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So this week was a big week for me. It was my first week off of work. “Off” because I gave my notice. Eep. This was a big deal. I’m an associate creative director at a big time ad agency. Or rather. I was. hee. Still not used to saying that. My job is both amazing and amazingly hard…it gives me a fantastic creative outlet. I get to travel and work with all kinds of interesting and talented people. Over the past 5 years I’ve worked with amazing directors, photographers and animators. I’ve been really lucky to have worked with cool people like Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Vera Wang, Jake Burton (snowboarding king!), Petra Nemcova, Mariah, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and taken a couple of meetings with Kanye. (And for the record, he was on time, super cool and smart. truly.)


Sorry , just tripped over all those names I dropped. So yes. I consider myself super lucky!

{We weren’t allowed to take a photo in our meetings, not very professional you know, so I saved the candy wrapper he left on the table. Which is verrry professional.}

But as amazing as my job can be, I can’t lie. It’s really tough being a working mom. I feel pulled in a million directions. I’m always exhausted. Our house is a disaster. And I’m burnt out. In a bold move, I decided that I needed to focus on the one thing that I was always neglecting. Myself.

Sooooooo, long story short. I’m taking a sabbatical. I’m spending the summer recharging and reconnecting. Yup. I’m taking the summer off.

Packing up everything was very bittersweet….I had a lot of stuff and a lot of memories. I’m really going to miss all my friends. I worked with a really cool bunch of characters.

Everyone has a shoe drawer, right??

My little helper!

So what’s next on the horizon? A combination of things. Focusing on some exciting new Modern Kiddo projects….organizing our crazy house (and doing things I never had time for)…spending lots of quality time with my family (trips to South Carolina and Michigan already in the works) and of course just recharging. It’s exciting, exhilarating and to be honest a little scary! We won’t have my income for the summer, and living in Pricey Town USA (aka San Francisco) we need my income.

I won’t be totally flying without a net. I’ll be freelancing over the summer and also having some massive sales to purge our house of all my beloved kitsch and clutter. Come September, I’ll re-evaluate and see how I’m feeling. Will I be stressed with my new free-form lifestyle and craving the steadiness of full time? (and that full time paycheck, lets be honest!) OR will this be a new and exciting chapter in my life? Only time will tell!

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to visit some of our best friends, Dan & Lisa. Wolfie is extremely close to their kiddos (we call them “the cousins”) and it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Dan is a professor and just got tenure at his university….and with my big news too, well we decided a celebration was in order. I’ve never had a champagne shower before, have you? Gotta say they’re pretty fun!! {Dan wussed out and wore a rain coat. Ahem.}

It was ironic that my last day of work was May 25. The same day as Oprah’s last show. Ironic because the one time I am actually home to watch her show, and there’s no more Oprah! I will say it was interesting and inspiring to hear all her reflections over where she’s been these past few years and where she is going. While I’m certainly no Oprah, the timing was perfect and her final show really resonated with me.

Somewhere along the way she mentioned a terrific quote by Mary Oliver:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?

I love it. Life is wild and precious and beautiful. And we only get one shot. It’s scary to make big changes but in the end, I think change is always good. Moving forward….onward….and upward!

PSST! For those of you curious about my job, you can see more here. And here are some of my favorites:

HP Catch of the Day // ePrint commercial from Alexandra Tyler on Vimeo.

HP Backpacker TV Spot // Director’s Cut from Alexandra Tyler on Vimeo.

Reel from Alexandra Tyler on Vimeo.

Frito Lay Dips // Circles from Alexandra Tyler on Vimeo.

Frito Lay Dips // Love and Sockets from Alexandra Tyler on Vimeo.

23 thoughts on “Real Life :: Big Changes for Alix

  1. Oh good luck, lady! I’m rooting for you! I know it has never been easy this crazy balancing job we call being a working out of home mom, but I know you’ll rock at whatever you do!

    Hurrah for Alix!

  2. Congratulations…you’re FREE!! I essentially did the same thing this time last year…no looking back…best thing I ever did! Soon you’ll be wondering how you ever held a day job…staying at home will keep you very busy 🙂

  3. this made me cry alix. our lives are truly wild and precious and it is so easy to be afraid and not take chances. i am so happy that you are doing this for yourself. because your self gives so much to others, your son, your husband, your family, your friends, your readers, you really need to do it! my wish for you this summer is for you to truly ENJOY it!

  4. congrats Alex! As long as I have known you, you have always done well, and landed on your feet. You have so much to offer in any job, and Im sure that time will come again soon enough but for now, Im glad to see you taking the time for YOU. I think this summer is going to get your mind thinking all sorts of different ways and that is great. Sometimes change is hard to cope with, but sometimes it’s good for the soul. Lots of hugs and I wish you all the best ,as always. xo Dana

  5. Alix! Super excited for you!! You are such an incredibly awesome & talented person that I know the moolala won’t even be an issue. When I got laid off from Sapient many moons ago – I took the summer off and lived like a hippy in Dolores park :). Enjoy!!

  6. OH WOW! that IS a big change. i still remember reading the entry when you went back to work after having wolfie (i must have been reading back entries at the time). you had such an exciting job.. BUT it’s so nice for you to have this time with wolfie. he will only be little wolfie for a very short time and you should soak up all you can while you can. congratulations on the change!

  7. I think that it’s definitely going to be the start of another wonderful chapter! And here’s to YOU! Those commercials are stunning (and yay! giant chair!) and I know that wherever you go, whatever you do, things are going to go well.

  8. Wow what an exciting, scary, exhilarating time you will have! I am inspired by your braveness as I’ve been struggling with a big move myself. Change is scary but all the reasons you listed are such great ones and I think it is incredibly awe inspiring of you to make the leap.

    And on a wholly different note, PLEASE tell me how you affixed those rad Dynamite magazines in their protective shells. I’ve been trying to get my collection of vintage soap magazines to stay up and nothing works 🙂

  9. what a lucky girl you are! i just left my part time position to return to full time and so far i’m hating it. i know something better will come along though, so i’m trying to keep my chin up! good luck to you and may you have a most productive summer!!

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