Real Life: I took a vacation from my commute.

I am a very lucky lady.  I love my commute. Commutes get a bad rap, which I completely understand.  But mind isn’t so bad.

Normally it is 40 minutes door to door and involves chatting with one of my dearest friends as we glide across the Bay Bridge in the commuter lane.  But this summer, I’m mixing things up as my friend takes her own vacation leaving me free to get to work any old way. So, I started taking the ferry to work and it’s really lovely-like a little mini vacation every morning.  It is so picturesque that I can’t help but take tons of piccies along the way with my iPhone, posting them on Instagram, where I post under the name Miss Dottie.

My commute starts with a sweet ten minute bike ride past chickens, a nursery the makes the air smell like rosemary and mint in the morning on a Bay trail to the ferry parking lot.

Then a 20 minute foggy ride across the bay and under the bridge.

To my San Francisco.

Sometimes I stop by the Ferry Building for a breakfast pastry.  In the morning not that many shops are open and not a tourist around.  And the Frog Hollow peach tart is divine with the most insane pastry crust.  It is like biting into summer.

And then start the 15 minute walk to work.  I love walking in the city. Such pretty things if you just take a moment to look.

And great fashion too… I love this banker with his hot pink socks and banker gray suit.

So, really, it’s a good commute. OK, it is an hour long door to door, but it’s a lovely hour where I can read or see such a pretty view.  And here’s the weird thing–for public transportation, it is incredibly clean and people are super polite and generally in a good mood too!  Which I must admit, isn’t really the case for BART and SF Muni commutes for the most part…

Do you have a commute? If so, what’s it like?


12 thoughts on “Real Life: I took a vacation from my commute.

  1. My husband also takes the ferry into San Francisco. I’m totally jealous of his commute! One of these mornings I’m going to load our boys up and go with him to work just to enjoy the ride 🙂

  2. Miss Dottie, Your commute sounds mucho coolio! But I still think your superwoman! Even in a ferry, you do sooo much, work full-time, long commute, mum, wife, and Modern Kiddo! Kudos to you.
    My commute is 30 minutes of traffic up the 805 freeway in San Diego. I make the best of it, by always blasting the most ghetto hip hop and rap and dancing in my car by myself like no one is watching. I’m not kidding!! That puts me in a grand mood before a long day in the office.

    1. Oh honey, I’m doing nothing more than anyone else. But thanks for the pat on the back.

      I actually am a person that almost never minds my commute. I love listening to the radio and not really one for any road rage. But I’d love to pull up next to you dancing away in your car! One day!

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