Oh the Places We Went! Our Year: Part 2

In 2011 we were on the move! Pardon me while we boast a bit, but we are just SO very proud! We spoke at conferences. We were asked by Etsy to be Guest Curators (twice!) We were picked by Daily Candy Kids, Lucky Kids magazine and Urban Baby as one of their favorite kid’s design blogs (YAY!) We were interviewed by the New York Times (about our love of our Kindles but our passion for “real” books for our kiddos). Oh  yeah, and we were a Top 4 Finalist in Apartment Therapy’s “HOMIES” awards.  And none if it would have been possible without you guys….we love what we do and having your support and friendship through emails and comments means the WORLD to us! Thank you thank you……


One of our favorite jaunts this past year was speaking at the ALT summit. We got to meet and hang out with so many awesome readers and bloggers. Oh yeah, and we got to meet and share drinks with Mondo from Project Runway! Whoo hoo!  (read about that here) Our sweet friend Pilgrim was our partner in crime for most of the weekend.

Of course we managed to sneak in a morning of thrifting with some of the fine ALT ladies too. I scored those crazy pink eye glasses and Dottie nabbed lots of goodies for her Peach.

Over the summer I had a San Francisco visit from one of my favorite bloggie pals,  the lovely Miss James of Bleubird. Seeing her little Gemma Bird with Wolfie was like two blog worlds colliding!

The sassy Tracy Shutterbean and I took her out for some tasty Tapas at Cha Cha Cha and we had a glorious afternoon together.

A month later, Dottie and I had a fantastic time at the Renegade Craft Fair—and had a tussle with a gigantic motor home.

During Spring break Wolfie, Greg and I went to Hawaii for our first proper family vacation. It was magical!

And Dottie went to SXSW and had a glorious time in Austin!


Together with a handful of our vintage-loving mommy pals, we formed a Retro Supper Club we affectionately refer to as, The Dames! We get dressed up and visit old school restaurants in the Bay Area that still have their original 50s/60s decor and enjoy a lovely night on the town. It was a highlight of the year. We’ll be posting more about our adventures in the coming year!

And finally, I celebrated a big milestone with Greg this year. Our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary! We were married in Palm Springs at the 1960s Elvis Honeymoon house, and sharing that story with you guys was one of my all time favorite posts.

That’s it for Part 2! One more to go, and get ready because it’s action packed with VINTAGE GOODNESS…we’ll have our final Year in Review post tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Oh the Places We Went! Our Year: Part 2

  1. As a fairly new reader (maybe the last four months) I am LOVING these looks back! You had so many great posts last year. The blog is beautiful.

    Ooooh, you know I’ve been asking for a meet and greet. How I would love to go for a drink with your group of “Dames” sometime here in S.F.! You ladies look fabulous!

    1. YEP! Baby Doe is one of my bestest pals and she is the mastermind behind TOR! Dottie and I have performed at tons of Tease-O-Ramas. I was at the first one in New Orleans, and then two of the SF ones and one in LA. It’s a total blast!

      1. How cool! I have been communicating back and forth with her getting my stuff together for my Tease-O-Rama application I just submitted with two of my solo acts. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I’ll letcha know if I make it, and I plan on attending either way!

  2. This is the first time I have stopped by (after stumbling across Alix on IG) – I am in lurrrrve with your style ladies! You truly are gorgeous. To spend a day being styled by your good selves would be a dream come true!

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