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Sponsor Giveaway: Simply Silhouettes

OK—have you noticed the wonderful return of Silhouettes?

What is it about those simple, black side views that are so deeply moving.  A silhouette is a declaration of love.  Love for the giver and the receiver.  I remember my mother sat for one a long time ago—oh how I wish I had it today.  Purchasing a silhouette portrait is an investment in a family heirloom.  I plan on getting one done of the Peach and I plan on doing it through Simply Silhouettes.

Angela and her sweetie, the dyanamic duo behind Simply Silhouettes, create a beautiful basic portrait and turn it into something even more delicious, such as jewelry, stunning stationary, wall art and a host of other amazing things that will be the perfect present for Father’s Day as well as gifts for yourself.

Mr. Dottie, turn your head away…  you have to admit that these cuff-links would be an AMAZING Father’s Day present.

And those bottom cuffl-inks—you can change out the silhouette as your child gets older. Genius. Nay. Super Genius.

Simply Silhouette takes this Victorian art form and gives it some very charming twists—such as doing portraits in wonderful different colors like green or a very sophisticated gray.  And Angela takes it out of the frame and into things you use very day—like these adorable trays!

Get a load of this slice of awesome—putting a silhouette on a background of glorious chevrons for the most marvelous iPhone skins.

You must check out their Website and terrific blog which tracks silhouette trends! They are popping up in the most fun places.

Who says it has to be just about the kids?

Hurrah hurrah! Our friends at Simply Silhouettes are doing a great giveaway with us—offering a $50 gift certificate for any products on their wonderful online store!

Also, you can score a 15 percent discount now through June 20th if you mention Modern Kiddo when making your purchase—and you’ll receive a re bate in 24 hours. Woohoo!!!

If you are going to do this before Father’s Day, I suggest you get your order in early as these customized beauties can take roughly 3-4 weeks to create.  And they give great tips on how to take that perfect silhouette photo they need to create a kiddo masterpiece to boot!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment! For a BONUS ENTRY, simply add us to your reader (that little area on our sidebar) or add us to your Twitter feed! We’re @modernkiddo. If you are already a kiddo fan, then RT the contest and you’ll get a bonus entry for that too! (And leave a comment letting us know you did so, please!) Easy peasy!

Contest ends Thursday, May 27th at 11:00PM.

Friday, May 28, 2010

***UPDATE: Winner is Burlap & Blue! Thanks for playing y’all and please enter our next giveaway which will be up next Tuesday!***

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52 Responses

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  1. Mandy Ford says

    What a fun giveaway – I would love to get silhouettes of my boys. 🙂

  2. BethR says

    oh! i’ve been wanting to order from them for a year or two now!

    i love the modern twists on some of the pieces.

  3. RocketGirl says

    These are just lovely. I’ll gladly leave the giveaway to folks who have kids with hair, though–silhouettes are so much nicer if they don’t look like a melon with a nose!

  4. Amber Liddle says

    Oh I just love silhouettes! I’d love one of the trays, how cute.

  5. melanie says

    Oooo… fun! I’d love one of those trays too – very very adorable!

  6. Cass says

    I have the perfect wall in my house that I wanted to put silhouettes on- this is perfect!!

  7. lishyloo says


  8. Carra young says

    We got our sillhouettes cut for us at disneyland this past winter, and I have to say they are lovely and timeless! I would adore the opportunity to add to my new collection-thanks for pointing me inthe right direction!!

  9. Hannah Stevenson says

    Ooh these are just beautiful. Count me in!

  10. Rialeigh says

    These are über chic! Thanks for the chance to win, you guys rock.

  11. Eve says

    That iphone silhouette is beyond gorgeous. The green + chevrons + the silhouette = perfection.

  12. Chacoy says

    i love silhouettes and especially simply silhouettes!
    i would love to win this for selfish reasons;}

  13. Shanda says

    I adore these! They are gorgeous!!

  14. Sarah says

    So awesome! Would love to have these done for my kids.

  15. shelby says

    oh how fun! I have some of these from trips to Disneyland when I was little!

  16. Lu says

    Great giveaway! I love silhouettes. They can be both classic and fun.

  17. Lu says

    I am also your newest follower! Found you through Simply Silhouettes. 😀

  18. keepingupwithStella says

    Hi ladies- as you know I am an avid reader daily… blog, Facebook, Twitter AND you are on my sidebar of my blog. ;0) What more can I say? I love you!

  19. elliemook says

    Love these silhouette, absolute gorgeousness x

  20. Wehaf says

    Gorgeous! I would love to do a couple silhouette as an anniversary present!

  21. Cindy Yandle says

    I’m simply blown away by how sweet and meaningful these silhouette gifts are! My heart would MELT if I won this giveaway. I’d make a keepsake silhouette of my family and give it to my husband for Father’s Day. He deserves a really special gift.

  22. burlap+blue says

    fabulous giveaway–would love to win this for my little one:)

  23. burlap+blue says

    twitter follower

  24. sara says

    Neat stuff!! I really really like the cell phone cover.

  25. Paisley says

    These look great!
    I added you guys on twitter as well @AMPaisley

  26. Victoria says

    Love these! I would love one of those silhouette iphone skins!

    vschilke at gmail dot com

  27. jenni says

    These are so cute! I’d love to get one for my new daughter’s room!

  28. Jennifer Barr says

    Really nice stuff!!! I especially like the black lab christmas ornament 🙂

  29. Jennifer Barr says

    follow on twitter


  30. Alli says

    Those look great! silhouettes would be such aesome personalized gifts!

  31. Alli says

    I just became a new follower on twitter: @alitsao

  32. Jenna Smith says

    These are super precious! 🙂

  33. Heather H. says

    This would be cool to win.
    jswandrn at gmail

  34. Judy B says

    These are awesome and are always a classic!

  35. Nancy says

    What a spectacular one-of-a-kind gift for yourself or others!

  36. Nancy says

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  37. Kendyl says

    These are so cool! I would love to get something made with my son’s silhouette for my Mom’s upcoming birthday!

  38. tina reynolds says

    I love these they are so cute thanks for the chance to win.

  39. tina reynolds says

    i follow on twitter @mrstinareynolds

  40. Cassie M says

    My daughter’s 4th grade teacher made silhouettes of each student, and hers was lovely. Since this was five years ago, I’d love an updated one!

  41. Lisa R says

    My mother in law has these of my husband and his sisters when they were little….how cool would this be of her granddaughter

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  42. Lisa R says

    follow u on the twit


    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  43. Lisa R says


    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  44. Lisa R says

    google friend

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  45. rajee says

    I would love to get silhouettes of my boys. 🙂

  46. rajee says

    twitter follower @momsfocus

  47. Carrie Miyoko says

    I would love to win one so much I can taste it.
    flowerpower0097 at live dot com

  48. Carrie Miyoko says

    following you on twitter.
    flowerpower0097 at live dot

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