posted has a small misspelling–hierlooms instead of heirlooms!

    Can’t wait to see the results!

  9. Joanna says

    I left a comment on Little Miss Heirlooms blog. Pick me!!! This would be perfect in my kiddos room. I’m literally dying over it!!

  10. Amy Burnett says

    I added you to facebook and I left a comment on Little Miss Heirlooms Blog. I’ll be looking into the Google Reader. Thanks again. This would look just perfect in Miss Story’s vintage space.

  11. Sharon says

    adorable and fun….i left a comment on little miss heirlooms too………

  12. Rena says

    Love the lamp!

  13. janil says

    I left a comment on Little Miss Heirlooms blog, add Little Miss Heirlooms to my Twitter (as janilnilja),
    and I added Kiddo on Facebook as my friend (as montse gensana).

    Thanks for the chance!!!
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  14. carmel says

    looove that lamp!
    i left a message on little miss hairlooms blog

  15. carmel says

    im now following your blog

  16. carmel says

    and im also a fan on facebook
    my name is carmel yaffe

  17. Chelsea Ann says

    Wonderful website! I’ve never been here before but know I’m hooked ~ LOL now all I need is my own Kiddo!!!
    Chelsea Ann of ittybittybirdy

    P.S. I’m now following your site and facebook 🙂

  18. Eartha Kitsch says

    Great interview! I don’t have any little kiddies yet but I’ll be thoroughly checking out both the blog and the online magazine. They both look inspiring and beautiful.

    Let’s see….I made a comment on Little Miss Heirlooms and also added the Google Reader.

    That lamp is fabulous! : )

  19. Tara Lee says

    What a fabulous treat.
    I commented on Little Miss Heirlooms blog.

  20. Tara says

    I am following Little Miss Heirloom’s on Twitter

  21. Tara Lee says

    I friended Modern Kiddo of facebook.

  22. marilyn says

    Where could I buy an Owl like the one you have pictured above next to the turquoise ceramic owl – it looks like it’s made of wood, black and white with cut-out eyes!!

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