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You can buy Mr. Green Jeans’ green jeans!

Yup! Captain Kangaroo fans have a chance to own a bit of their childhood tomorrow as items from the popular show hit the auction block in L.A.

Captain Kangaroo rocked many a kid’s world from 1955 to 1984, where you could hang out with Mr. Green Jeans and everyone’s favorite mustachioed bowl-cut captain while chomping down your favorite bowl of sugary cereal in the morning.

According to People Magazine, hundreds of items will be auctioned off including hundreds of puppets,  Dancing Bear’s furry man-sized costume held together with Velcro,  and the actual keys to the Treasure House – the show’s bouncy opening theme music wouldn’t stop until the Captain hung up his keys. (SOB!)  Bob Keeshan, the man behind the mustache, who played Captain Kangaroo, died in 2004, but his colorful coat with white piping will also be included in the auction.

And yes, Mr. Green Jean’s green jeans, or at least the green overalls, will be up for auction starting at $250.


Were you a fan of the Captain?  I know a lot of people are either Captain K. fans or Mr. Rogers followers, but I think my heart is big enough for both of these wonderful fellows and the great work they both did on TV.