Some Tasty Little Vintage Recipe Cards.

A while back at the thrift store I spied a yellow box. I thought it looked like a good lil storage container and when I went to pick it up, it weighed about 20 pounds. What the? I opened it up and saw that it was filled with vintage Betty Crocker recipe cards. OHMUGERD.

There are SO many crazy cards in here, I wasn’t sure which to share with you. I mean, so I go with “Salads for Every Occasion”? “Men’s Favorites”?? The intriging “Come for Coffee” ??? But I had to go with “Recipes Children Can Make” and “Children’s Parties” because they were just OH-SO festive! I really don’t think I need to explain, now, do I?? Take a gander at THIS:


Oh who doesn’t love a balloon???

Oh woe to the poor kiddo who gets a “PATRIOTIC BIRTHDAY” with little George Washington cherry trees…..I love these wacky cards so much! Do you have a favorite??

16 thoughts on “Some Tasty Little Vintage Recipe Cards.

  1. You had me at OhMUHGERD!

    Crying laughing over these. I’m so going to throw the Peach a Paper bag party with that popcorn freak! YES!

    I totally think I remember seeing a couple of these float around the bottom of a kitchen drawer in my childhood.

  2. My mom had those! And she made me the panda cake one year for my birthday.

    I used to beg her to make those lolligog party things. In retrospect, she was probably right, though: I bet they do taste like crap.

  3. I have a similar case with recipes! The recipes are crazy in mine too, (atleast some of them, there are close to a thousand) I have the “McCall’s Great American Recipe Collection”, 1973. I love them. I remember seeing them at the thrift store, so excited. The $3.00 price tag was also just as awesome 🙂

  4. How cute! I found the sweetest vintage betty crocker birthday book at a consignment shop in Utah… tons of cute birthday ideas but they wanted 12 bucks for it. Only at a consignment shop… where the person who slapped a 12 buck tag on it (in Utah, mind you) doesn’t have to show face.

  5. My mother had these cards, and I loved looking through the Children’s Parties section! I remember my mom making the bear and the baseball glove and balls. I thought the princess cake looked magical, but I knew I wouldn’t like the meringue frosting.

  6. I am dying! I had one of these when I was in middle school, but a “friend” took it from me and I never saw it again. I got it at a garage sale then and I have been desperate to find one again! I’m aching for the Apple Turnover recipe I tried for it. It was delish!

  7. They used to send sample recipe cards in the junk mail every so often to entice you to buy a recipe card subscription (you’d receive a few cards a month until the set was complete). Several of my friends’ moms had these, but nobody used them. I don’t know why anyone subscribed in the first place, as the sample cards weren’t that appealing.

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