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Vintage Road Trip:: Station Wagons.

Image via: Lennoxnehar

Before there was the mini-van, there was the station wagon. And all was right in the world.

For many people, summer brings back memories of family vacations, which for most people in America usually involved some time spent in a car and that car was usually a station wagon.

I remember trips to Cape Cod in the family station wagon.  Towing a fishing boat no less. All of the boys crammed into the middle seat and me all the way in the back seat with the cat and the cooler and my Raggedy Anne. I mean, really. If you looked at your family photo albums, I bet you probably have a photo somewhere in there that looks like this:

Images via: Station Wagon Forums and Lah Rah.

But before the station wagon became the family car that millions of teenagers learned to drive in and make out in the back of, it was more of a transportation vehicle for people traveling on trains in the thirties.  The modified back ends that made them “depot hacks” were necessary to carry large amounts of luggage – everyone traveled by train then, remember, and you needed a car that could comfortably carry people and large amounts of luggage from the train station to home–as opposed to a truck.

Image via: Traveling mamas.

Image via: Flickr user gem66

One of the most popular early station wagons pre-WW II was the Woodie. They were made with real wood–hence the name and harkened back to when people used wooden coaches to transport large groups of people. And they are gorgeous aren’t they?

Image: Akeem’s blog.

Image: Curbside Classic.

Image: Nihat’s blog.

But the real golden age of the station wagon was during the 1950s, when baby boomers’ parents needed something to travel on all those new highways in style! I love the ads the most! Every family had one! And the wood was replaced with steel although of course faux wood paneling was still popular for many years.

Image: 55 Classic Chevy

Image: Adclassix

Image: Forum.love-fords.org

Image via: Paulmanon


The sixties, we started to see more European versions, like this sweet Volvo.

Image via: Fontaine Maury.

Image via Flickr.

But the “wood paneling” stayed .. And the station wagons started to get smaller (think Pinto) but still were loved.

Image via: carsdirect.com

But the 80s were tough on the iconic gas guzzling station wagon and the mini-van pretty much signaled the death knell for these gorgeous cars, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still love them.  Vintage station wagons are still available and you can’t help but smile when you see one on the road and perhaps think back to your own childhood.

Image via: Striderv

But before I go, I must admit, I’m not just a fan of vintage station wagons, I’m a co-owner too!

We bought this sweet car the first year of our marriage with dreams of fixing it up and filling it with our kiddos for our own road trips.  And it is pink. How can you not love that? Right now it is getting more of a work out as the Peach’s playhouse, but we have dreams of future cross country trips in that beauty.

Here’s to future road trips!

PS: Speaking of road trips—our girl Jenny at Frecklewonder is having a blast of one. I highly recommend you check out the pix in progress on her Instagram (“frecklewonder”)!





Kiddo Rooms :: Georgia’s Darling Retro Nursery.

Oh me oh my! Oh my oh me. So last week I showed you a darling nursery that incorporated GREY WALLS. (Yep, it sounds unusual but trust me, everyone flipped for it, it was THAT GOOD!) This week I thought it would be fun to take a peek at another nursery. The twist?  Those pretty robin’s egg blue walls belong to a little girl!

This sweet room is a special one because it belongs to my clever partner in crime here at Modern Kiddo—Miss Dottie! Well technically it belongs to her darling little girl Georgia (she, of the legendary 99 cent jumpers!). I really love the color palette: pale blue with bold red accents. Soothingly calm-yet-feisty and fun. Hmmm, kinda like Dottie! I think you guys are going to love the fun vintage touches in here.

Remember what I said about hanging old vinyl on the wall? Check out those red vinyl 45s! Add in a little dressie and you have some fabulous wall decor!

I love the sweet 40s/ 50s influence in here—from the little clothing on the wall to the playful flag banner running around the perimeter of the room. Also love the quirky modern touches like those fun plasticky flowers on the wall. So great!

Ach du lieber! Zis cuckoo clock ist wunderbar!!!

Again, LOVE those vintage records on the wall. You’ll also notice some old skool Fisher Price and a fabulous Irmi storybook lamp (which we profiled a while back!).

I am obsessed with vintage suitcases so you can imagine my squeal of delight when I saw that saucy stack of red lovelies! How great are they? They are resting on top of Georgia’s “closet”. Dottie took her old office cabinet and transformed it into a a wee armoire. Super clever, lady!

And of course it wouldn’t be Modern Kiddo if we didn’t take a Vintage Kiddo peek into that awesome closet. Um, the gingham hat bloodhound?? What what WHAT?? Dying.

Thanks little Georgia for sharing with us your stylish and adorable space!