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MK Giveaway:: Snicklefritz Kids {CLOSED}


Yowza, friends–we have a humdinger of a prize for y’all this week. Fresh off the awesomeness of our little Mother’s Day giveaway, we give you this: a $50 gift certificate to online kiddo boutique, Snicklefritz!

And trust me, this is a very very good thing. Because Snicklefritz has AMAZING goodies for boys and girls at great prices to boot! Katie Dissler, the mastermind behind this adorable little nook of the Web has curated a wonderfully charming mix of clothes that pretty much guarantee that you’ll find something divine every time you go there.

But first, we sat down with the Divine Ms.Katie to chat about Snicklefritz and her cozy world over Web malted milkshakes while getting pedicures. (It’s too hot for tea, don’t you think?) But first I must show you how button cute Katie is. And with her equally cute husband too.

I don’t know what I love more, Katie and her hubs sassy style or the fact that this pic was taking in a LIBRARY!!

MK: Darling, I love your store! But tell me what is with that giggly fun name?

Katie: Our name came about because I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country and my grandpa (grampsie, as we like to call him) called all the grand kids ‘snicklefritz’ growing up… among other names, haha…I still don’t know what a ‘nix nooks’ is… Anyway, in PA Dutch it means a mischievous child… and I kind of liked that because most of my greatest memories of childhood growing up involved some kind of mischief! I really want all the clothes in our shop to reflect that too… I’m not looking to stock regular old play clothes or boring pastels (although there’s a time and a place for everything!)… We’re looking for clothes that fun and fashionable little snicklefritzes would wear!

MK: I love it! And I”m so bringing that back “snicklefritz” into every day vocabulary. People, you’ve been warned…  BTWs, I love your selection of boyswear. Those ties from Urban Sunday and the Knucklehead rompers–I die!

MK: I also adore your goodies for girls too. Such sweet dresses. Clearly it helps when you have your own little girl yes? Please see picture of Annie, being very snicklefritzy below…

Katie: I love dressing Annie, and I love when people say, ‘OH.MY.GARSH! That outfit is too darn cute’!!! Because, let’s face it… we all love a cute kid… but I think mostly we love when people squeal about our cute kid!! (At least I do, is that bad?) Well, Snicklefritz Kids is here to make people squeal and coo over your kid! That’s our main goal. Well, not really the main one but… ok nevermind, it is…

MK: You pick great stuff for the kiddos.  They have such a great vintage feel. It is clear to me that you love the vintage, yes?  And girl, you didn’t tell me you also sold VINTAGE at your shop too?!?! Color me sold!

Katie: Oh yes! I’ve always had an itch for all things vintage… any my mom thought I was crazy for wanting to wear her old bell bottoms in elementary school before they were back in style… Needless to say, all of our clothes have a vintage, retro feel to them (some even are vintage!) and we LOVE bright colors. I am also mama to my own little snicklefritz, named Annie… she is 1 and obviously is my number one source of inspiration because she is just that amazing!

Katie, you are adorable and your shop is too!  And we want you to fall in love with this dandy shop too!

Now, to win a $50 gift certificate in our Awesome Snicklefritz Giveaway, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry. To get bonus entries you may:
  2. Follow us on Twitter. If you are already a follower, tweet about this giveaway—don’t forget to include @modernkiddo in the tweet please! You can also follow our personal twitters @galexina and @missdottie for two additional entries.
  3. “Like” us on Facebook.
  4. “Like” Snicklefritz on Facebook.
  5. Follow Snicklefritz on Twitter.

You’ll get one entry for each thing you do. If you do all six things on the list you’ll be entered six times. HUZZAH!!!

Voting ends Monday, May 23rd at NOON PST.  The winner will be announced that evening Monday, May 23rd at 8:00PM-PST.

Good luck, and we’re crossing our fingers you win!

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  1. Lisa says

    Love, love, love their clothing! Amazing stuff!

  2. Lisa says

    I like MK on Facebook

  3. Lisa says

    I now like Snicklefritz on Facebook too!

  4. Lisa says

    I’m now following MK on Twitter

  5. Lisa says

    I’m now also following Snicklefritz on Twitter 🙂

  6. Zoe says

    i already follow on twitter

    Zoe x

  7. Christina W. says

    I love this stuff! My kids would look adorable in any of it.

  8. Christina W. says

    I already follow Modern Kiddo on FB. 🙂

  9. Christina W. says

    following Snicklefritz Kids on FB!

  10. Christina W. says

    I’m now following Snicklefritz on Twitter.

  11. Christina W. says

    Following MK on Twitter already and I Tweeted about the contest.

  12. renee says

    Everything in their shop is adorable so I’ve done all the options and will wait patiently for the winner to be announced!

  13. jenny brown says

    i like modern kiddo on facebook

  14. arely colin says

    i would love to win, pick me

  15. arely colin says

    i like u on fb

  16. Jen says

    I Love it!! I too, am in Lancaster County and was so happy to hear about such awesome clothing!

  17. Jen says

    folllowing this blog and each blogess on twitter….(3 entries?)

  18. Jen says

    following Snicklefritz on Twitter

  19. Jen says

    Liked Modern Kiddo on FB

  20. krista says

    finally a place to buy cute & affordable boy clothes! i already like mk on facebook and now like snicklefritz too.

  21. Fuzzymama says

    I liked SF on Facebook—OMG that blue vintage jacket. I might have to snag it NOW.

  22. Fuzzymama says

    Tweeted about that jacket…….

  23. Christine Wininger says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these clothes! They have such a great vintage vibe to them. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Eartha Kitsch says

    I adore that Snicklefritz style! (and yes, that term…let’s DO bring it back!) I don’t have Facebook or Twitter like you kids today but let this be my lone (hopeful) entry so that I can dress my niece and nephew in style!

  25. Suzy B. says

    So cute! I love Snicklefritz!

  26. Mel says

    love love love this shop, my little snicklefritz is part dutch so i love the name and obvs the clothes too, followed followed, already follow, like and already like. xx

  27. karin says

    I love their clothes!

  28. Pam says

    awesome outfits 🙂

  29. Pam says

    i like MK on FB

  30. Pam says

    i like SFK on FB

  31. Kami says

    SO amazing, great style and colours!

  32. Kami says

    I also did my likein’s!

  33. Solducky says

    Oh goodness, super adorable!!

  34. Solducky says

    Snickelfritz FB fan sarah linette

  35. Jenny says

    What a lovely giveaway! Hope I win!

  36. Connie says

    The rockabilly shirts are too cute! Love the bow ties too.

  37. Connie says

    I’m following you on twitter!

  38. Connie says

    I’m following them on twitter!

  39. Connie says

    I liked you on FB!

  40. Connie says

    I liked them on FB!

  41. Wesley says


  42. Aubrey Gideon says

    I’d love to win this giveaway!

  43. Aubrey Gideon says

    Following Modern Kiddo on FB

  44. gabrielle says

    it would be so hard to choose between the rockabilly romper or all the cool boys vintage…please count me in

  45. gabrielle says

    already a facebook fan x

  46. Rachel L. says

    That bowtie, so cute! Great giveaway.

  47. Rachel L. says

    I follow modernkiddo on twitter.

  48. Rachel L. says

    I follow @galexina on twitter (rachel09)

  49. Rachel L. says

    I follow @missdottie on twitter (rachel09)

  50. whitney says

    oh my goodness, what a cute shop!

  51. cinti says

    How cute, their stuff is ace!

  52. elizabeth says

    WOW! Cute stuff! I sure do hope I win…

  53. elizabeth says

    Liked them on facebook!

  54. elizabeth says

    I follow Modern Kiddo on Facebook!

  55. Maria B says

    Oh oh oh adorable!

  56. Maria B says

    And I already like you on facebook (even though I never use it!)

  57. Melissa says

    Holy smokes what an adorable clothing line. I LOVE how many amazing designers you guys expose me to. SnickleFritz is as cute to look at as the word is to say. Loving this BIG TIME

  58. Marie says

    Amazing stuff!

  59. Marie says

    An Liked both on Facebook. Just discovered you guys and loving it.

  60. Jenny Goldsmith says

    My Father-In-Law calls my son Snicklefritz! Great Clothing, nice to meet you.

  61. Mary Cobb says

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway! Thanks for sharing.

  62. Mary Cobb says

    I am a fan of MK on facebook!

  63. Mary Cobb says

    I am also a fan of SnickleFritz on facebook!

  64. Mary Cobb says

    I follow SnickleFritz on twitter!

  65. Mary Cobb says

    I tweeted this giveaway!

  66. Ingrid says

    Cute cute! Love the bicycle tie, blue and yellow jacket and the number dress. Must shop! 🙂

  67. Elle says

    Great giveaway! I follow @Snicklefritz, @galexina, @missdottie on Twitter; tweeted this giveaway and am a fan of SF and MK on Facebook. Thanks!

  68. Alice Jonsson says

    C an’t decide which dress I love the most.

  69. lishyloo says

    oh my goodness! love them!!!

  70. Jennifer says

    Love their stuff, would love to win!

  71. Elizabeth says

    I had to buy that amazing ric rac dress already since seeing it here…. A $50 gift certificate would let me pick out even more amazing things from their site! Please, oh please!!

  72. hannah says

    what a fun couple and shop!! thanks! 😉

  73. Christina C says

    Liked it on FB and loving it on here! Adorable!

  74. Angela says

    I hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Angela says

    I follow y’all on Facebook!

  76. Angela says

    I follow Snicklefritz Kids on Facebook!

  77. sacha says

    goody! so cute!

  78. Hilla says

    so so lovely….keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  79. Chelsei Ryan says

    Wow! Some really cute stuff! Thanks for turning me on to a new shop!

  80. Chelsei Ryan says

    Like Modern Kiddo on FB
    Chelsei R

  81. Chelsei Ryan says

    Like Snicklefritz on FB
    Chelsei R

  82. Rhiannon says

    woohoo, I’ve ‘liked’ their fb page, and was already a fan of yours. I’ll keep my fingers crossed : ) thanks for the opp to win.

  83. Thalita Dol says

    I like modern kiddo on fb already.

    crossing my fingers!

  84. Jocelyn Naquin says

    Wonderful shop! So many adorable things!

  85. melissa says

    oh so cute! love that yellow and brown dress.

  86. Olivia says


  87. holly says

    this is fabulous. my neice will love a dress from them… (i’ve already got my eye on one…)

  88. melissa says


  89. Kari says

    Such cute stuff! Hope I win!!

  90. Kari says

    I already “like” mk on facebook 🙂

  91. Kari says

    Just “liked” snicklefritz kids on facebook!

  92. Kelly Schoff says

    Hope I win my kids would look so cute in those fabulous clothes!!

  93. Julie says

    obsessing over those girls dresses!

  94. Heather Avis says

    so cute. Wish me luck

  95. psy says

    i’m gonna need all the luck i can get, but i have my fingers & toes crossed!

  96. Anjali says

    the dress with the numbers is TOO adorable…. thank you for the giveaway!

  97. moriahsunde says

    Amazing clothes for kiddos! I’ve got a boy toddler and will soon have a new baby girl! I’d love to dress them up in this stuff 🙂

  98. moriahsunde says

    I follow you on Twitter!

  99. moriahsunde says

    I like you on Facebook!

  100. Cher says

    Wonderful clothing, would love to win!

  101. Cher says

    I follow on FB

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