Real Life: While You Were Out.

Or rather, while WE were out….

Even though Modern Kiddo was dark, life was still busy, busy around Camp Kiddo! Here’s a little bit of what was going on:

Oh yeah, we won the World Series!!! GO GIANTS! Aw yeeeeeeah! Greg and Wolfie are big Giant’s fans and the World Series spirit hit us big time. I’m not a sporty gal, but I *totally* got into it. It was so fun to see our goofy cool team (Fear the Beard!!) doing so well…but also so great to see how excited they got every game and what positive spirits they had. Characters with character. And let it be known that Buster Posey (Rookie of the Year, thank you very much) officially has the best name EVER.

We also dog-sat Henry, my friend Bryan’s dog. Henry comes to work every day and I’m his unofficial auntie. If I’m having a stressful day, I scoot down the hall and give Henry a visit. He is a big loveable chocolate lab and such a sweetie. He’s very elegant looking but he’s a total goofball.

WE LOVE HENRY! We are huge animal lovers in our family and a think a doggie might be on the horizon for us sooooooon.

Our weather has been so up and down. A little over a week ago it was POURING rain. And freezing. The only upside I was able to try out my new little vintage umbrella I scored at a super fab estate sale. Of course the last few days it’s been in the 70s. Go figure!

Wolfie is in first grade now and lemme tell ya, it’s a WORLD of difference from kindergarten. So much more homework and much more structure, but Wolfie’s teacher is pretty great and he is really thriving! This past week we had a totally fun project. The theme was “Things That Go” and Wolfie had to make something that moved, using all recycled materials. He and Greg decided to make a skateboard. It turned out so cute I wanted to show it off!

He started with a recycled piece of foam core that was left over from my work. He traced a real skateboard to get the shape just right. Wolfie decorated the top of the board with pictures he cut out from the Target circular and from an old coloring book.

When it came time for the underside, they used smaller pieced of the foam core and the tops of plastic soda bottles to make the trucks—held together with masking tape. The wheels were the tricky part….but then they remembered we had a set of bum Halloween lights that had these jack-o-lanterns hanging off them. They guys took the lights off and used the pumpkins as wheels. It was hilarious and awesome!

Wolfie was so proud of his board, he was kind of bustin’! It was very popular with his classmates too—Greg and I were cracking up, a 5th grader walked past him and said, “Yo Wolfie, that board is tight!” hahaha.

Wolfie does this “flying W” which is so cute  (inspired by the Van Halen logo) I always wonder if his teacher has any idea what it’s supposed to be!

OH! And this is fun. Miss Dottie and I were part of a krazy kool Devil-Ette photo shoot! Being busy working gals and mamas we don’t have as much time for dancing with the girls—but my sweet friend Doe (our fearless leader!) invited us to be part of a photoshoot held by rad photographer Mitch Tobias. Mitch’s work is vivid and bold (lots of saturated color) so it’s perfect for us. It was held at this really great place in the East Bay called Bake Sale Betty’s, a quirky fun bakery (diners eat on old ironing boards!). Um, these are my silly iPhone photos. Mitch’s will be 10x cooler!

It was soooooo great seeing the girls. Such a fun and bad ass group of ladies. I love ’em all.

Yup, I’m just a wholesome, All-American, pie-bakin’ mama. Hee.

And finally….some really fun and exciting news. Dotty and I are *both* speaking at ALT….the Altitude Design Summit. Whooo hoo! This is an AMAZING blogger conference held during Sundance in Utah in January. We went last year and had an incredible time. The keynote panel included Dooce, Maxwell, Founder of Apartment Therapy, Grace Bonney of design*sponge and Jean Aw of notcot…..and the panels were all a total “Who’s Who” of design blogging. The best part, however, was chatting with all the amazing bloggers who attended. We made some fabulous friends and it’s SUCH a thrill to be returning as speakers.

If you have the time, I highly recommend attending!!! You know you want to meet us kooky gals in person…we sure would love to meet YOU!

27 thoughts on “Real Life: While You Were Out.

  1. Yay, glad to see you two back again! Love Wolfie’s little project – the teacher in me resisted the urge to grade it.
    Damn it.
    Now, if only I could organise a ticket and fly half way around the world for that blogger conference…

  2. aaaahhhh!! so glad you laydeez are back!
    wolfie’s board (and W) are definitely tight. miss alex you look BEAUTIFUL under you umbrella, and miss dottie – i dunno whats hotter: the fresh baked cookies or you! i’m SO proud of you guys and SUPER excited to see you talk at alt! zomg, i’m going to alt yaaaay!

    1. Can I tell you that I got all excited about you and danielle coming to visit the other day? I mean, i’m always excited about it, but I was all giddy like “YAY! They are coming to seeeee meeee!” (ok, and I guess our fair City. But i like to pretend it’s alllll about meeee! hahaaha” And SO GLAD you are coming to ALT!!!! We’ll have a blast!! Bring dem business cards!

      I’m going to call all your drawings “tight” from now on.

  3. OH.MY.GOSH. Miss Dottie and Miss Alex, you look GORGEOUS!!! 😀 You’ve been busy gals! And Alex, your first outfit is to die for. I want the details. The dress. The BAG. my gosh lady you have the most incredible style. And your HAIR! it’s straight!! looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see the bakery photos 😀 And for some reason, i had no idea Wolfie was a first grader! So is Coop! Wish we could get those two together. : )

    1. Coop and Wolfie would have so much fun together! Seriously maybe we can have an east coast/southern meet up! Thank you for all your sweet comments about my style….it’s so silly but it just makes a gal feel good when her best girlies think she’s lookin’ cute, no??? (I have to race to Woflie’s school and to work now but I’ll update with zee outfit!)

    2. You are too kind, but I’m so superdedupery excited for you to come up to the Bay Area for a fun shindig of vintage goodness. Alix and I are already planning festivities for you ladies!

  4. so many things i want to say!

    1. wolfie is such a handsome devil and he just lights me up hearing about his adventures! love that kid.

    2. the devilettes shoot is increds.

    3. that skateboard IS tight!

    1. Thank you Betsy! I can’t wait to see the final pix. Dottie and I are members of a “60s style synchronized Go Go Dance Group”! We’re called the DEvil-Ettes and its good campy fuN!

  5. awww…love Wolfie’s skateboard! last week, Miss Haven had to make a car out of a cardboard box for drive in movie day at preschool. a lot of work, but she had a great time and it turned out soooo cool!!

    1. Sugar Cube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey cutie. OMG, did I ever post that amazingly cute drink recipe you sent me?? I seriously can’t remember!!!!!!!!! We need to remedy that if I messed up!

      1. Right back at you Miz Cube!

        Yes! We were planning to feature it the week we went down. Phooey! And things have been nutso since, but don’t never fear! MK plans to feature your drinkie goodness tout suite sweetie!

  6. I always love your REAL LIFE posts!!! Congrats on Alt Summit, you two!! So proud of how far you both have come in this past year!! xoxoxoxoxox Tracy

    p.s. that board IS TIGHT!!! 😉

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