Meet Daisy, Our Weekly Kiddo!

People, I love this little girl.  Daisy is my kind of girl.  Heart as big as her home state of Texas (although she’s really from Louisiana, as she’ll sweetly tell you!) This week’s little miss is five years old and her style comes from a mix of vintage, thrifted, Target peppered with Grandma-made goodies! GO GRANDMA!

When her mama, Elizabeth from Sugar Petite Vintage sent me these pictures I just feel in love with this sweet, kindhearted little girl whose imagination veers over to tea parties and Little House on the Prairie.

Just look at this little love sharing her yellow flowers with us!

Her mama says about her oldest girl:

Daisy is one of the kindest people I know. She has a gentle spirit and is a very sensitive little girl. She finds magic in everything she does. She’ll often be found setting up elaborate tea parties for her dollies  or  staging estate sales in her bedroom. She loves old things and the stories behind them. She likes to drink blueberry tea out of her great-grandmother’s china tea cups.

Her mama also lists some of Miss Daisy’s favorite things include:

puzzles, sewing, rock collecting, painting, baking, ballet, fairies, unicorns, Little House on the Prairie, The Sound of Music, Rainbow Brite, Peter Pan (the musical), Heidi, The Secret Garden, Betsy Tacy books (Squee! I loved Betsy Tacy books–hmmm… potential book club?) , and the “B” is for Betsy series.

Oh, and writing letters to SHIRLEY TEMPLE!

As you can imagine, Daisy does dabble in the pretend play with special costumes, natch!

And of course Miss Daisy is a terrific older sister!  Sweet and understanding and I bet she wouldn’t make her sister drink Tabasco flavored milk… like someone I know… Aren’t they a sweet pair in their red white and blue vintage goodness?

And would you look at those matching silver water sandals to boot?  Nice, touch, Elizabeth! I’m so stealing this idea. It’s the perfect sisters ensemble. Not too matchy but perfect.

We love ya, Daisy! You are as sweet and charming as the flower you are named after!


7 thoughts on “Meet Daisy, Our Weekly Kiddo!

  1. i adore daisy and lulu! elizabeth has awesome taste in books, such kindred spirits i have found in these 3 ladies 🙂 if you have a betsy-tacy club you must have a field trip to minnesota! actually, next summer i will go to mankato and tour the houses for you guys and do a guest post! maybe they have something special for xmas? i will look into it and see if it’s worth going in the winter. i know they have re-done betsy’s house and tacys? don’t know about tib’s chocoo colored mansion 😉 remember when betsy goes to visit tib for xmas???

    1. Lish–I’m totally in for a field trip to Minnesota!

      Actually, you gave me an idea that I’m going to float by Alix. Hmm…

      I totally remember Tib’s Chocolate colored house. So great! And I remember Tacy pluralizing hair. So great! I read all of those books!

    2. Lishy, i have to tell you I had NO CLUE what you were talking about….it was like you were speaking a foreign language (betsy-tacy club? “the house”??)
      But i immediately thought, “Dottie will totally know what this is about.” and sure enough! you two are so cute.
      There is a whole grey area in the girlie world (Little House on the Prairie….Annie… know) haha!

      How is that sweet tova tulip doing???

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