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Real Life: Alix’s Prague Adventure.

A little over a week ago I got back from my work trip to Prague. I was there for three glorious weeks filming five spots….and I loved every minute of it. It’s *such* a beautiful city. Of course I missed my little Wolfie like craaazy, but I am so proud of the work we did. I have to say it was completely weird to have nothing to worry about but ME for three weeks. I felt a little selfish, but my mother gave me some great advice and said it was a fantastic gift and I should enjoy this amazing opportunity. I already shared some photos of my adventure with you guys while I was still in Prague (see the post here), but since everyone seemed to dig it, I thought I would share some more! Here is pretty Prague….

These shoes carried me all over the cobblestone streets of the city….crazy comfy. I highly recommend. Who says a mama can’t have stylish AND practical foot gear??

We discovered that many buildings had little icons hanging over their doorways—a lobster, a pretzel, three violins, a golden snake— these were used back in the day to help ensure that parcels and letters were delivered to the right house. Apparently homes didn’t feature prominent addresses back then and you literally had to say, “The house at the end of the road. With the lobster. Yes lobster. The House with the prawn got my boots last time, so please make sure you look for the LOBSTER.” It was really fun looking for the different icons and I thought would make a great game fer little kiddos too….

Prague is a great city for kiddos! There are so many beautiful little parks, fun street cars, a fantastic zoo, a cool castle, boat rides….the list goes on and on.

Food is very meaty here, but tasty. Our favorite dinner was at the Cafe Savoy for SCHNITZEL. Oh my god, this was the most delicious thing EVER. It comes in a special chicken version for kiddos as well as noodles with butter. I took note of a popular bagel shop and lots of Euro-style pizzerias too so there seemed to be plenty of kid-friendly options (just in case you have a picky penny like I do who won’t gobble down goulash). I feel like I should do an extra post just on traveling with younguns. What do you think??

And then, of course, there were the marionettes. They ranged from adorable to spectacular. They are everywhere and were really, really cool.

Of course, some were cooler than others….

A lot of you have asked me about my job, so I thought it would be fun to take a little peek at my work…

Despite all the perty pictures above, we were truly working non-stop. I think we had one completely free day, but the rest of time it would be a few hours here, a couple of hours there. We stayed at the schwanky Mondrian Oriental hotel. (Alert Gossip Girl fans! You may recognize this as the place where ol Chuck Bass was supposedly staying when he got shot in the season opener….ahem. You know. If you watch that sort of thing…) Hilariously instead of “Do Not Disturb” signs, you placed a red tassel on yer door. Gold tassel was “Please service my room”. I spied a blue tassel in the restaurant but never quite figured out what THAT one meant. This is me with bed head in the morning…

This was my little work station. Have a cuppa coffee (although somehow I was transformed into a cappuccino drinker over the course of the trip!), then check ye olde bloggie and then get ready to hit the road….castings, set builds, script rewrites, meetings, more meetings, late night meetings (9 hour time difference), fittings, rehearsals…..ahhhh. The list was endless. But we loved it all. I was lucky to be traveling with some really great people and even when pressure and stress levels were high, the guys and I always managed to make each other laugh.

Unfortunately I can’t reeeeally show you any of our sets until we are finished, but here is a sneaky peek. Some of them involved miniatures….but that’s all I’m sayin’!

Our director’s were a wildly creative and amazing husband/wife team. They were super cool and I loved working with them. They also happened to have THEE cutest little boy ever who would occasionally drop by the set. This is the fabulous Yuki! And maaaaybe he’s standing inside a fake airplane. But maybe not.

How cute is his style? He was also sweet as can be.

I have so many more photos, but i think I’ve bombarded you with enough for one day, eh?

Bye bye Prague! Til we meet again….

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  1. Amber Liddle says

    So jealous! We only got to spend a couple days there and didn’t get to see nearly enough. Great pictures, but I bet you were so glad to be home to your boys!

  2. lishyloo@etsy says

    you are my hero.

  3. Dottie says

    Never enough photos! This looks like such a blast, but I know you were working yer kiester off!

    I love the one of you patting the brass baby’s bottom. Teehee!!!

    Can’t wait to see the commercials!

  4. keepingupwithstella says

    Amazing! I want to go so badly now! Your job appears to be lots of work- but fun! BTW, I want your bag in the pic with you standing on the baby’s bottom! Tell me what it is!

    • Alix says

      Thank you everyone! It was a truly magical experience….it’s great to be home, but I do miss it. European lifestyle is just a different pace than our frenetic U.S.A-style craziness!

      Marla! The bag is really great and was perfect for schlepping all my junk around town. It’s marc by marc jacobs and the style is called “Petal to the Metal”. I got it at Bloomies but they have them on eBay all the time! (comes in smaller size too). The metallic jazz flats are DKNY and i HIGHLY recommend them. I can’t stop wearing ’em!!

  5. Susan says

    Wow that is amazing! It looks magical and the fact that you did it all in shiny shoes makes it even better!!!

  6. Sara says

    What great photos Alex! I was there almost 20 years ago, it’s such a pretty city. I want those shoes!

  7. RocketGirl says

    So gorgeous! So embarrassed to admit I’ve never even been to Europe, and now I must add Prague to the list of London, Paris, Florence and Vienna!

  8. tracy says

    god I love it. god you are adorable. god that little boy!!! EEEP!!! I love how your photos totally reflect your personality- like what you stop and notice on your travels is totally YOU!!! Especially love the mountain pic and you smacking that little baby bum statue! (im sure you werent smacking, I just went there!) <3 you!


  9. Jenny (VintageSugarcube) says

    Miss Alix! This post is sooo hot sizzle. You’ve got mad style somethin’ fierce mama… I could have looked at oodles and oodles more of your pics.. I’m now dying to whisk off to Prague.

  10. pilgrim says

    i looooove your green scarf! you certainly know how to work the ‘secret agent abroad’ style thing. oops. did i blow your cover?

    seriously though the old address markers are fascinating! i want to live in lobster house!

  11. Tone says

    Wow! Love the pics…they are just bursting with colour!!!

  12. natalie stevenett says

    Alix, Prague looks fab. Need to ask about the shooz, where did you find those delicious wonders? Hugs

  13. kristin says

    Oh Alix, these were what I was waiting for! I love traveling through your eyes. Just beautiful! You are one awesome lady!

  14. Alix says

    Thank you everyone! It’s a truly lovely city….and so many people speak english that it’s quite easy to get around.

    natalie! the shoes are DKNY metallic jazz flats. I got ’em at Macy’s. I can’t recommend them enough! they came in a couple diff metallic colors….

  15. jenny says

    lady, these photos are so gorgeous!!!!!! loving your prague style, mama. and yes, i LOVE those metallic shoesies.
    more pictures, please!!!!!!! looks like such a beautiful city.

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