Q&A with Amy Turn Sharp from Little Alouette

Way back in January, I met a most wonderful, talented gal. A beautiful writer with a grand sense of humor and a heart as big as Texas.  Her name was Amy Turn Sharp and she rocks.  Between writing poems and being a brilliant mama to three boys she runs with her husband this wonderful and groundbreaking company that kinda started the whole wooden teething toy trend right now called Little Alouette.

OK, I know this is a bit of a different picture to use, but I love it of her.  She seems so glamorous with the mask on.  I should show you a picture of her with a drink in her hand with her head tossed back laughing, because really, that’s how I always think of her! But here is another sweet picture of her as well.

Anyhoo, she and her sweet make the best handmade wooden toys on the marketing today and they are STUNNING.  So simple and so right. They feel good in your hand and even better in your kiddos’ hands. Plus her wooden toys are 100 percent organic so you feel completely OK with your little one gnawing on it.

I sat down with Amy and a nice pitcher of margaritas. Oh, and some homemade guac and chips. Yeah–this is a lady to get ripped with.  And I bet she’s an amazing singer too…


MK: Oh Miss lady, I love you something fierce.  First off, what inspired you to start this wonderful line of products? And what were you doing before you launched Little Alouette?

Amy: Wellllllll- I used to work for the Mayor of my city. {education office} I loved it but I always wanted to write. Full time. Like in a little room of my own and just GO! I decided after Blaise was born to go back to work for 6 months and then TAKE A LEAP. I was going to be a writer again. I found blogging and then {oops} started a toy company. OK. It was really a crazy natural organic thing. We started with little toys for Finny. The lead recalls were annoying and plastic water filled teethers were gross to me. We made Finn rad little wood toys and people loved them and wanted more. We did not see anyone else doing what we were doing at that time so we thought we would go for it as most of our friends and family were telling us to go go go. It just happened. We started an etsy shop.

MK: The name Little Alouette is the sweetest most button cute name ever. Where did you come up with that?

Amy: My sweet college friend J gave us the name. She is crazy creative and we decided that it sounded like something you would call yr baby or something. Little Lark. When you leaned in over the bassinet or while you were kissing the fat little cheeks. Little Lark.

MK: You home-school and work with your husband–uh–how do you find an inch of time to be alone in all of that, lady?

Amy: I only home schooled the big one in preschool dude. I send those children away! lol. I have Finn in first grade and Blaise goes to preschool two ever so short mornings and the babe is with me all the time. I work a lot and it is challenging. I am lucky that Scout likes a sling.

In the summer I will get some help to come in for the two younger guys and send Finnian to a few day camps with buddies. However I am really good at finding a few moments every day for me. I am an only child and having a big family blows my head off sometimes. I must retreat. I am a super social person but I require alone time. My husband and I give each other space and really work together. He’s amazing and knows me so well that he just pushes me out the door to the gym or the pub or something when he can see that I am stressed. I have a pub night monthly with an amazing assortment of local mothers.  It saves my life.

MK: How do you come up with new toy ideas?

Amy: Our kids are the best. They tell us things to make. We also think back to what we liked as children {me in Ohio and Joe in UK in the 70’s & 80s}We pay attention to the design trends that trickle down to kiddos. Moustache teether. Like SO POPULAR! We just saw a trend on etsy and thought- OK. no one is making moustache teething toys! GO! it’s like that. It’s like all kinds of crazy. I will wake up at night and say WOODEN HORSESHOE and pester Joe until he makes it for me. 🙂

MK: What is your favorite wooden toy?

Amy: I love love love our hippo teether. Harper. She’s perfect. Even Heather Armstrong loves Harper! I also love a good abacus. And blocks. God I love wooden blocks.

MK: What is your favorite candy!

Amy: I like twix bars. they are my wicked weakness.

MK: Good choice, Amy.

And thank you for creating this wonderful line of beautiful toys that make me smile.  These toys are the best baby shower gift EVER and look particularly charming when wrapped as part of the bow. To die for!

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  1. we actually had some of her items on violet’s wishlist for her first xmas! super cute and yes, much less gross than the plastic variety. well, not gross at all.

  2. Amy really is the bomb…..she’s one of those people you just want to hang out with on the deck all afternoon (with a pitcher of margaritas….good call Dottie!) And loooove these products!

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