OMG :: funny follow-up story to Renegade

Duuuuuude. Dottie totally reminded me that i forgot to tell you the funniest thing about our day at the Renegade Craft Fair. SO the place was PACKED. I mean, there is a fair amount of parking down at Fort Mason and every nook and cranny was filled. Dottie was my gracious driving buddy for the day (she does this a lot….and I so appreciate it!). So we are going around and around through the lot. No spaces. No where. Suddenly we end up behind this monster….and i mean MONSTER…..camper trailer deal. The thing was like 40 feet long. I sway-uh. It also had about 30 bikes on the back. Clearly this was some young family traveling cross country. In a tour bus. That could hold Bieber’s entourage. It also had the name “FLAIR!” emblazoned on the side.

Suddenly we ended up behind Flair as we cruised down the parking row. And then we saw it…. the elusive, lone parking space. “YES!!!!” Dottie hollered. We happily zipped forward to claim our prize, when we noticed FLAIR had stopped next to the space. And was suddenly kickin’ it in reverse.

“UM, Flair…..surely you don’t think you are going to fit in that little space??”
Dottie and I laughed. How funny! As if FLAIR could fit into the compact space. Flair wouldn’t dare.

Oh. But Flair did dare. And for the next 10 minutes scooted forwards and back trying to squeeeeeeze into that damn parking space. Flair nearly took off the side view mirrors of the car next to him. Flair ensured that whoever came to their car would never be able to open their doors. Flair also had a good 12 cars lined up behind him while he tried to squeeze into the space. At one point he stopped, as if he thought he had made it in the space, but was sticking out so far that no one could get past him. There were lots of groans and moans from all the cars around us. “Dude. You won’t fit.” and “Duuuuuuuuude! C’mon!” Dottie and I were trapped, watching Flair take our space.

{note how perilously close FLAIR is to that car on the left.}

Suddenly Flair gave up, pulled back and left. “YES!!!!” We happily swung into the wee parking space….only to find…FLAIR TRYING TO PULL IN FROM THE OTHER SIDE!!! The driver stuck his head out the window and shouted at us, “AW, C’MON!” Wait…..what? FLAIR? You calling US out? You who has blocked the entire parking lot in your gigantic TOUR BUS are trying to make us feel badly??  “I LEFT MY KID THERE!” We turned our heads to where he was pointing and spy a small boy was standing awkwardly to the side of the space. CLASSY Flair! Classy! It soon became painfully obvious that FLAIR DIDN’T CARE!! We were so annoyed and while we could have been jerks, FLAIR is not our middle name. So we simply pulled back out of the space and drove off in a huff (as huffy as one can be in a car that is dwarfed by FLAIR). We both shook our heads and then just burst out laughing. The guy was lame, and sure we ended up parking 200 miles away, but we had a nice walk and the day was still grand.

And if you are ever in the position to be driving something as honkin’ as FLAIR, please, for the luva gawd….acknowledge to your fellow drivers that your crazy antics and behemoth mobile are causin’ a rude ruckus. A courtesy wave does wonders, friends!

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