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Real Life :: Shopping & Eating in Austin.

Hoo boy! Austin does vintage RIGHT!

After going to A LOT of panels and parties and walking my tootsies off all over downtown Austin, I needed a wee break. I needed to center myself with some good ole fashion vintage shopping. And let me tell you, Austin knows a thing or two about great vintage.

With terrific advice from the wonderful baking goddess , Jenny from Vintage Sugacube and the spectacularly clever Beth I headed out with some friends from work in tow in search of some sassy shopping Austin style.

There are many many things that Austin just knows how to do right. Like vintage belt buckles. Well done, Feather Boutique.

And stunning vintage dresses like this one that just took my breath away.

And did you know that Texas has a thing for cowboy boots? Mmhmm… shocker, I know.

I love this vintage Twister game. The graphics make me think that Twister is one step away from a key party!

Owls anyone?


But a girl can’t live by vintage shopping alone. She needs CANDY!

Which we found in ample supply at the glorious Big Top Candy store, which brought back wonderful childhood memories of having a quarter to spend on penny candy.

Look, they even had Mary Janes. I love a good vintage candy.

Now we knew our sugar high couldn’t last, so we knew we needed something “more” like some protein.

Friends, Austin is a food lovers paradise.  Like this BRISKET–oh sweet Georgia Brown, this brisket from Franklin’s BBQ. Insane in the membrane. Thank you CHOW Tour: Austin for the recommendations! Brisket, I will dream of you when I’m back in SF…

Oh and I think Texas is also into BBQ sauces too.  Go figure…

I even like their sign. I want to marry this place.

And the food truck scene in Austin is unbelievable.  If it can be eaten, you can get it from a food truck in Austin. And some of them are just button cute too boot, like this little friend!

I loved the fabulous French pastries from La Boite! Again, a terrific suggestion from CHOW Tour: Austin.

And I must admit, this was just the tippy tip tip of all of the wonderful goodness that I tried to cram into my Austin afternoon of fun.  A necessary break from the banana event that is SXSW. More on that later today, hopefully!

Nuff said, Austin!

Oh, and I’ll have to show you the surprise giftie I picked up for Miss Alix, too!