The OG Stone-Age Family.

Last night, I watched the highly anticipated Terra Nova. It is set in the future where the earth and civilization is pretty much dying.    Overpopulation equals extinction and within the first five minutes they take a little girl away from their family.  (Sob!)

But in the future, scientists have found a way to find a fracture in time and have sent a pioneer team back to the Stone Age.  With Steven Spielberg as part of the team behind Terra Nova, a lot of people were think it’s going to be like Jurassic Park intertwined with unique dynamics of a family living in the Stone Age. I however kept thinking of another Stone Age family…

Sorry, but I’ll live in Bedrock any day of the week over Terra Nova. (Sorry Fox.)

I loved the pre-historic version of our modern day appliances. I wish I could find an image of the water buffalo dish washer! Sigh!

Poor turtle!

I also loved when they gave popular stars of the time the “Bedrock makeover” Genius. Beat that for special guest stars, Terra Nova!

Like Alfred Hitchock… Or Alvin Brickrock as he was known in the B.C. years.

Darren and Sam from Bewitched!

Ed Sullivan

Ann Magrock (Ann Margret)

And my favorite “Stony Curtis”!

Hee hee!  I’m sure you all heard about the new version of the Flintstones that will be coming out in 2012, but still… I think the original is the best.

Your thoughts?


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