Lisa Congdon collects things and you should too.

Remember when you collected things as a kid? They weren’t spendy or big or terribly fancy, but they were things you loved that made you smile just to get the complete set.  Stamp collections, shell collections, matchbook collections, Pez collections, marble collections. Oh, the list goes on and on.

I collected swizzle sticks when I was young and would get so excited when my parents brought me one back from their fancy dinners out. I still remember my favorite which was shaped like a sword fish.

As you know, we are big believers it is still cool to collect.  And Lisa Congdon even wrote a book about it. Yup. How cool is that? Based on her popular blog, Collection a Day,  Lisa spent a year documenting a unique collection every single day! Some were photographs some were drawings. Most of the collections were real and a handful were imagined. All were spectacular.

BTW, Lisa Congdon rocks. Just knowing that she lives in San Francisco makes me a bit giddy–that someone that awesome could be just a couple of miles from me. She makes me want to run out and buy old stuff that I like.  OK, I already do that, but she makes me want to do it a lot more!

A Collection A Day is a gorgeous book.  It reminds me so much of all of the great things that little kids love to collect and proudly show off.

What did you collect as a kid?


2 thoughts on “Lisa Congdon collects things and you should too.

  1. i also collected pencils and stickers; the scratch & sniffs were the best!
    i love lisa congdon and can totally relate with her collecting obsession. every time i go to a thrift store i look for vintage children’s books, scandinavian ceramics, anything mid-century modern, and retro baby things. it’s kind of a bad habit!

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