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Someone is expecting a baby girl!

Virginie Jolie, a friend of ours on Instagram who has this dandy Etsy shop, the Happy Apple, let her friends know that she was expecting a girl by posting the sweetest little vintage dressie with an announcement that she was officially on the lookout for vintage dresses for her new little baby GIRL!

I thought I would help her in her search for her newest bundle of joy by dedicating this round up to all things BABY GIRL! Enjoy.

I think this color dress would look so wonderful on a little brunette baby, don’t you think? So sweet! From Etsy seller, Peppermint and Cocoa.

Would you check out this little pink boo boo kitty?  Worth it! From Etsy seller, Storybook Retro.

Normally I’m not a big fan of lace on baby girl dresses, but the bright yellow of this dress is a delicious foil to the lace and works beautifully! From Etsy seller, Ivory Berry.

This sweet little red sweater dress would be perfect over a little onesie, don’t you think? And could later be a little vest as the baby gets older.  From Etsy seller, 3 Ring Circus!

Etsy seller, Hart and Sew knows a thing or two about vintage dresses since she has two darling little girlies! And this little blue duckie one is just perfection. So nice to see blue on girls.

Lucky Miss Lish–she has a perfect model for her baby girl ensembles!  Little Miss Tova looks quite grand in this vintage pink gingham cuteness, don’t you think?

Can’t you just imagine the widdle chunky baby arms sticking out of this sweet dress? And Etsy seller UDA Kids has a matching one in pink! Squee!

I couldn’t not include this little Health-Tex gem!  Did you see the little lambikins? And the matching bloomers? I know. From Etsy seller, Sweet Shop Vintage.

Can’t you just imagine the sweetness of these little sandals on actually widdle footies!  Insane! From Etsy seller, Electric Pink Vintage.


I find little vintage shirts for baby girls/toddlers really hard to find, so when I do find something as jaunty as this sweet candy cane cute stripey top, I definitely wanted to share it with you! From Etsy seller, schatzli.

Happy Monday!