It shoulda been mine.

Truth be told I need more baubles and bangles like a hole in the head, but this vintage 60s necklace on eBay was so fun and playful and mod ….sigh. It’s a good thing I lost it, really. But still. It woulda been nice. Have you ever had something you were eyeing on eBay or Etsy that slipped through your fingers??

6 thoughts on “It shoulda been mine.

  1. Gorgeous necklace! I’ll be on the lookout…you never know. I’m sure they made more than one! And yes, oh yes…I have forgotten eBay auctions right and left. And usually the items went for next to nothing when I remembered to look.

  2. My favorite shoulda-had-it-didn’t was when I first moved here. In the upper floor/attic of a furniture store on Valencia Street, I found a vintage red naughahyde-and-chrome telephone table. Like a little chair with an accompanying table and drawer for the phone book. For FIFTY DOLLARS. Alas, I had no car, knew no one who could tote it for me, and thought it was too big for my little studio. I’ve been slapping myself in the head since, and eleven years later, still keep an eye for it, as though it would still be for sale.

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