Meet California Girls: Audrey & Audrey!

One of our most popular features over here at Camp Kiddo is the Weekly Kiddo—when we take a look at what some sassy and stylish real kids are wearing. I was sorting through my submissions and realized I had two adorable little girls who were due their turn—and they had some fun similarities. Both live in California, both are named Audrey and both are extremely adorable! One lives in LA and one in SF, so I thought it might be fun to do a little SoCal/NoCal tribute to these two sweet girls. California girls, take it away!!

MEET Audrey!
This vivacious little four year old cutie is from Los Angeles and just exudes happy energy. She was named after the glamorous Audrey Hepburn (her sweet mama Christy saw Breakfast at Tiffany‘s in highschool and, like so many of us, was hooked!). Her lovely daughter lives up to her name sake. Check out these fun photos!

+ Hot pink tutu
+ Zebra leggings
+ Silver ballerina slippers
+ Sassy upcycled necklace from Etsy shop Itty Bitty Love (yep, that’s Audrey’s mama’s shop! I think I need one for myself!!)

+ White prairie dress
+ Ugg boots
+  Adorable scarflette made from upcycled goodies, from Itty Bitty Love

+ Scarflette made from upcycled goodies, from Itty Bitty Love

+ Pink shirt
+ Ruffle skirt
+ Pink jelly sandals

+ Handmade black and white polka dot sundress

+ Upcycled Chanel-inspired necklace with chains and rosettes. SO cute! from Itty Bitty Love.

Look at that smile on that girl! Miss Audrey is a big fan of all things princess. She also loves drawing, crafting (just like her talented mommy!) and dancing in her ballet class. She has a big personality and is just loads of fun! The other little cutie pictured is her little brother Aaron. He loves to follow everything that his big sister does—and his mama tells us it’s not uncommon for us to find him wearing a tiara or running around with cheer leading pom poms in his hands! (I am willing to bet those pictures will be brought out when someone is a teenager! heehee!)

So that would be PLENTY of cuteness for one day, but we’re not done yet! You’re not seeing things, we have ANOTHER adorable Audrey, only this one is from San Francisco!

MEET another Audrey!
This adorable miss is nearly four years old and is such a little sweetie pie! She too is named after the glamorous Audrey Hepburn and has always loved dressing up. With her big grin and infectious giggles, she brings a smile to everyone around her. Let’s take a look at what this wee charmer has in her closet!

+ Red, White, and Blue gingham dress, Gymboree
+ Silver gladiator shoes, Lauren’s Closets (Um, hellllo. LOVE those shoes!)

+ Sassy Hello Kitty Sunglasses
+ Flower Power Print Dress, Target
+ Dora the Explorer backback, Target

+ Pucci Style Tunic, Lauren’s Consignment
+ Black leggings, Target
+ Headband, swiped from daycare!

+ Sweater tunic, Kohls
+ Jeans, Osh Kosh B’Gosh via Kohls
+ Shoes, Luca and Livie

What a cutie! Little Miss Audrey unapologetically loves anything princess and anything pink. She enjoys walks and hikes and loves learning the names of flowers. When she’s not playing princess or running around with her brother Miles, you’ll find her dancing and singing. Audrey has roots in New Orleans and she loooves discovering new foods with her awesome mama Lynn! Miss Audrey is an adventurous eater and she and her mama often have lunch at food carts and restaurants around the East Bay—even spicy goodies. Her latest discovery is a love of jambalaya! Amazing! Just don’t ask her to try vegetables. Hey, she’s still a kid.

Thank you Christy and Lynn for sharing these two most lovely little girls with us! What an awesome way to end our week! Now, where can I find a pair of silver gladiator sandals in a size 7 1/2? Hmmm.

7 thoughts on “Meet California Girls: Audrey & Audrey!

  1. Both these little Audreys have such great style to boot! Lauren’s Closet is a treasure trove of gently used kiddo awesomeness.

    Love the posing and the Audries! (Is that how one would pluralize that name?) Anyway, LOVE THEM!

  2. LA Audrey is a cutie, & her little brother is clearly headed for the board room. But I am die hard fan of NorCal Audrey whose amazing mama, Lynn, is obviously the world’s best personal shopper & personal assistant. A breeze with such an inspiring “client”.

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