Meet Cooper! Our Weekly Kiddo.

After a brief hiatus last week, I’m pleased to say: we’re baaaaaack! Aw yeah, it’s Weekly Kiddo, everyone’s favorite cutie showcase. I’m just going to jump right in to this one. You may have picked up by now that one of my favorite bloggers out there is Danielle, of Kitschy Digitals. She’s crafty, she’s cool, she’s creative, she collects Blythe dollies (yay!)…..and she’s an awesome mommy to two super cute boys, Cooper and Campbell. This week, we’ve got our eye on Super Cooper—her spunky 6 year old. Look at this lil fella! I’d like to point out that Danielle took all these beautiful photos! This is one stylish family….

Ahhh! So cute! I love how proper this is, yet still looks so comfy. The vest and tie are from Etsy seller Dandy Social Club.

Crazy cool personalized bowling shirt from here. (this boy’s legit, people!)
Hat by Knuckleheads, from Modern Moppet.

I love these excellent graphic shirts from Smafolk at SO GOOD, eh?
(Campbell his cutie pie lil sibling is crashing the next few pix! He clearly takes after his big brother and we’ll be showing him off at another time!)

This style is straight up TARGET, yo. I love affordable cuteness like this!
Coop’s shirt is Shaun White for Target, which is a great brand for lil dudes.

Jacket from Target, Shoes by Converse on

Once again, this awesome race car graphic shirt is from Smafolk at

Did you check out that smile on this boy? What a sweetie! Cooper is way into playing his DSLite and is a champ at the Xbox. He loves to play soccer but is also a really great reader….but more than anything he loves ice-cream! His mama tells us that he recently watched E.T. for the first time and loved it. cooper is a sensitive little lad and got a bit teary when E.T. got sick  (me too Cooper!) but he loved it when they rode their bikes in the sky! Aw, Cooper you are one awesomely cute little dude! We luv ya!

Hey! do you have a stylish little boy or girl you’d like us to feature? Send ’em our way! You can find out all the deets over HERE.

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  1. Whoa! I am IN LOVE with that top photo–it’s just insane! That angle buttoning vest and tie combo is something that Satorialist would feature. What a cutie!

    Danielle–your kids are just stunners!

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