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Some Tasty Little Vintage Recipe Cards.

A while back at the thrift store I spied a yellow box. I thought it looked like a good lil storage container and when I went to pick it up, it weighed about 20 pounds. What the? I opened it up and saw that it was filled with vintage Betty Crocker recipe cards. OHMUGERD.

There are SO many crazy cards in here, I wasn’t sure which to share with you. I mean, so I go with “Salads for Every Occasion”? “Men’s Favorites”?? The intriging “Come for Coffee” ??? But I had to go with “Recipes Children Can Make” and “Children’s Parties” because they were just OH-SO festive! I really don’t think I need to explain, now, do I?? Take a gander at THIS:


Oh who doesn’t love a balloon???

Oh woe to the poor kiddo who gets a “PATRIOTIC BIRTHDAY” with little George Washington cherry trees…..I love these wacky cards so much! Do you have a favorite??

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  1. jeannie says

    Thanks for sharing- these are great! Recipes from 60s and 70s magazines and books are so interesting to me- they always look so fattening/unhealthy- pizza with hamburger crust? Eww… 🙂

  2. Dottie says

    You had me at OhMUHGERD!

    Crying laughing over these. I’m so going to throw the Peach a Paper bag party with that popcorn freak! YES!

    I totally think I remember seeing a couple of these float around the bottom of a kitchen drawer in my childhood.

  3. Bee says

    My mom had those! And she made me the panda cake one year for my birthday.

    I used to beg her to make those lolligog party things. In retrospect, she was probably right, though: I bet they do taste like crap.

  4. Mellissa says

    I have a similar case with recipes! The recipes are crazy in mine too, (atleast some of them, there are close to a thousand) I have the “McCall’s Great American Recipe Collection”, 1973. I love them. I remember seeing them at the thrift store, so excited. The $3.00 price tag was also just as awesome 🙂

  5. Amber Liddle says

    I know my mom had one of those, but I don’t remember her making anything crazy out of them. What is with the insane cakes from the 70s??

  6. erinlucy says

    These remind me so much of the Australian classic kids cake book. I think every kid in Australia had at least one of the bday cakes from “the australian women’s weekly birthday cake book”.

  7. ashley says

    How cute! I found the sweetest vintage betty crocker birthday book at a consignment shop in Utah… tons of cute birthday ideas but they wanted 12 bucks for it. Only at a consignment shop… where the person who slapped a 12 buck tag on it (in Utah, mind you) doesn’t have to show face.

    • Alix says

      LOL. That sounds amazing. I’ll have to look and see if I have another copy of my Betty Crocker for Kids book for you!

  8. ChristineD says

    My mother had these cards, and I loved looking through the Children’s Parties section! I remember my mom making the bear and the baseball glove and balls. I thought the princess cake looked magical, but I knew I wouldn’t like the meringue frosting.

    • Alix says

      aw that is AWESOME….i love you had the panda cake!

  9. Simone R. says

    I remember seeing the commercial for these, or something very similar, back in the 70s. Nanette Fabray did the commercial and I desired them greatly.

    • Alix says

      Nanette Fabray?? That name sounds familiar. I have to look that up now! I’m sensing the cobwebs in my brain are picking up a vibration!! haha

  10. Tiffanie says

    I have Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls (given to me by my aunt in 1976!), so I am very familiar with these goofy recipes!

    • Alix says

      i have that one too and LOVE it! the photos are amazing!

  11. Rebecca says

    I am dying! I had one of these when I was in middle school, but a “friend” took it from me and I never saw it again. I got it at a garage sale then and I have been desperate to find one again! I’m aching for the Apple Turnover recipe I tried for it. It was delish!

  12. Brigitte says

    They used to send sample recipe cards in the junk mail every so often to entice you to buy a recipe card subscription (you’d receive a few cards a month until the set was complete). Several of my friends’ moms had these, but nobody used them. I don’t know why anyone subscribed in the first place, as the sample cards weren’t that appealing.

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